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This Day in Bovina for August 2022

120 years ago today, August 1, 1902, it was reported in the Andes Recorder's Bovina column that "Rains still continue and haying does not progress very rapidly."

Ninety-three years ago today, the Delaware Express for August 2, 1929 reported on the "Perils of Hay Harvesting." The article went on to report that "Three Residents of Bovina Victims of Seasonal Accidents." Mrs. Ray Thomson broke her hand when a horse stepped on it. Fred Bramley fell from a load of hay, breaking his shoulder. And C.A. McPherson was injured when a piece of a wagon he was driving broke. Here's the full article. 

127 Years ago today, on August 3, 1895, the Bovina ball team went to Delhi to play their team. They not only lost but were heavily plagued by injuries. The Andes Recorder reported the injuries: "Chan [probably Chauncey] Squires and Leonard Thomson collided while running to catch a fly and were badly cut about the face. Thomson's cheek was cut so that the services of a physician was required to sew it up and while the doctor was at work dressing the wound John L. Gordon [1871-1908, son of Thomas Gordon and half-brother of Margaret Gordon] and Andrew Seacord [1872-1913] fainted. Al Thomson fell on his arm and injured it so that he was disabled." The paper concluded its report by noting in an understatement that "Taken altogether it was an exciting game."

133 years ago today, on August 4, 1889, as later reported in the Stamford Mirror, "The house of Robert C. Scott, Bovina was entered by a burglar last Tuesday evening, while the family were out milking, a trunk opened and $250 and a revolver abstracted, the robber escaping."

Mary Rotermund was born 177 years ago today, August 5, 1845, in Andes. She was the daughter of Herman and Adelaide Rotermund, both natives of Hannover, Germany. Mary married James A. Coulter in 1868. Widowed in 1882, she died in Bovina in 1931. She was the grandmother of Ruth Coulter Parsons and her sister, Celia Coulter, Don, Bob and Norrie Boggs, and Millard, Art and Ernie Russell.

Ninety-seven years ago, on August 6, 1925, as reported later by the Andes Recorder, "Elmer Gladstone was attacked by a bull and knocked down. Fortunately, the bull then walked away a short distance and before it could renew hostilities Mr. Gladstone made his escape.  All the other members of the family were absent from home."  Elmer probably was Robert Elmer Gladstone, the son of George and Helen Gladstone.  This likely happened on the Gladstone farm, located on what is now known as Bob Hall Road.  Elmer was 49 when this accident happened and would live to be almost 81, dying in 1956.

Eighty-one years ago today, the August 7, 1941 Delaware Republican had this article about the Bovina Flower Show. It was either August 12 or 14 (note that there's a conflict with the dates). I do not know who the woman referenced in item 8, Beatrice Darling, is. If anyone does know, please share! [UPDATE: Tom Hoy identified Beatrice Darling as his aunt, born Charlotte Beatrice Hoy. She married Foster Darling and died in 1937 at the age of 32.]

111 years ago today, August 8, 1911, as reported in the Bovina column of the Andes Recorder, "J.H. Johnson, Herman Scott, Chas Hastings and Adam Cunningham left….for Albert, Canada. The last named goes to see the country, while the others, who have holdings of land, go to harvest their wheat crop. Crops are reported large, and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hastings each have 160 acres of wheat and Mr. Scott 320 acres."


Ninety-four years ago today, on August 9, 1928, three-year-old John Storie, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Storie, fell and broke his collar bone.  The accident happened at the home of his uncle, Fletcher Davidson, while he was at play with his little cousins.  This is where the Denisons live now.  Tragically, John would die in another childhood accident while, again, playing with his Davidson cousins.  In January 1938, when he was 12, he was sledding with Alan Davidson when he was thrown from his sled, rupturing his spleen.  His spleen was removed but he died about three days later.


