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This Day in Bovina for March 2016

Forty-nine years ago today, the March 1, 1967 issue of the Binghamton Press reported that "Residents of Bovina Center have voted to appeal the dissolution of Bovina District 4 and the annexation to the Delaware Academy and Central School District at the present time. Thirty-six people attended a special school meeting to vote on the issue."

192 years ago today, on March 2, 1824, the Town of Bovina held its annual meeting. Among other actions, it was "resolved that a fence 4 1/2 feet in height shall be considered a lawful fence." It also was resolved "that sheep shall not be permitted to run at large…" Three weeks later, on March 24, a resolution was passed that rescinded this latter resolution, instead resolving "that sheep shall be free commoners."

187 years ago today, on March 3, 1829, a resolution was passed at the annual meeting of the Town of Bovina that "Horses over the age of one year shall not be permitted to run at large under the penalty of 12 ½ dollars to be collected by the Commissioners of Common Schools and applied to support the Schools in said town."

145 years ago today, on March 4, 1871, David L. Forman, the son of Archibald and Davina Foreman, died of diphtheria at the age of 3 years, 9 months and 4 days. Three days later, Bovina saw another child lost to diphtheria when Lizzie Currie, the only child of George and Margaret Currie died at the age of 3 years, 7 months and 16 days.

180 years ago today, on March 5, 1831, William Grierson signed this acceptance for the office of school inspector for the Town of Bovina. 

105 years ago today, on March 6, 1911, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Mrs. William Richardson died at her home in Bovina Center, Monday night, March 6, from anurism, of the great aorta, aged 72 years, 6 months and 8 days, after a long illness. The funeral was held from the house at 1:30 Thursday, Rev. H.B. Speer officiating. Her maiden name was Eliza McDonald and she was born in upper Bovina, being the daughter of Henry McDonald. Her first husband was Andrew Coulter and he died in the sixties. Besides her husband she is survived by two sons, Jas. L. Coulter and Henry M. Coulter, by her first husband." (In the interest of "full disclosure," her first husband, Andrew Coulter, died in my house.)

134 years ago today, the Bovina column in the March 7, 1882 Stamford Mirror had this item: "The 'Little Wanderer' from Rochester made his appearance in town on Monday last, and advertised a free lecture at Hastings Hall on Tuesday evening. His audience was unable to decide whether he was an escaped lunatic, had lost his Mary Ann, or was a spy for a gang of burglars. At last accounts his 'little footprints in the sand' were seen leading towards New Kingston."

Sixty five years ago today, the March 8, 1951 Delaware Republican Express reported in its Bovina column that "Robert Boggs is helping in the creamery while Dave Roberts is home nursing the mumps."

130 years ago today, the March 9, 1886 Bovina column of the Stamford Mirror reported that "Avery Clum has moved on Mt. Warren and intends opening a summer house for the accommodation of visitors during the summer."

Fifty one years ago today, on March 10, 1965, as later reported in the Delaware Republican Express, a number of folks from Bovina attended the Flower Show in New York City. These included "Mrs. Francis Schabloski, Mrs. Henry Wilkens, Mrs. Clarence Burns, Mrs. Millard Russell, Mrs. Clifford Burgin, Mrs. James Boggs, Mrs. Siegfried Bathen, Mrs. Jack Damgaard, Mrs. Leif Reinertsen, Mrs. Lauren Monroe, Mrs. Milton Graham, [and] Mrs. John Barlow." This was the International Flower Show, held at the New York Coliseum from March 7 to March 14. The admission was $2.50. The coliseum, now demolished, stood on Columbus Circle in New York City. 

130 years ago today, on March 11, 1886, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Stamford Mirror, "Mr. and Mrs. John Ogilver, James Ogilver, Alex. Hog, David Laidlaw and Walter Lunn, left town…for Nebraska."

