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This Day in Bovina for December 2021

200 years ago today, December 1, 2021, a seventh school district was created in Bovina in the area of southern Bovina. 

Eighty years ago today, on December 2, 1941, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Delaware Republican, "Mr. and Mrs. Gay Hafele received word…from California of the death of Mrs. Carrie Doig, the widow of the late Andrew Doig. The remains are on the way here for burial in the Bovina Cemetery." Andrew Doig owned what is now Russell's Store until 1919 when he sold it to Cecil Russell. He died unexpectedly in 1924.

Sixty-seven years ago today, the Bovina column of the December 3, 1954 Catskill Mountain News reported that "Mrs. Glenn Hobbie was the only woman deer hunter in this area to get her deer. She shot a three-point buck weighing 140 pounds on Tuesday." Mrs. Hobbie was Anna Boggs Hobbie Lounsbury, who passed away in 2009.

Twenty-five years ago today, the December 4, 1996 Walton Reporter carried the following in its Bovina column: "The Bovina Happy Hearts 4-H club held its first meeting of the year on Oct 25 at the Bovina community hall with 19 members present. The officers elected were: president Tom Weber; vice president Brad Darling; secretary, Beth Rossley; treasurer, Heather Hilson; corresponding secretary, Amber Darling; news reporter, Leanne Stewart; games leaders, Cody Weber and Jordan Dibble; song leaders, Erin Mcintosh and Linda Darling; and snack leader, Danielle Stewart.

168 years ago today, the December 5, 1853 Bloomville Mirror carried this ad for the sale of a farm near Bovina Center. I'm not totally sure where this was located, but it might have been what is now the Gullow farm, which is about a mile and a half from Bovina Center going east on County Route 6. 

103 years ago today, on December 6, 1918, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "A party was held at A.P. Lee’s…. Dancing was indulged in."

Ninety-two years ago today, on December 7, 1929, as later reported in the Catskill Mountain News, "M.O. Miller while at the farm in Bovina last Saturday was injured by a horse, and was brought to the office of Dr. C.L. Wakeman, who found that his right shoulder had been dislocated. He will be compelled to favor the injured member for some time but it is hoped that no other trouble may develop." This likely is Mural Oliver Miller, who would have been 33 at the time of this accident. He recovered and was 79 at his death in 1976.

172 years ago today, the December 8, 1849 Kingston Daily Freeman carried this small item: "The Delaware People’s Press states that the article about the murder at Bovina, in that county going the rounds of the press, is a base fabrication from beginning to end." This appears to concern the case of Daniel Frazier, who was reported as having killed his father, also named Daniel. It does appear to have been a false article. Nothing showed up in the court records that there was a murder, though the family appeared to have been involved in a case of assault and battery around this time.

124 years ago today, December 9, 1897, Mary Gordon McLean, sister of Thomas Gordon, wrote this letter from her home in Laurel Bank, Scotland to her brother in Bovina. Thomas had been widowed earlier that same year. She mentions the monument, meaning the one to his wife (and his daughter who died at the end of 1896) and the fact that he's living in lodgings after giving up the farm that had been in his late wife's family. More on Tom Gordon's life appears in the Bovina NY History blog at

The thermometer registered from 2 to 5 degrees below zero 121 years ago today on December 10, 1900.

Eighty years ago today, on December 11, 1941, Celia Coulter sent a letter from Bovina to her friend Marjorie Russell, who was teaching home economics in Ohio. The first page shown includes a comment about getting "a grim set of facts from the news.." Her reference, of course, is to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7.  "The dominie" she mentions was the Bovina UP Church Pastor, Harvey McClellan. McClellan had tried to resign earlier in the year but was talked into staying. With the outbreak of war and the fact that he was going to be a naval chaplain, the church agreed to his going. I'm not sure about Mrs. Banuat - I think this was Craig Banuat's mother. If she did have cancer, she survived it, dying in 1968. 

Abigail Fuller was born 167 years ago today on December 12, 1854. The daughter of James Seacord and Esther Close, she married Thomas Fuller in 1878 and was widowed in 1913. Abigail died on her 79th birthday, December 12, 1933 (eighty-eight years ago today).

133 years ago, the December 13th, 1888 Hobart Independent carried this brief item: "The population of Bovina Centre is about 215, one hundred males and one hundred and fifteen females."

Ninety-eight years ago today, the Andes Recorder in its December 14, 1923 issue reported that the "Bovina Dairymen have received notice that they must put in three tons of ice per cow.  Must want the milk made into ice cream."

Seventy-four years ago today, on December 15, 1947, Bovina native Harold Campbell was injured while working at a sawmill in Monticello - he was struck by a piece of wood. He developed pneumonia and died a few days later at the age of 53. Harold had moved to Monticello from Bovina about two years previously. His surviving sisters were Evelyn Campbell and Eleanor Worden.

Ninety-five years ago today, on December 16, 1926 - M.T. Hastings sent this bill to Town of Bovina Highway department.  

131 years ago today, the Delaware Gazette for December 17, 1890, reported the following: "For Heresy - Five young clergymen, of whom the Rev. O.B. Milligan, recently of Bovina, seems to be a leader, were suspended by the Pittsburg Reformed Presbytery last Friday. Their offense is in the setting forth their belief that the exercise of the right of suffrage is not sinful, and that they will not forbid members to vote. They made a powerful defense and will appeal to the synod. They claim that they will be supported there by about one third of the clergy. If they fall, they will join the U.P. church, and claim they can take their congregations." Milligan was the pastor of the Bovina Reformed Presbyterian Church for in 1887, staying for about a year before leaving in 1888. And go to the Bovina NY History Blog for more about what happened to Rev. Milligan: 

Eighty years ago today, the Bovina column of the Delaware Republican for December 18, 1941 reported that "Mrs. Sara Archibald is much improved in health; she is able to be about the house part of the day. Her daughter, Mrs. Charles Lichtenberg returned to her home in Massachusetts last week; she had been with her mother for a month."

Ninety-five years ago today, on December 19, 1926, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Attorney Lauren Dickson, who came home from Binghamton to spend the holidays was taken to the Delhi hospital and operated upon for appendicitis...  It was a serious case." He would stay in Bovina about three months before returning to his duties in Binghamton. In October 1927 he died suddenly in Binghamton.