106 years ago today, on August 10, 1916, William Smith of Bovina was hit by a train. Here's how it was reported in the Andes Recorder a few days later: "William B. Smith, of Bovina, who lives on the hill toward Hobart, sustained two broken ribs and minor injuries about 10 o’clock Thursday morning, when the milk wagon he was driving was struck by the eastbound passenger train on the U.& D. at the Smith creamery crossing.  Mr. Smith did not hear the approach of the train and his wagon was squarely on the track when the locomotive hit it, and he was thrown from the wagon, but held to the lines and prevented the horses from running away. He was taken to the office of Dr. Hubbell at Hobart and his wounds dressed.  The wagon was wrecked."


183 years ago today, on August 11, 1839, Margaret Armstrong Gladstone, wife of Walter Gladstone, gave birth to her last child, a daughter Margaret. The daughter would only live two and a half years, dying in February 1842, three days after the death of her brother, Walter. Out of the eight children that Margaret gave birth to, only three made it to adulthood.


121 years ago today, on August 12, 1901, work was commenced on construction of the Bovina Centre creamery. 


103 years ago today, on August 13, 1919, the Archibald reunion was held at the home of William J. Archibald.


Eighty-five years ago today, August 14, 1937 a traffic count was taken at "the Bovina corner."  The result showed that 2 motorcycles, 430 New York cars, 115 other cars, 88 light trucks, 59 other trucks, and 2 horse drawn vehicles passed the counter for a total of 644.


Seventy years ago today, the Bovina Center column from the August 15, 1952 Walton Reporter carried this item: "Mr. and Mrs. Charles LaFever are on a trip through the northern part of the state. They also expect to visit at the home of Donald Boggs at Corinth, N.Y. They were interviewed on Tune Test over WGY Monday. Did anyone in Bovina hear them?"


A special school meeting was held in the Coulter Brook district 121 years ago today, August 16, 1901.  As later reported in the Andes Recorder, "both those for and against a new schoolhouse had their forces marshaled and the result was a tie vote.  The result will probably be that the Commissioner will condemn the old shell of a building now in use."


103 years ago today, on August 17, 1919, the pastor of the Bovina Reformed Presbyterian Church, Rev. Thomas E. Graham, surprised his congregation by announcing his resignation to become the pastor of a United Presbyterian church near Pittsburgh.  His resignation came as a complete surprise to the congregation and to the community.


107 years ago today, the August 18, 1915 Delaware Gazette carried this Bovina column. 

128 years ago today, August 19, 1894, Hildreth Tuttle, the daughter of Charles and Jennette Tuttle, was born. She married Charles J. Russell in Bovina 1915. Charles was Cecil Russell's brother. They would have one son, Dr. Allyn Russell. Hildreth died in 1976.


Eighty years ago, the Bovina column in the Delaware Republican for August 20, 1942 reported that "Mrs. Emil Schneider and daughter, Mrs. Alex Hilson, spent last week in New York City with Pvt. Arnold Schneider." The same column also reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. James Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dickson and children of Delhi and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taggart and children of Amsterdam were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hilson on Sunday."


Elizabeth Russell Archibald, the wife of Sloan Archibald, died 121years ago today, August 21, 1911.  Born in New Kingston in 1848, she married Sloan in 1869 and had two children.  


Ninety-seven years ago today, on August 22, 1925, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "This section was visited by a heavy white frost…"


152 years ago today, the August 23, 1870 Bloomville Mirror carried this item: "We wish the Postmaster-General would turn his attention to the Brushland post-office? Our subscribers at that office continue to complain to us that they can't get their papers with any regularity. One informed us he was at the office weekly, but couldn't get a Mirror for about six weeks, when he got them all at once. Won't the post-master be more careful in future?"


104 years ago today, on August 24, 1918, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Dr. N.B. Whitcomb and Adam Laidlaw each had a horse killed by lightning ….  Both horses were running in the same pasture."


Forty-five years ago today, the August 25, 1977 Stamford Mirror Recorder carried this item in its Bovina column, written by Ann Cairns: "Reserve Friday, August 26 for a round and square dance at the Bovina fire house hall, a benefit dance for the Bovina rescue squad. Dancing from 9 to 1 to the music of ‘Hi Country.’