136 years ago today, the Bovina column of the Stamford Mirror dated March 12, 1880 had the following item: "A short time ago two of our up-town boys made up their minds to go to Coulter's Brook on a visit to two fair young ladies, who had attracted their attention. On their way down town they found the night air rather chilly, and stopping at a farmer's wagon house, borrowed a buffalo robe. They soon arrived at their destination, and it is supposed they spent the evening pleasantly. But when they wanted to go home, they found that some mischievous or evil disposed person or persons has taken away the borrowed robe, and three wheels of the buggy. As neither of the young men had ever learned how to manage a velocipede, they found it inconvenient to take the buggy home that night. A day or so afterwards, the robe and wheels were found in barns or wagon houses in that vicinity, but the third wheel at latest accounts had not yet been found.”

Sixty-six years ago today, on March 13, 1950, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Catskill Mountain News, "Robert Todd of Norwich called….on his brother, Ferris Todd. He was driving a new Chevrolet which he had just purchased."

141 years ago today, on March 14, 1871, fence viewers for the town of Bovina, namely W.A. Doig, Michael Miller and F.C. Armstrong,  reached a determination concerning  the building of a stone wall (fence) between the properties of John Hilson and Joshua Jennedy, ordering which part was to be built by Hilson and which one by Kennedy. The property was located adjacent to what was the Methodist Church lot (and is now the home of Gert Hall).

Sixty-five years ago today, the Bovina column of the March 15, 1951 Delaware Republican Express reported the following: "Mr and Mrs. Edwin Davidson and son, Jon, of East St. Louis, Illinois, have come to spend some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Davidson."

190 years ago today, on March 16, 1826, Helen Miller was born, the daughter of David Miller and Agnes Thompson. She was only three when her mother died. She married James Hoy in 1847 and would have three sons before her own early death in 1858 at the age of 32. She is buried in the Bovina cemetery.

141 years ago today, the March 17, 1875 Delaware Gazette reported that "J.P. Flower begs to be excused from the duties of the Bovina Valley Post-mastership, and Andrew Strangeway has been appointed. The office isn't worth $1,000 per year." Bovina Valley is the Lake Delaware area.

Sixty-seven years ago today, the March 18, 1949 Catskill Mountain News reported in a Bovina Center item that "Leroy Worden sold his flock of 800 fall pullets. He figured that with one more drop in the price of eggs he would be laboring with them at a loss."

127 years ago today, on the evening of March 19, 1889, as later reported in the Stamford Mirror, "Will Ormiston returned from New York …., a full-fledged M.D."

Seventy five years ago today, the March 20, 1941 Binghamton Press reported on "Maude," one of two aged draft horses owned by Bovina farmer Frank Miller. He thought Maude, a prize winning horse he had had for over 20 years, was dying. She was lying on her side and could not be roused. So with the help of a neighbor, he started digging the horse's grave in frozen ground. But, as the paper reported, "when they returned for the body, old 'Maude' was on her feet and showed great willingness to work." The article concluded with a quote from Mr. Miller: "She always was a firebrand."

Fifty one years ago today, on March 21, 1965, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Delaware Republican Express, "Mrs. Charles LaFever received word Sunday of the death of her mother at Delhi. She was Mrs. Dulcy Edwards, age 77, and a former resident of Lew Beach."

121 years ago today, the March 22, 1895 Bovina column of the Andes Recorder reported that "Frank Graham is the owner of a hen which recently laid an egg 6 ½ x 8 ¼ inches. Who can beat that?"

136 years ago today, the Brushland column of the March 23, 1880 Stamford Mirror reported that "Business is dull, except with the doctors. It has, until recently, been very healthy in town. Thomas Hoy's family are nearly all sick with inflammation of the lungs and throat trouble. Mr. James Hastings, one of the oldest inhabitants of Bovina, was threatened with paralysis yesterday, but is better today." This likely was James M. Hastings. Amazingly, he lived on for another 14 years, dying in 1894 at the age of 96 years old. Here's a picture of James Madison Hastings: 

Sixty-six years ago today, on March 24, 1950, as advertised in the Bovina column of the Catskill Mountain News, the "Bovina-Lake Delaware Home Bureau will hold a millinery meeting in the Lake Delaware Parish house….This is an important meeting. All are requested to be prompt and bring table service and one article of food. Note the change in the date."

Fifty one years ago today, the Bovina column of the March 25, 1965 Delaware Republican Express reported that "Marian Jardine of Michigan is home on vacation from a college where she is a student."