Ninety-three years ago today, the December 20, 1928 Stamford Mirror-Recorder carried this item: "Walter Coulter, with a few helpers, is tearing down the red barn by his mill. He will leave the basement and is taking the remainder up to the upper end of the village where he will make an up-to-date shop. They moved the large parts of the building with the tractor." This mill probably was in the vicinity of what is now the town highway garage. The building that Coulter moved still stands behind the house next to the Bovina UP Church now owned by Pat Parsons Miele. Walter Coulter was the grandfather of the late Herb Parsons.

Ninety-seven years ago today, on December 21, 1924, Gladys Reinertsen was born, the daughter of Andrew and Sophia [Larsen] Reinertsen. She grew up in Bovina and married Clark Lay  in 1946. She and Clark raised their four daughters in Bovina. Clark died in 2004. Gladys passed away in 2011. Photo of Gladys and Clark was taken on their wedding day by Bob Wyer.

Jane, the 15-month-old daughter of Walter Coulter and Margaret Storie, died 192 years ago today on December 22, 1829.  Out of the twelve children they would have, four would die before reaching adulthood - a fifth child, their eldest daughter, died six weeks after her marriage.

126 years ago today, on December 23, 1895, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Bovina had a case of Kidnapping on Monday evening. Archie VanBramer came to W.B. Thompson's to see his wife, a daughter of Mr. Thompson, and his child and had the child brought out to the wagon and then took it into the wagon and sent his wife to the house on some trivial excuse and in her absence drove away with the child. The child has not yet been recovered. It is thought that Van Bramer hopes to secure money for the return of the child." The Andes Recorder reported in its January 17, 1896 issue that Van Bramer brought the child back "of his own accord, after having caused the family lots of trouble and worry. If he has any shame about him he should be ashamed of his recent capers." I'm not sure which Thomson/Thompson this was, but there was a William B. Thomson (1843-1929) and he had a daughter Cora - but I have not confirmed this is the same person yet.

Eleven years ago today, the December 24, 2010 issue of the Delaware County Times carried this item on its front page about Bovina's own Mary Hetterich qualifying for the All-State Women's Choir: 

131 years ago today, December 25, 1890, Thomas Ormiston was married to Maggie E. Boggs at the home of her parents, Thomas and Jane (Archibald) Boggs. The wedding also was the occasion to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Boggs' 25th wedding anniversary. Thomas and Maggie Ormiston were the parents of 7 children, including daughters Lois (who married Fletcher Davidson), Ruth (who married Henry Monroe), Marian (who married Norma Spear) and Marjorie. They also had sons Wendell, Lloyd, and Edwin. They were married for 29 years until Thomas's death in 1919. Margaret lived to be just 3 months shy of 100, dying in 1966.

Fifty-eight years ago today, the December 26, 1963 issue of the Catskill Mountain News carried this obituary for Thomas Archibald, who had died on December 19:  

140 years ago today, the Bovina column in the December 27, 1881 Stamford Mirror reported that "Wm. Richardson has sold his premises (the Henry McDonald place) to Alexander Hoy." This property would later become my house. The same paper also reported that "Dr. Dickson has moved his drugs and medicines to the basement of his new building." This is now the Brushland Eating House.

Eighty-two years ago today, the December 28, 1939 Mexico Independent (Mexico is a town in Oswego County) carried this death notice and obituary for W. Elliott Thomson, one of the last blacksmiths in Bovina. He was living with his daughter in Mexico for a few years before his death: 

122 years ago, in the December 29, 1899 issue of the Andes Recorder in the Bovina column, the following appeared:  "A new order just received from the State Department forbids the acceptance of any excuse from pupils except for sickness, and that only on the certificate of a physician.  Take warning."

A notice from the Andes Recorder, dated 154 years ago today:  "Estray – Came to the premises of the subscriber, on our about the 16th of December, a Newfoundland dog. The owner can have the same by proving property and paying charges. Jas. Coulter, Bovina Valley, Dec. 30, 1867." Bovina Valley is now the Lake Delaware area. And no, I have not found out if anyone ever came forward to claim the dog.

155 years ago today, December 31, 1866, the Bovina UP Church session passed the following resolution: “Whereas Elder Wm Thomson has for the past 18 months failed to perform his duties as an elder and whereas Mr. Thomson has not given to Session any reason for this course, or formerly tendered his resignation of the office of Elder, and whereas it is desirable that there be a free interchange of views between Session and Mr. T. therefore Res[olved] That Mr. Wm Thomson be again cited to appear before Session to either tender his resignation or give excuse for his neglect of duty.  Res[olved] 2nd That in case Mr. Thomson refuse or neglect to appear at the next meeting of Session, his case be referred directly to the Presbytery for its actions and instruction.  Res[olved] 3 That a copy of the above resolution be given to Mr Thomson, with his citation to appear at the next meeting of Session on the 22nd of January 1867.”  Thomson ultimately resumed his duties.  His absence was due to a family squabble that is further documented in the Bovina NY History blog for May 5 and 17, 2011.

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December 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

December 2, 1921
Dr. Frisbee of Andes, is organizing a singing class in town.
The heavy rains of Monday was followed by a heavy sleet storm.
John H. Hilson and family spent Thanksgiving at Frank Dickson’s on the Little Delaware.
Alex Myers is engaged in putting the priming coat of paint on Thos C. Strangeway’s new house.
Plans are under way for a Community Christmas Tree to be held in the U.P. church on the evening of December 23.
The second number of the entertainment course was held Saturday night – Warren Colsten, impersonator and entertainer.
Mrs. James D. Calhoun has purchased of Hale Elliott what is known as the Thomas Hoy place at the upper end of Bovina Center [this is now the home of Len and Ann Cairns].
On Thanksgiving day the Misses Kate and Frederika Muller had a dinner party and the table was graced with violets picked in their own yard.