Seventy-nine years ago, the August 26, 1943 Delaware Republican-Express reported in its Bovina column that "Miss Evelyn G. Lay was the guest of her friends, the Misses Ruth Thomas, Mary Hart and Frances Harner of near Afton last week Thursday. All visited the Afton fair in the afternoon. She was also a week-end guest of her friend, Miss Vesta Norwood at Norwich. All are employed on the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift in the Scintilla plant at Sidney. Miss Norwood is floor-lady in Dept. 27." Evelyn was the sister of Clark Lay.


Ninety-one years ago today, August 27, 1931, as later reported in the Andes Recorder Bovina column: "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Benson LaFever on August 27, a son - Charles Raymond."


139 years ago, the Stamford Mirror Bovina column of August 28, 1883 reported that "Robert J. Livingston is spending a few weeks at his summer residence at the lake. Messrs. Perry Belmont, Alexander Hamilton and Peter Schyler are his guests."


Sixty-eight years ago today, August 29, 1954, Leonard Cairns was married to Ann Sebedra at St. James' Church at Lake Delaware. Photo is from their 50th wedding anniversary celebration on August 29, 2004.


Fifty-seven years ago today, on August 30, 1965, as later reported in the Delaware Republican Express, "Many of the Bovina people awakened [in the morning] to find their gardens frozen. Some gardens were badly hurt, while others were not damaged nearly so bad. Several have had killing frost every month since they were planted."


182 years ago today, on August 31, 1840, Revolutionary War vet James Vanderburgh died, aged 83 years. He is one of three Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in the town. See the Bovina NY History blog at for more about Bovina's Revolutionary War soldiers.


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August 1922 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"


August 4, 1922

Louie Terry will move from Dennis house to the “Cottage” on the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware.

Mr. and Mrs. John Henry are spending the week in New York and Herman Johnson is taking care of things during their absence.

Harold Robinson, formerly of Bovina, who has been in a creamery at Trout Creek for a few years, has moved to Delhi.  He is employed at the creamery at Frasers.

Friday while William A. Hoy was operating a hay tedder the tongue broke and the team ran away.  They fortunately got free from the tedder going onto the street ran as far as the Hilson store swung around the store and were caught. Mr. Hoy escaped injury.

August 11, 1922

Laurie Terry moved this week to the Lake.

The work of putting on the concrete floor for the bridge at the Strangeway store is in progress this week.

Mrs. Hogaboom, of Kingston, has joined her husband, the contractor on the state road job, to spend a few days.

Mr. Berschevsky, of Brooklyn, the head of the cheese making at the Center creamery was here the first of the week.

Edward J. Quigley, the State engineer who has been in charge of the resurfacing of the state road here, went to Hobart this week to make the final arrangements for the beginning of the work on the Hobart-Bloomville road.  William Armstrong is in charge of the road here. [The state road is now County Route 6.]

August 18, 1922

The annual town picnic is scheduled to be held August 31.

The annual community picnic will be held at Lake Delaware on Saturday of this week.

Work of resurfacing the State road is being pushed and it is expected will be completed next week.

Howard McPherson is making improvements to his residence, re-siding a part of it and putting in new windows.

Many Bovina residents attended the Coulter re-union at the home of Grant Maxwell on the Little Delaware on Wednesday.

Mrs. Annie Ruff has returned home after an absence of a year and a half spent with a sister in California and a daughter in North Dakota.

August 25, 1922

Miss Mary Brown entertained a number of her friends at her home on Thursday evening.

Nelson Reynolds has gone to do carpenter work on the new Episcopal church being built at Lake Delaware by Miss Angelica Gerry.

Clarence LaFever had his face skinned and arm injured Monday when he jumped off his motorcycle to avoid a collision when at the McCune place below the hook.  He came up behind Leland Tuttle’s truck and a car was coming in the opposite direction.  This passed and he swung to pass the truck when a second car loomed up right ahead and it was a case of a head-on collision or swing his machine into the bank and he chose the later, shut off the power and jumped.  The front wheel of his machine was smashed and he was fortunate to escape without a broken neck.