Eight-six years ago today, on March 26, 1930, the Bovina column of the Delaware Republican reported that "A telegram was received announcing that Brice Russell was just alive." The paper went on to note that he "is the brother of Wm. C. and Eliza Russell and has been west a number of years." Brice is James Bryce Russell, born about 1849.

107 years ago today, on March 27, 1909, Dorothy Drew was born in Arena, the daughter of Freeman and Ada Drew. In 1933 she would marry Ernest Russell and they would settle in Bovina to raise their two sons, Ron and Dave. Dorothy was the Bovina librarian for many years and passed away in 2006 at the age of 97.

196 years ago today, on March 28, 1820, Elisha B. Maynard signed this oath of office as overseer of highways for Bovina highway district number 24. It was the job of the overseer to make sure that everyone carried out their assessed maintenance of their roads. Everyone was assigned a certain number of days to carry out this work. If unable to do the work, they were expected to pay someone to do it for them. This was the system of road maintenance throughout New York State until the early 20th century.

116 years ago today, on March 29, 1900, Minnie Coulter died. Born in 1872, she married James H. Coulter in 1895. James died nine days before his wife. Minnie's death at the age of 27 was the second of three in the Coulter family in a ten day span. Two days after her death saw the death of her brother in law Walter A. Coulter on March 31. All three died from pneumonia.

136 years ago today, the Bovina column in the March 30, 1880 Stamford Mirror reported that "N. Smith, the well known commission merchant of New York, is making an effort to start a creamery in the upper end of the town. The present indications are that he will succeed." With the value of historic hindsight, we now know that his efforts failed. It would be over 20 years before a creamery was established anywhere in Bovina.

Ninety-five years ago today, on March 31, 1921, Robert Hamilton Russell, died at the age of 71. Born in Bovina in 1850, he was married twice, first to Josephine Baker, who died in 1881 not long after giving birth to her son Elmer, and later to Margaret A. Doig, who would have four sons, including Cecil H. Russell.

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The 1884 Diary of David Fletcher Hoy - January/February

Here are the first two months of entries in the 1884 diary of David Fletcher Hoy. Hoy was living in Bovina in 1884. The diary was transcribed by his great grandson, John W. Hoy. Thank you to John and to his dad, David F. Hoy III for allowing me to share this diary.

Resolved. That God helping me I will live a better life this year than the last.
I cleaned out the well to day.
E.C. [Edwin C.] Burgin & E. C. Doig also Jim Boyd & Etta Seath was married today.
[Libbie C. Doig would die in November that year, 1884, perhaps in childbirth.]
There is a leapyear party at the Hall to night!
Doug and Maggie is up home. [This would be Douglass Davidson and quite possibly Maggie Campbell, mentioned January 5. It is possible this reference is to 17-year old Margaret Jane Hoy (b. 1866); they would eventually marry (1889). Douglass was married first to Mary Isabella Hoy, Margaret's sister, who died giving birth July 22, 1883, five months before.]

I taught school today.
Had to walk all the way over to school.
I went over to Mr J K Russel at night. Mrs. Murray is there.
It has rained a little to day but grew colder at night.

I taught school today.
[Most of the handwriting is illegible for the next three days, due to use of a soft pencil. Some words can be made out.]
...Strangeways...[Bovina family named "Strangeway."]
I went over to Rob Jardine at night.

I came from Rob Jardines this morning and taught to day.
Came home at night and went up in the village.
Maggie Campbell is here at home to night.
I rode part of the way home.
Dr. Telford died to day. [See the Bovina NY History blog for July 5, 2014 for a bit more about Dr. Telford:]

I am at home to day and went up into the village in the forenoon. In the afternoon I went down to Doug. Davidson with Maggie Campbell & Jennie N. Hoy.
[This may be "Jennie Hoy," b. 1861, daughter of Thomas, son of Robert Hoy, born in Ireland. See the Davidson cemetery data for one way to trace this lineage.]
Doug was away to J. Miller but came home about dark.
We came up house about 2 o'c.

I went to church and S. S. [Sunday School, presumably] came home and rode down with doug and came the part of the way with Strangeway and I stayed at night at his house. Maggie Campbell is at his house.