Bovina Church Property Sold
Methodist Church and Parsonage Disposed of at Auction Saturday
The Bovina Methodist Episcopal church and parsonage was sold at auction at Bovina Center on Saturday, November 26, having served its usefulness.
The parsonage was purchased by Charles Hafele for his son, Gailie Hafele, for $1,025.  The church property was bid off by William Archibald for $775.  Mr. Archibald will retain the land and D.C. Worden takes the church building which will be torn down.  Thus passes an old landmark, which for many decades has stood on the eminence with its spire pointing to the heavens.
The seats were purchased by the Pleasant Valley Methodist church and Charles Hafele purchased the pulpit and organ.  The furnace was sold to Mrs. Dixon Thomson for $2.  The memorial windows were reserved.
Methodism in Bovina dates from the time when Alex Brush, the second settler in the town, was a local preacher, preaching in his own house and others.  Rev. William Jewett was the first regular pastor and from 1812 until 1849 services were held in houses, barns, school houses and groves.  In 1849 – 82 years ago – the present edifice was built and was dedicated August 22 of that year.  

December 9, 1921
Charles Hafele, who purchased the Methodist parsonage, has sold the same to Fred Thomson for $1,125, making $100 on the deal.
Walter Ringhold, former superintendent of the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware, is bargaining for the purchased of the Dennis house and lot in the village.  He desires to engage in bee keeping.
Bovina real estate transfers recorded are Vernon S. Beckwith and wife to Ernest Houck, $5,000.  Mr. Houck purchases the half interest of his partner in the former Brown farm in southern Bovina.

Delaware Co Term of Court

Late Monday afternoon a jury was obtained and the case of Anthony Banuat vs. Jean Muller was opened.  This is a matter of assault, Muller, the defendant, having been indicted by the last grand jury.  The parties are from Bovina and the alleged assault was made while the plaintiff was endeavoring to collect a school tax in the fall of 1920.  The jury returned a verdict of guilty in the 3d degree.

December 16, 1921
The children are practicing for the exercises to be held in connection with the Christmas tree to be held on the evening of December 23.
The singing school is progressing nicely under the leadership of H.W. Frisbee, of Andes.  Last Friday evening there was an attendance of 42.
James Ackerley has purchased from Don Northrup, of Colchester, the old house and lot adjoining the residence of Alex Hilson in the village.  Mr. Ackerley will either tear the house down and erect a new one or re-model the present structure.

Delaware Co Term of Court

In the Bovina case of Anthony Banuat against Jean Muller, assault in the 3d degree, Judge McNaught fined Muller $50 and 6 months in penitentiary.  The prison sentence was suspended and he is to report monthly to the Judge.

December 23, 1921
Mr. and Mrs. William O. McDivitt have moved to Cleveland, Ohio.
Bovina was visited by a high wind last Saturday night but no serious damage was done.
Bovina in former years has been not noted for its low taxes, but this year it is anything but low.
Lauren Dickson, who is attending law school at Yale, is home for the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. Gustave Lifgren is visiting in New York City.  Miss Mary Ackerley accompanied her to consult Dr. Lorenze, the Austrian surgeon.
Claude S. Terry has sold his interest in the garage business of Terry & Davidson to Henry Monroe and the new firm will be Davidson & Monroe.
Bovina had a double wedding last Thursday evening, December 15.  The contracting parties were Miss Viola Russell and Winifred Barnhart, both of this town, and Alfred Russell, of Bovina, and Miss Katherine Oliver, of Delhi.  Mrs. Russell is a granddaughter of the late Walter Amos of southern Bovina.
James C. Mabon had a narrow escape last Saturday from having all of the fingers on his right hand cut off by his buzz saw.  He had been sawing up the trees from his sugar camp broken down by the recent ice storm, and had only two more cuts to make on the last stick when the saw caught his glove.  He jerked the table back but not quick enough to prevent the saw cutting a gash into the back of everyone of his fingers between the first and second joints.

December 30, 1921
Mrs. Elizabeth Irvine has been under the doctor’s care the past week, but is now improving.
James Ackerley, who recently purchased the Northrup house, has begun the work of re-modeling.
Henry Monroe has rented rooms in part of Mrs. Thomas Gordon’s house and will move in Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Coulter, of Yonkers, and Mr. and Mrs. William C. Oliver, of Harpersfield spent Christmas at John Northrup’s.
Mrs. Scovel and three children, from near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Decker.
Miss Jennie M. Hastings came Friday to visit her brother, Milton, and on Saturday, accompanied by Miss Lily Happy, she went to Saranac, to visit her brother.
A large crowd attended the Christmas tree and exercises held last Friday evening at the U.P. church.  After the program Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus appeared and gave out the gifts.
The remains of Violet Hewitt, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hewitt, of Margaretville, were brought here Saturday for burial.  The child died December 21, in the hospital at Kingston following an operation for appendicitis.

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This Day in Bovina for November 2021

Here's the compilation of the daily entries on the Town of Bovina Historian Facebook page for November:

120 years ago today, the November 1, 1901 Andes Recorder reported that Bovina veteran "Frank Gowanlock, late of Co., E., 144th Regt., has been granted a pension of $6 per month, with back pay from July 1900."

Twenty-seven years ago today, the November 2, 1994, Catskill Mountain News carried this news article about Bovina's oldest ever citizen, Helen Thompson, noting her 105th birthday. Helen would go on to celebrate two more birthdays before dying just shy of 108.

163 years ago today, November 3, 1858, Edward O’Connor signed this document submitting his claim for expenses as commissioner of highways.  O’Connor is noted in history as one of the two men sentenced to hang for the killing of Undersheriff Osman Steele during the Anti-Rent War in 1845.  O’Connor’s sentence was commuted to life in prison and he was released from prison within about a year.  He had been a town official before going to prison and resumed participating in town government after his release. 

The widow of the late John W. Bramley was found dead in bed 122 years ago this morning, November 4, 1899.  As later reported in the Andes Recorder:  “[Mrs. Bramley] had not been feeling well for a few days and had complained of her stomach. The doctor was there Wednesday but it was thought she would be better in a few days. Thursday morning her son Fred, went to her room about 4 o’clock and spoke to her and receiving no answer, thought she was asleep. About an hour later he went back and found her dead. She was cold and must have been dead when he was in the first time. She was 72 years old.” Her husband John had just died two weeks previously on October 19.

About 100 of the 212 women voters in Bovina voted 103 years ago today, November 5, 1918.  As reported later by the Andes Recorder, “Their votes did not change results in the town except to swell the Prohibition vote by about 40.”  Women in New York gained the right to vote in the November 1917.  This was the first time in New York that women were able to vote.  Women suffrage became nationwide in 1920.

