Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Pictures from the Last Public School in Bovina

Thanks to Joan Archibald Townsend, I have some new pictures to share of the Bovina District 4 school in its last years (see the June 15 blog entry about the closing of this school 50 years ago).  Joan graciously shared with me a number of family pictures (which I will be sharing on the Bovina NY History Flickr page in the next couple of weeks) and some pictures from when she attended the Bovina school.  The set below were taken probably in the spring of 1957 and all on the same day.  The pictures were mounted on some card board, probably by Joan's mother, Eleanor Burns Archibald.  There are names on some of the pictures but not all of them.  You are welcome to add names that you recognize. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Bovina District 4, 1957
Note:  Joan has noted that the photographer might have been Carolyn Keefer, wife of the Bovina UP Church minister. 

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