I taught school to day
Came from Strangeways
I went down to John Thomson's to stay all night
John was at Delhi to day

I went up from Thomson's and taught school today
Came back down at night
John went down to Alex Mables [? later "Sandy"] at night.

I went up from John Thomsons and taught school today and then went back again at night
John went down to Sandie Mables to night

I taught school to day
I am at John Thomson's to night Wm Strangeway is here a visiting to night
Went down to Mr Hughes
on an errand for Mrs Thomson
John took away his butter to day

I went from Thomson's and taught school today
Came home to Brushland at night. Walked all the way
After I go home I went up to the store

I went down to Doug's and then took a load of bark to Delhi. At night we had a sleigh ride. C. Gow. B. Gow. M. Gow. J. Gow. A. Hilson. D. Miller. J. McCune. J. Blair. C. Sloan. S. Sloan S. Thomson and wife R. Thomson. H. Johnson. H. Coulter. J. Hoy. M. Seath, H. Seath. D. See W. Smith M. Shafer. G. McNee J. Deitrich and other[s] to[o] numerous to mention was there.

I went to church and to S. S. to day
Came over to Federal Hill with Mr Strangeway and went from there to Robt. Mabons to tell them that Mrs Tuttle was dead. [This was Mrs. Sarah Carman Tuttle, who died the previous day.]

Came over from Mabons to school and tonight I went up to Carpenter at night. Jo has been away looking for a place

I am at Carpenters to night Joseph went to Brushland to day
I taught school to day.

I am at Carpenter to day and night.
I taught school today

I am at Carpenters to day.
I taught school to day
Joseph was to Delhi village to day

I taught to day. I went up to Strangeways and then went to a social at Mr. Hughes and had a good time about $80 raised
Maud La Mont was there besides 10000 I did not know Had an introduce [?] to Miss A. Mable
J. Sparks, M. Hoy, J. S. Clark Will Black was there

I came over from Federal Hill with Wm. Strangeway I went to meeting to day at the U.P. [?] Church
I was up to Brushland at night

I went to church
It is communion day to day
Went to prayer meeting at night and then came down to Dougs

I am teaching to day
I came down with Douglas and he went to Delhi
Mr W. Strangeway got kicked by a cow
I went to Strangeway and stayed all night

I taught school today
I stayed at Strangeways all night

I taught school to day
Stayed at Strangeways all night
Mr. & Mrs. William Thomson was at Strangeways to night a visiting.

I taught school to day
I am at Strangeways to night staying all night

I taught school to day I went over to Charles Gordon's after school and then went down to the social at Maxwell's
They got about $100
Had a good time
J. E. was there and M. S.
D. Ferguson and C. Strangeways was down and I went home with Christie
I was introduced to Miss Atkin

I came home from Mr Coulters this morning Pa & Doug is away to Delhi  I got Henry Coulter to cut my hair to night
Mary Gladstone, Ellen Miller & Barnum [?] was at Coulters to night

I went to church today and at night.
Miss Mary Gladstone is here
Walt Gladstone & Rob Thomson stopped here to day

I came down to Doug and then came down to the roadend with him
I taught today
I went to W Olivers tonight.

I taught to day
I am at Walters Olivers to night

I am at W Olivers
I taught school to day
Walt took us up to school to day and came after us

I taught to day
Walt was to Delhi and we got a ride home with him
I am at Walt Olivers

I went from Olivers and taught school to day.
Came home at night I got a ride with W. Black from Burgins
Maggie came up home and went to a party at John G [?] Thomson's

I helped Pa to put up the stair railing to day
Jennie Hoy is here today and stayed all night
Jennie W. [?] put cards in to her scrapbook at night
Will King came up with a load of lumber for Uncle John to night

I went to church today
Jannie [sic] Hoy is at our house
I came over to Federal Hill with Strangeways and stayed there all night

I went from Strangeway and taught school and then went down to J.D. Gardinier's at night and stayed all night

I went from Dan Gardiniers and taught school to day and then went down to Gardeniers agang [sic; is Davy writing in Scots?!] and stayed all night
There is a social at the County House to night