Ninety-two years ago today, the November 6, 1929 Delaware Republican in its Bovina Center column reported that "Delbert Dickson had his car badly damaged driving into a hole on the Liberty road which is under construction."

Sixty-eight years ago today, the November 7, 1953 Oneonta Star carried on its front page a report of a fire that destroy my grandfather LaFever's chicken house: 

138 years ago today, on November 8, 1883, James R. Shackelton was paid $1 for taking a quarantine notice to E.L. Dean. 

Seventy-seven years ago today, the Bovina column of the November 9, 1944 Delaware Republican Express included this item: "Miss Jane A. Hilson, who teaches English in the schools of East Orange, N.J., spent the week-end at her home here. She was accompanied by her friend, Miss Elsie Penton."

157 years ago today, on November 10, 1864, tavern keeper Dorcas Aitkin presented this bill for various services to the town, including lodging four recruits likely receiving town bounty to help Bovina meet its quota (who these men were, we do not know).  Her 

Gordon Coulter entered the blacksmith shop of Gideon Miller to learn the trade 114 years ago today, November 11, 1907.  Gordon probably is Elton Gordon Coulter (1891-1945), the son of David and Lucy Coulter and an uncle to Grace Coulter Roberts.

130 years ago today, the November 12, 1891 Andes Recorder had this Bovina column: 

120 years ago today, November 13, 1897, as later reported in the Delaware Republican: "Lester Hoy, son of Thomas Hoy of Bovina, died of consumption Sunday, aged 22. Mr. Hoy was a very exemplary young man, and had a wide circle of friends who will mourn his early death." Two years later, his brother William’s wife Robena gave birth to a son who was named for his uncle Lester. This later Lester Hoy is the one who lived in the Hoy family home, now the home of Tim and Tamara McIntosh.

189 years ago today, the November 14, 1832 Delaware Gazette carried this article about the ordination of the Bovina's Associate Presbyterian Church new pastor, Rev. John Graham. Graham would serve for over 20 years.   More about Rev. Graham may be found in the Bovina NY History Blog. Part I is at  Part II is at

Twenty-six years ago today, the November 15, 1995 Walton Reporter carried this Bovina column by Ann Cairns: 

Eighty-two years ago today, the Bovina column of the November 16, 1939 Delaware Republican reported that "Mrs. Elizabeth McNair has returned to Binghamton to spend the winter with her son, Raymond, and family after spending the summer with her daughter Mrs. J.W. McCune." She would die at her son's home a few months later in April 1940. Mrs. McNair was born in 1852, the daughter of James and Jane Crosier. She married Peter McNair in 1869 and would have four children. Peter died in 1908. She is buried in the Bovina Cemetery.

100 years ago today, on November 17, 1921, Mina Wilson signed this oath of office as the Tax Collector for the town of Bovina. She was the town's first female office holder. More about Mina can be found on the Bovina NY History blog at

Seventy-three years ago today, November 18, 1948, burial services were held for Mary Dickson Baldwin. She had died three days earlier at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC. She was born in Bovina, the daughter of Gilbert and Jane Dickson. She married George F. Baldwin and was an English teacher for many years in Ossining, NY. She had moved to Arlington, Virginia two years previous to her death.

142 years ago today, November 19, 1879 Alexander Meyers was married to Isabelle Laing.  The couple would be married for almost 68 years.  In 1939, the couple celebrated their 60th anniversary with a party given for them in the Bovina UP Church parlors.  Bob Wyer photographed the event. Alex died in 1947 at the age of 91.  His wife Isabelle died 4 years later in 1951, when she was 90 years old.  

142 years ago today, on November 20, 1879, Isabella Coulter Armstrong died in Bovina, aged 81 years. She was the daughter of Francis Coulter and Nancy Glendenning and was the only one of their children to be born in Scotland. She was married to John Armstrong and was widowed in 1864. She was survived by six of her eleven children at her death. (Isabella is my 4 greats grandmother.)

Thirteen years ago today, the November 21, 2008 Delaware County Times carried this picture of Joe Dibble showing off his prize turkey. 

Fifty-eight years ago today, November 22, 1963, Isabell Russell recorded in her diary: "Another grand day.  I put tulips in.  M[arjorie] went & got eggs this A.M.  President Kennedy was shot in Texas where he was in a parade.  Was shot by a communist."  Isabell also recorded the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald on the 24th and the funeral on the 25th:  “Everybody that had television was glued to them all day [to] see the funeral of Pres. Kennedy.  We closed store from 11 o’clock until 2 o’clock.”

120 years ago today, the November 23, 1901 Walton Reporter carried this article about the new Bovina Center Creamery: "The Bovina Center Cooperative creamery building is completed and the company will open it for business on January 1, 1902. The buildings are all first class and satisfactory and the outlook is very good. The officers are Wm. A. Hoy. president; Douglas Davidson, vice president; Jas. A. Thompson. secretary and treasurer. The directors are, W. A. Hoy. Alex Hilson, Silas T. Rockefeller, Douglas Davidson and James A. Thompson.

Seventy-two years ago today, the November 24, 1949 Stamford Mirror-Recorder carried an article about sixth annual 4-H Club Leaders' Recognition Dinner, held at Delaware Academy. The article included this paragraph: "Miss Marian McPherson of Bovina Center received the diamond clover pin for 20 years of service as a 4-H Club leader in Delaware County. This is the highest award ever presented to a 4-H Club leader in this county."

Earl Harold Miller, son of John M. Miller of Bovina, and Miss Rachel Mary Sullivan, of St. Paul, Minnesota, were married 107 years ago today, November 25, 1914, in Minnesota. Miller was living in Minnesota by then, but had grown up on Pink Street, the son of John and Bertha Miller, at the farm that later became Suits Us Farm. He was a lawyer in St. Paul and ran for congress there (unsuccessfully) in 1920. Earl died in 1955 in Walton and is buried in Bovina.

Eighty-four years ago today, the November 26, 1937 Otsego Farmer (published in Cooperstown), carried this item on its front page: "Residents of the upper end of Delaware county are looking forward to uninterrupted, sleep following the arrest of Walfred Hansen, aged twenty-four of Bovina, picked up by Corp. Harold Bentley and Trooper Russell Coons of the Stamford outpost of Troop C, State Police, who charged him with having a siren on his private car. Arraigned before Justice of the Peace Omar Edwards at Stamford, Hansen pleaded guilty, paid a five dollar fine and promised to remove the noise-maker from his car."