I went and taught school to day and then went back to Dan Gardiniers at night and stayed all night

I went from Dan Gardiniers and taught school and then went back again and stayed all night

I taught to day and then went home I stopped at Dougs.
Libbie Laughran and Jennie Campbell was [sic] and then they went home. I went up to the Huddle and had a good time
Came back down to Dougs

I went to Delhi and got a suit of clothes
Jennie and Maggie went with me. We had Dougs team I stayed at Dougs all night

I came up from Dougs and went up to Kennedy's church to day. Dr See is away.
Dr Kennedy preached from Math. 5-1-5
main clause Blessed are the peace makers
[Kennedy’s church would have been the Reformed Presbyterian Church which stood about where the firehouse and playground stand today]

I came over to Federal Hill this morning and taught school to day and then went over to John K. Russels at night.

I came from Russels and taught today
I went down to J. alt [?] D. Millers at night
This is town meeting day and the Republican ticket except R. J. Atkin was elected
I saw J Campbell W Hoy John McCune Ed Thomson C Hobbie at the village

I came up from Mr. Millers and taught school to-day
I went to Mr Strangeway at night
Mr and Mrs J. R. Russell Miss Russell Nettie Thomson & Charlie Russell was there a visiting

I taught school to day
I went over to Mr D. G. Landons at night and had a good visit
I stayed all night

I went from Mr Landon and taught to-day
This is the last day of my school I have taught 14 weeks at $5 per week and board
I came home and made affidavit to my register before H. C. Burgin Justice of the Peace.

I went down to Doug's and done his chores
He is away to Delhi after corn.

I went to church to day. There is no further [?] meeting tonight
I went down to Doug's and helped him to do the chores

I am at Douglas Davidson doing the work Douglas has gone to Delhi to get a load for Wm Stott   Mother, father, Jennie, Maggie, Douglas & myself went down to see Ed Burgins & folks.

I came up from Douglass and helped father to work
We went to Mrs Hiram Knaff's [sic] funeral [actually, Julia M., spouse of Hiram Knapp] at 2 o'c in the M. E. Church. Frank, Will & Maggie Russell was here to night Henry Coulter was here also.

I am at home to day
I got some stuff for the lattice work to day
Mother has gone down to G. D. [Gilbert Dickson, b. 1843, son of William Miller?] Millers
I went down and helped Doug do his chores
Was up street at night

I helped father to put on the blinds on the new house
It is very chilly today
Was up to Uncle John's at night
I went down to Dougs and stayed all night

I am at Doug's
Jennie Maggie & I went down to [? illegible] and took dinner and then went down to Will King's
We had a good time and stayed night

I am at Will Kings
I went to a funeral of a Mr Allen to day
We started from Will Kings at 2.30 and got home at 6.45

I went to church today and to prayer meeting at night.

Father and I put on the rest of the blinds today and then went up to John Archibald to fix up the old store.

I am at Archibald to day working.
Walter Oliver came over and I went down home with him. I was up to David Hoy's at night [Likely this is David Miller Hoy, b. 1848 to James Hoy and Helen Miller, m. 1873 to Josephine Clark. James Hoy was J. R.'s older brother.]

I went up to John Archibald this morning and put in a sill
Father was sick this forenoon
At night went down to Wm Cooke's at night T. Johnson J. Archibald Pa & my self

Father and I laid floor to day
John Archibald has gone to Delhi to get a load of lumber for the house

I came down from Bovina as it was to[o] cold to work.
I went down to Dougs this afternoon
I was at a school exhibition at the Hall at night There was a lamp exploded and a panic occurred among the audience

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March 1916 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
March 3, 1916
•           Hilson Bros had the misfortune to have one of their span of mules die.
•           Denny Hughes’ horse ran away this week, going from the Butt End to the Maynard place.
•           Floyd Hyatt, who recently sold his dairy to Howard Hall, was at Cortland county this week and returned with a Holstein dairy.
•           Harvey Hafele, who has hired to John W. Blair to work his farm, moved from Colchester on Tuesday.  Mr. Blair has moved to his house in the village.
•           William Oliver has rented rooms in G.D. Miller’s house and April 1, will move from rooms over the old Strangeway store.  David Currie will move to the rooms in the store.

March 10, 1916
•           The Bovina Co-Operative Creamery company has sold its skim milk to the Newark Cheese Company.
•           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hastings left Tuesday for their home in Alberta, Canada.  Mrs. Lucy Coulter accompanied them and will visit her son, D. Ward Coulter, there.
•           Thomas H. Johnson, who has a lumber job in New Kingston, is delivering 200,000 feet of birch plank to the allies, which will be used in the manufacture of gun stocks.
•           Wallace, the 12 year old son of Wallace B. Smith at the Butt End, was operated upon for a bad case of appendicitis last Wednesday morning.  The lad was taken to Delhi on Tuesday night, arriving there soon after midnight and the operation was performed by Drs. Goodrich and Ormiston, of Delhi, and Whitcomb, of Bovina.

March 17, 1916
•           George Johnson has gone to Alberta Canada.
•           Mrs. Frank Hobbie is very low at this writing.
•           Andrew T. Doig is in New York this week buying his spring stock of goods.
•           Mrs. Robert G. Thomson and Mrs. Harry Robson entertained at cards last Friday evening.
•           While the deep snow had made traveling difficult the mail has been received every day.
•           More houses are needed in this village as several families are unable to find places to live.
•           Douglas Davidson has rented his farm to his son-in-law, William Storie, and has purchased the house of Ward Baker, the violinist, at the foot of the Russell hill [now the Denison residence].
•           A son was born March 5, to Mr. and [Mrs.] D. Ward Coulter. Ward is a son of Mrs. Lucy Coulter of this place.  The mother was May Spiers of Andes.
•           Mrs. Miles Bramley, a native of Bovina, died March 8, at the home of her neice, Mrs. John Salton in Delancey.  Death was due to paralysis.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Blair and she is the last of her generation.

March 24, 1916
•           William Roney of Andes, was here Tuesday and Wednesday selling farm machinery.
•           No mail was received Friday and it did not reach here until 7 o’clock Saturday night.
•           The party given by Mrs. Robert G. Thomson and Mrs. Harry Robson was a dinner party, and not a card party as published last week.
•           A new bell for the fire house has arrived.  Another bell is on the way and the two will be tested and the one with the sharpest tone will be kept.

“Handed Out” Mail 41 Years
Mrs. William Cooke, Postmistress at Bovina, Passed Away March 18
            Mrs. William Cooke died at her home in upper Bovina on Saturday afternoon, March 18, following a shock with which she was stricken on Friday morning.  She was in her 83d year.
            Mrs. Cooke was born in Scotland February 28, 1834, and when 17 years old came to Bovina with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Laidlaw.  In 1858 she married William Cooke who died five years ago.
            She probably had served the patrons of the Bovina postoffice for a longer period than any office in the state had been served by the same person, having “handed out” the mail for 41 years, and for 34 years had been deputy postmaster and postmaster.
            In 1875 William Cooke was appointed deputy and when William Archibald died in 1882, succeeded him as postmaster and Mrs. Cooke became deputy.  On the death of her husband in 1911, she became postmaster and her dauter, Mrs. Walter Wilson, became deputy.
            She was the last of her generation and is survived by three dauters, viz: Mrs. George Hunter in Colchester, Mrs. William H. Reynolds, of Andes, Mrs. Walter Wilson in Bovina.  The funeral was held Tuesday, with Rev. J.A. Mahaffey officiating. Interment was in Center cemetery.

March 31, 1916
•           F.W. Hyatt had a $125 cow die this week.
•           The roof of George Foreman’s barn went down Sabbath under the weight of snow.
•           Mrs. Gideon Miller, who underwent an operation in New York several weeks ago, for chronic appendicitis, has arrived home.

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A Curious Find at the Old Bovina Creamery

Chuck McIntosh brought to me last week an old box that once held some Kodak photo equipment. In the box were negatives that proved to have come from the Hilson family - specifically photos taken by James Hilson (1894-1984) in the early 1940s. I'll share several of them over the next few months. Today I'm sharing these lovely shots that he took of the Bovina Center hamlet in the spring of probably 1940 or 41.