137 years ago today, the Bovina column in the November 27, 1883 issue of the Stamford Mirror reported that "D.L. Thomson has finished his job of tinning the roof of the R.P. Church." This church stood where the playground and fire hall now stand. It was taken down in 1943.

Charles F. Smith was married to Christina Lamont 165 years ago today, November 28, 1856.  This was his second marriage.  Born in Scotland in 1824, he first married Annie Williamson, by whom he had two children before her death in November 1855.  There were no children from the second marriage.  Charles was widowed again in 1898 and he died 10 years later in 1908.  He ran the hotel at what is now Jardine's for many years.

103 years ago today, on November 29, 1918, John Elliot moved from his house on Maple Avenue "to the Thomas Miller house."  The following Monday, Mrs. John Irvine, the mother of Isabell Russell, moved into the Elliott house (now the home of Tony and Norma Gabriele).  Note:  I'm still trying to figure out which house was the "Thomas Miller house."

141 years ago today, on November 30, 1880, Fred Henderson was born in Walton, the son of James Henderson and Mary Arbuckle. He married Nellie Hilson on 30 December 1903. They farmed for a number of years at a farm about a mile out of the Bovina Center hamlet. They sold the farm to my grandparents, Benson and Anna Bell LaFever, in 1928 and moved into the old Phyfe farm just outside of the Bovina Center hamlet (now the home of Tim and Kristin Schneider). Fred and Nell were married for almost 68 years at the time of his death in 1971.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

November 4, 1921

A victory social will be held at C.A. McPherson’s on Friday evening.

Cecil Russell is having the interior of his store re-decorated and also wired for electric lights.

Clarence Lafever and Benson Lafever have returned from the north woods.  The latter shot a deer.

The Elk Cheese Co. commenced making pot cheese Tuesday at the Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery.

The little child of Lon Joslin, aged about two years, fell into a pail of hot water this week and was severely scalded.

C.S. Terry went to Vermont deer hunting Saturday. Tuesday he telephoned for his partner, Fletcher Davidson, to come, and he went Wednesday.

…Robert Smith has moved into the M.E. parsonage, vacated by Mr. [Marshall] Scott.

A community Hallowe’en party and supper was held in the hall at Lake Delaware on Monday evening.  A party was held at Herman Joslin’s the same evening.

Fine Hunt has sold his farm (the old Tuttle place) up Coulter Brook to New York parties.  It is reported that Mr. Hunt has purchased the John G. Thomson house and lot at the entrance to the Center cemetery.

William F. Boggs, who owns the old Gow house, had just finished putting up new steps and railing.  Monday night those out for Hallowe’en tore out the railing from the concrete and bent and twisted the pipes, doing much damage.

Rev. and Mrs. A.I. Robb, who for 15 years were Missionaries to China, and who have been spending the summer with her people – the Campbells – left last week for southern California, where they will spend the winter, for Rev. Robb’s health.

November 11, 1921

Frank Miller is having a furnace installed in his residence.

Charles Boggs, of Andes, is cheesemaker at the Center creamery.

C.S. Terry, the garage man, has returned from a hunting trip to the North Woods.

George Cable was home from Bainbrige this week and exercised the right of franchise.

Edward L. Coulter and son, Walter, who have been at Sidney, returned home this week in time to vote.

The new residence of Thomas C. Strangeway is ready for the plasterers.  He is having a pipeless furnace installed.

James A. Gow and wife, from Charlotteville, were here this week looking after their property interests here, and voting.

George Decker has torn down the old brown building which stood at the rear of his residence, recently purchased of Elliott Thomson.

Bovina Farmer Dead

William S. Thomson passed away at his home on the old homestead farm up Coulter Brook at 5 o’clock on Monday afternoon, November 7, from pneumonia.  He was ill about a week.  Deceased was born and had always resided on the farm where he died.  His age was 60 years.  He married Jennie Archibald and she died several years ago  He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Gailie Hafele, in Bovina, and two sons, Ralph, in Watertown, and Archibald, in Walton; also by two brothers, Edward, in Walton, and Bert, in California, and one sister, Mrs. Andrew T. Doig, in Bovina.  The funeral was held Thursday afternoon from the house with interment in the Center cemetery.  

Died at Lake Delaware

Richard James died at his home at Lake Delaware on Tuesday night, November 8, aged 80 years.  A few weeks ago he suffered a shock and last Saturday had another from which he never rallied.  His parents came from Wales and lived on the mountain back of “The Lake.”  He is survived by two daughters.

A Hot Election in Bovina

Thos C. Strangeway Elected Supervisor by 10 – W.G. Coulter Supt of Highways by 18

The election in Bovina on Tuesday furnished plenty of excitement and the largest vote ever cast in the town as polled – 346.  On the head of the ticket 336 votes were counted and Strangeway won for supervisor by 10 majority.  Three times during the canvass there was a tie.  Coulter won for superintendent of highways by 18 majority.  Mina Wilson, for collector, came through with flying colors and has the distinction of being the first woman elected to office in the town.  Arbuckle, for sheriff, had a majority of 51.  

November 18, 1921

The work of putting in the stone road up-town was stopped last Wednesday.

Able Knapp, an aged man who has been at Guy Rockfeller’s, went to the County Farm this week.

Matthew Elliott, of Delhi, was here on Friday having some repairs made to his Cadallac at the garage of Terry & Davidson.

Norton Forrest is wearing a black eye as a result of a kick from a horse.  He was stooping over making some repairs to the stall and was hammering when the horse landed him one in the eye.  Fortunately it was at close range and no serious damage was done.

Lake Delaware

The Gerry cars were all taken to New York the past week.

Alex B. Jardine is suffering from blood poisoning in his hand.

November 25, 1921

Mrs. F.N. Crawford was taken ill on Sabbath and has been under the doctor’s care.

The Village school closed Wednesday for the Thanksgiving recess and will re-open again Monday.

George Decker now lights his newly purchased residence with electricity, having installed a Delco plant.

William F. Boggs is making improvements about his residence, putting lattice around his veranda, etc.

William T. Gordon, who has been here for the past three months recovering from illness, returned Saturday to New York City.

Ethel, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Burgin entertained seven of her little girl friends Saturday, the occasion being her birthday.

Edward L. Coulter, who recently sold his farm on the turnpike, has purchased a small fruit farm near Sidney, among other things on the place is an acre of strawberries.  He moved his household goods thereto this week.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

This Day in Bovina for October 2021

Here is the compilation of the daily entries from the Town of Bovina Facebook page for October:

James Archibald Boggs was born 137 years ago today, October 1, 1884, in Bovina, the son of Thomas Boggs and Jane Archibald Boggs.  He would spend his whole life in Bovina and run the family farm.  James was married three times.  He married first Elizabeth Felton in 1913.  They had one son who died at the age of two months.  Elizabeth died in 1918.  The following year, James married Edith Barnhart (my great aunt).  They would have five children, daughters Anna, Mary, Grace and Helen and son Clifford.  Grace died at the end of 1929.  In early 1930, Edith died after giving birth to Clifford (he died in 1933).  James married for the third time in 1947 to Catherine Cameron Kelsey.  He died in 1972 at the age of 87. 
James with his third wife, Catherine. Taken by Bob Wyer, courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 

109 years ago today, on October 2, 1912, Helen Miller Blair was married to Marshall W. Thomson in Bovina. They were married for 50 years, until Marshall's death in 1962, less than two weeks after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Helen would live another 35 years, dying in 1997 at the age of 107, two days after 85th anniversary of her wedding. Here's the invitation to the wedding, received by John Hilson and his sister Jane.   

133 years ago today, the October 3, 1888, the Delaware Gazette carried an article entitled Building in Bovina. "Alex. Hoy is preparing to build a new house on one of his lots, and A.F. Maynard a large barn. John Hastings and A.T. Strangeway are each building a new hall, and Wm. D. Thomas has just moved into a new house, which is one of the finest in that part of town." Alex. Hoy's house is now the house I live in. He owned three lots to the west of his house.

The Andes Recorder from 120 years ago today, October 4, 1901, reported that “The [Bovina] uptown creamery is now running full blast and is making 5 ¾ pounds of butter from each can of milk.”

127 years ago today, October 5, 1894, a baseball game was played at Indian Rocks.  Given that it was the Sabbath, it caused some controversy.  The Andes Recorder, when reporting this game in its Bovina column, stated that “how the game succeeded we do not know, but such actions as this should be stopped immediately.”

James, son of Alex Bryden near Lake Delaware, died in Fall Clove 122 years ago today, October 6, 1899, of spinal meningitis.  As later reported in the Andes Recorder: “He had ridden his bicycle over there and was quite warm and this may have had something to do with his illness.  The funeral was held from his home Monday at 11 o’clock, Rev. W.L.C. Samson, officiating, and the interment made here [Bovina cemetery].” He was 21 years old.  

101 years ago, on October 7, 1920, the Bovina Town Supervisor and Highway Superintendent requested that a proposition be placed on the November ballot to appropriate money for a “Steam Road Roller.”  The proposition was placed on the ballot, but the Andes Recorder later reported that on election day "Bovina taxpayers voted down a proposition to appropriate the sum of $4,680 for the purchase of a steam roller for use on the road.  The vote was a tie – 64 to 64." The appropriation was approved the following March at a special town meeting.  

Forty-one years ago today, the October 8, 1980, the Delaware County Times reported in its Bovina column that "Thirty farmer breeders from Holland arrived at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Inman last Wednesday. The tour was arranged through the Holstein-Friesian Association of Brattleboro, VT. The farmers also visited the Dreamstreet herd at the Bond Farm in Bloomville. They left for the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc."

118 years ago today, October 9, 1903, the Catskill Mountain News reported in its Bovina column that “Hamilton Russell of Bovina is building a fine two-story house, 22 x 44 feet, with piazza in front, and equipped with all the modern improvements.  John Tweedie is the mason and James Scott of New Kingston is the carpenter.”  This house was on Mountain Brook Road and was later the Charles Rabeler farm.

114 years ago today on October 10, 1907, the first load of freight shipped to Bovina via the new station on the Delaware and Eastern at Andes was brought to town by Milton Hastings.  Previously, items shipped by railroad had to be picked up in Delhi.

126 years ago today, the October 11, 1895, Andes Recorder in the Bovina column had the following item:  “A letter recently came to this point office addressed to, Miss Maggie, Bovina Centre, N.Y.  This shows one of the many thousands of examples of carelessness that floods the Dead Letter Office every year.”

Twenty-eight years ago today, the Bovina column from the Delaware County Times for October 12, 1993, carried this item: "Beth Rossley, club news reporter for the Bovina Happy Hearts 4-H club reports that there will be a meeting for new members from ages 8 to 18 on October 22nd at 7:30 at the Bovina community hall. Mrs. Carol Brannen is the leader."

128 years ago today, on October 13, 1893, James Coulter headed out for the Chicago World’s Fair.  In reporting this its Bovina column, the Andes Recorder noted that “others talk of going.  We say go, you will never regret it.”

110 years ago today, October 14, 1911, “The lady friends of Miss Jennie Miller made her a welcome home party .... All rejoiced that she is now able to see. Miss Miller was also presented with sum of money.” Jennie had traveled to New York the previous month for cataract surgery. This Jennie Miller was the daughter of David Miller and his second wife, Isabella Turnbull. She was the great aunt of Fletcher Davidson. Born in 1841, she died in 1925. This photo was in the collection of Celia Coulter.  

155 years ago today, on October 15, 1866, Thomas Gordon became a citizen of the United States. More information about Gordon can be found at:

Eighty years ago today, the October 16, 1941 issue of the Delaware Republican carried this item in its Bovina column: "Miss Stella Sluiter and Mrs. Mary Anne Snell, teachers here, spent the week-end in New York City." Stella Sluiter was married a couple of years later to Frank McPherson. The same Bovina column also reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hilson arrived home from their western trip the first of the week." Also reported was that "Miss Ida Lay has finished her work at the Lovett's, at Lake Delaware, and has taken a job at Delhi with the Bruce Pitchers."

Ninety-one years ago today, the October 17, 1930, the Brooklyn Times Union carried this intriguing item: "Scranton, Pa, Oct 17 - William H. Taft, aged 75, of Bovina, N.Y., who said he is a first cousin of the late William Howard Taft (ex-president and supreme court justice), and Mrs. Nellie Coe, aged 65, also of Bovina, were married today by an alderman in the courthouse here. Taft's resemblance to the late President was so great the marriage license clerk asked him if he were a relative. 'First cousin,' he said, but made no further comment." A look at the 1930 census indeed finds a William Henry Taft in Bovina, living with a servant, Nellie Coe. He was a widow, born in Vermont. Taft had a farm on Yankee Street. The house burned to the ground in 1932, shortly after Taft had sold the farm. I have not been able to confirm how Bovina’s Taft was related to the President, if he was.

160 years ago today, October 18, 1861, Christina Smith was paid 29.72 for teaching in the Coulter Brook School district between May 1 and September 30, 1861. Here’s the receipt for her payment.  1861-10-18 Teacher payment Smith

John W. Bramley died 122 years ago today, October 19, 1899, of diabetes, age 81 years. Fifteen months earlier, in July 1898, he was found passed out on the side of what is now Route 28, with his wagon and team about a mile or so ahead. Likely it was the diabetes that caused him to pass out. After his death, the Andes Recorder reported that, “He was born and always lived in this town and was one of our most extensive and best farmers.  He leaves a widow and four children – three sons John G, William and Fred and one daughter, Mrs. E.C. Dean.  The funeral will take place on Saturday at 11 o’clock from his late residence.”  He was living in the Bovina Center hamlet at his death, but spent much of his life on his farm on Bramley Mountain, which likely was located in the area of Reagan Road.

Forty-four years ago today, the October 20, 1977, the Delaware Republican Express carried this item in its Bovina column about the Bovina Girl Scout Troop 534. 

Twenty-nine years ago today, the Bovina News from the October 21, 1992 Catskill Mountain News reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cairns and daughter, Meagan, of Dover, NJ spent Columbus Day weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Len Cairns."

October 22, 1961, sixty years ago today, as later reported in the Delaware Republican Express, “Walter Reinertsen and his cousin Sverre Reinertsen of New York, were week-end guests at Walter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reinertsen.”

Forty six years ago today, the October 23, 1975, Stamford Mirror Recorder carried this item about the new Bovina Firehouse. 

111 years ago today, on October 24, 1910, this bill was issued to the Town of Bovina for bridge decking.  This appears to be the decking for a new bridge to the Bovina Center creamery.  The bridge was completed in November 1910.  

114 years ago tonight on October 25, 1907, as very briefly reported later in the Andes Recorder, “A party was held … at Frank Coulter’s.” Frank's place was the original Coulter family farm on Coulter Brook road, just over the bridge that goes over Coulter Brook.

144 years ago today, on October 26, 1877, Andrew T. Archibald was born in Bovina.  He would marry Mabel E. Johnston in 1901 and would have seven children, including an infant who died in 1913.  His surviving children included Mary (1903-1999), George (1905-1978), Elizabeth (1906-1986), Leonard (1909-1990), Marvin (1911-1987), and Herman (1913-1983).  Andrew died in 1963 and is buried in Bovina.

Ninety-five years ago today, on October 27, 1926, this bill was issued from the Standard Oil Company of New York to the Town of Bovina Highway Superintendent W.G. Coulter for "Furnishing and Applying Standard {6100 gallons of} Liquid Asphalt," for a total of $640.50.  

112 years ago today, at 1 pm on October 28, 1909, W.J. Doig, of Bovina Center, had for sale at an auction the following items, as advertised in the Andes Recorder:  “5 cows, 2 horses, surry, rubber tired buggy, 2 buggies, 2-seated buckboard, lumber wagon, truck wagon, mowing machine, 3 set single and 1 of double light harness, heavy work harness, bobs, 2-seat pleasure sleigh, 2 cutters, buffalo and lap robes, blankets, whips, harrow, cultivator, grind stone, chains, crow-bars, sledge hammers, whiffletrees, hay rigging, straw from 95 dozen oats, 10 barrels apples, 3 piece parlor suit, stoves, bedsteads, springs writing desk, 2 bracket lamp, hall rack, hall map, etc.”  The Recorder later reported that the sale could not be completed on the 28th and was continued on election day. Doig was selling these items before heading out west to Crested Butte, Colorado, which he did by mid-November.  He settled in Gunnison, Colorado, where he was a coal miner, a rancher and then a hardware merchant.  He died in California in 1939 and was buried in Colorado.

Seventy-eight years ago today, October 29, 1943, was the start of two days of distribution of "War Ration Book No. 4." These were issued at the Bovina Center school (now the Bovina Library). People coming for their new book were asked in the Delaware Republican Express to "bring War Ration Book 3 properly filled out." The paper went on to note that "Applications for War Ration Book 4 may be secured at the stores or at the Post Office or the schools. Fill out only one application for each family group."

138 years ago today, the October 30, 1883, the Stamford Mirror reported in its Bovina column that "On Monday last the family of John Hastings, was much frightened at the appearance, without wagon or driver, of the horse which John had left home with a short time before. Friends at once started out to find John and met him near the village, and learned that his horse had kicked and caught his foot behind the cross-bar of the thills and then tried to run. The wagon was overturned and John thrown out, and the harness broken, so that the horse became loosened from the wagon and soon arrived at home without doing very serious damage."

Ninety-three years ago on October 31, 1928, Mrs. Leon VanDusen held a Hallowe’en party Wednesday for the pupils of the primary room of the village school.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bovina Ex-Pat: Isaac H. Maynard – Lawyer, Judge and Politician

Isaac Horton Maynard
from Munsell's History of Delaware County, 1880

Isaac Horton Maynard was a grandson of the early Bovina settler Elisha Maynard. Born on April 9, 1838, in Bovina, he was the son of Isaac Maynard and Jane (Falconer) Maynard. He spent his childhood and early adulthood in Bovina, leaving to attend Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. He was valedictorian of the class of 1862. From there, he came back to the area to study law in Delhi when he was admitted to the bar in 1865. 

Maynard didn’t move very far from Bovina. He settled in Stamford where in 1869 he was elected Town Supervisor for the Town of Stamford. He was re-elected in 1870. In his second year, he also served as chairman the Board of Supervisors of Delaware County. He continued his political career at the state level, serving as a member of the New York State Assembly in 1876 and 1877. He was elected County Judge and Surrogate of the Delaware County Court from 1878 to 1885.

In 1883 he tried for statewide office when he ran for Secretary of State of New York. He was the only candidate defeated on the Democratic ticket. In 1886, he was appointed First Deputy New York Attorney General. In 1887, he was appointed to national office as Assistant U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and remained in office until the end of the First Cleveland administration in 1889.

Afterwards he was appointed Deputy New York Attorney General again. At was at this point that his career took a major hit when he became involved in a case of electoral fraud in Dutchess County. In November 1891, he was counsel to the State Board of Canvassers. The Republican State Senate incumbent, Gilbert A. Deane, had received more votes than his Democratic challenger Edward B. Osborne. The Dutchess County Board of Canvassers did not allow thirty-one votes because of stray ink marks on the edges of the ballots, though many thought the marks could have been made in the process of printing the ballots. Osborne was declared elected, but the Republicans challenged the County Board's decision in court, and on December 5, the judge ordered the thirty-one votes to be counted and instructed the County Clerk to send the corrected result to the State Board. Another judge ordered a stay of the first judge's decision. On December 19, the New York Supreme Court vacated the previous stay, and the County Clerk mailed the corrected result to Albany.

On the same day however, the appeals court stayed the Supreme Court’s decision. The county clerk traveled to Albany and went to Isaac Maynard's home demanding to have the corrected result returned to him. They went to the New York State Comptroller's office, and Maynard retrieved the letter from the incoming-mail pile and handed it over to the county clerk. Subsequently, the original result was canvassed by the State Board, and the Democratic candidate was declared elected, giving the Democrats a majority in the New York State Senate.

In January 1892, Maynard was appointed to the New York Court of Appeals to fill a vacancy. Two weeks later, his connection with the Dutchess County election problem became known to the public. The New York State Legislature, having a Democratic majority, continued to support Maynard, but public indignation never subsided.

In January 1893, Maynard was re-appointed to the Court of Appeals, to fill another vacancy, although the Bar Association had urged the Governor against it. At the New York state election that fall, Maynard ran on the Democratic ticket for a full term on the Court of Appeals. Not only did Maynard lose the election, he dragged down the whole ticket, leading to a Republican victory. 

Maynard continued his legal practice in Stamford and made frequent trips to Albany. It was while on one of these trips in 1896 that he died suddenly of a heart attack in his room at the Kenmore Hotel in Albany. Maynard was buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Delhi.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

October 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

Here's what was happening in Bovina a century ago, as reported in the pages of the Andes Recorder. 

October 7, 1921

·         Frank Miller and wife motored to Andes in their new car Saturday evening.

·         The Bovina state road has been almost impassible the past summer and now the State is having the holes filled with loose stones and gravel.

·         Jacob Gerkins, who has been living on the Alex Bryden farm, has rented a farm on Cabin Hill.  A number of the neighbors made them a farewell party last Wednesday evening.

October 14, 1921

·         Charles J. Russell has purchased a Dodge car.

·         John M. Campbell is putting up the foundation for a new house which he will erect on his farm.  South Kortright carpenters will do the job.

·         Mrs. Elizabeth Irvine, Mrs. Sloan Archibald, Mrs. John Blair, Mrs. Fred Thomson and Mrs. Cecil Russell were on a shopping trip to Kingston last week. 

·         The legal machinery has been set in motion by the New York Conference for the sale of Methodist church and parsonage in Bovina Center.  The membership has been reduced to a mere handful by deaths and removals.  For the last few years no services have been held in the church. [The parsonage is now the home of Chuck and Betty McIntosh.]

October 21, 1921

·         Thos C. Strangeway has the frame up for his new residence in Bovina Center [now the home of Jim and Peg Hilson].

·         Alex Myers is painting and finishing the interior of new house of Gustave Lifgren up Pink street.

·         Mrs. John M. Miller, of Walton, is visiting in town.  Her two daughters, Shirley and Leila, were here over Sabbath.

·         Wendell Ormiston and family, of Goshen, spent a few days the past week with his mother, Mrs. Thomas Ormiston.

·         Elliott Thomson has sold his house in Bovina Center to George Decker for $2,500.  Mr. Thomson will move to rooms in Mrs. Julia McPherson’s house.

·         John Blair and wife were called to Glen Spey, Sullivan county, last week by the illness of their daughter, Mrs. Marshall Thomson.  She is now improving. [This is Helen Thomson, who lived to be 107.]

Bovina Farm Sold

            George Decker has sold his farm, located near Lake Delaware, in the town of Bovina, to Harvey Wickham, of Shavertown.  The sale includes the personal property on the farm and the price is reported to be $6,000 for the farm and $1,500 for the personal.  The farm is the former Thomas Purdy place and Decker had erected a $3,000 house thereon.  Mr. Decker will move to Bovina Center.

October 28, 1921

·         Walter G. Coulter is having his mill re-shingled.

·         Elliott Thomson, who sold his house to George Decker, is moving to rooms in part of Sloan Archibald’s house.  Mrs. Harry Robinson and Mrs. Robert G. Thomson, of Bainbridge, are here assisting.

·         A surprise party was held at the home of Edith Liddle last Saturday evening for Frances Bell.  Games were played after which refreshments were served.  Then each girl went home to dream of Gobblins and ghosts.  

Bovina Has a Runaway

Horse of Paul Furhmann Takes the Thills and leave Wagon

            Tuesday morning as Paul Furhmann, who recently purchased W.C. McDivitt’s farm, was on his way to the creamery his horse attached to a buckboard, started to run on the hill above the U.P. church.  Just above the old Lauren hotel, now owned by T.C. Strangeway [now the home of Jim and Peg Hilson], the outfit collided with a tree and the wagon stopped but the horse continued up Maple Avenue and onto the flat above.  Mr. Furhmann was thrown out but the wagon remained right side up and the milk was not even spilled.  No one was injured and the damage was broken thills.

Boost the committee

            The first number of the Bovina Lecture course has already been given and the next one will soon be here.  Everyone was well satisfied.  Now lets try to boost our lecture course committee by having every seat sold again this time.  Chew less tobacco and gum and give it toward something that is really worth while.