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This Day in Bovina for October 2022

Here's the monthly compilation of entries from the Town of Bovina Facebook page:

138 years ago today, on October 1, 1880, as later reported in the Stamford Mirror, "the Russell boys upset their threshing machine over the bridgeway to Robert Forrest's barn, but fortunately the machine was not much injured."


106 ago today, on October 2, 1916, a milk strike led to the Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery receiving milk from 37 farms, in addition to their regular patrons. These farms were in South Kortright and Bloomville, as well as above Delhi, on the Little Delaware and at Glenburnie.  The Andes Recorder reported that these farms would continue to send their milk to Bovina “until the question of milk prices is settled.”


Aggie Jeanette Armstrong died 147 years ago today on October 3, 1875.  She was only two months old.  She was the daughter of Frank Armstrong and Jeanette Burns.  She was the second daughter named Agnes that they had lost.  In August 1872, three-day old daughter, Aggie Bell Armstrong, died.


134 years ago today, the October 4, 1888 Hobart Independent in its Bovina column reported "John Hastings and A.T. Strangeway are both building halls. 'Opposition is the life of business.'"


103 years ago today, Sunday, October 5, 1919, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "There was no preaching in any of the churches in Bovina Center last Sabbath – a thing that has happened but once before as far back as runneth the memory of man.”


168 years ago today, on October 6, 1854, Isabella Dickson Cathells passed away at the age of 77. She was married to James Cathells, Sr., who survived Isabella by 10 years, dying in 1864. Both are buried in the Bovina Cemetery.


138 years ago today, on October 7, 1884, the Stamford Mirror Bovina column reported several births: "Orrin Carman smiles - it's a boy. T.K. Hobbie laughs - it's a girl. James Andrew Russell shouts for joy - it's a boy." The sex of these children appears to have confused by the correspondent. In each case he/she got it wrong. Orrin Carman's child born at this time was a girl, Nellie, born on September 11, 1884. Russell's child also was a daughter, Orlena Mae, born September 6, 1884. She would later marry Rev. William Robb. The closest match for the Hobbie child is Rema M. Hobbie, who was born July 16, 1884. He was the son of J.K. Hobbie. Rema was married to Bessie McDonald and the father of Glenn Hobbie (1913-1970).


126 years ago this morning, October 8, 1896, as later reported in the Andes Recorder's Bovina column, "Mt. Pisgah was white with snow, the first of the season. This was followed by a heavy frost that evening."


106 years ago today, on October 9, 1916, a complaint was submitted by the town health officer concerning a nuisance at the lower end of the Bovina Center hamlet. 


Eighty-two years ago today, the Bovina column of the October 10, 1940 Delaware Republican reported that "Mr. and Mrs. John Blair returned Sunday from a week's visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Thompson in Manhassett, L.I."


127 years ago today, the Bovina column of the October 11, 1895 Andes Recorder reported on some Bovina people being in New York City. They noted that "Andrew T. Doig and wife" were spending the week in the city. The column also noted that Louise Dennis was in the city the same week "purchasing millinary (sic) supplies."


Seventy-one years ago today, the Bovina column of the October 12, 1951 Catskill Mountain News reported that "Robert Reinertsen of Corinth spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reinertsen."


129 years ago, the October 13, 1893 issue of the Andes Recorder reported that "T.E. Hastings has sold his store and goods to Andrew Doig, one of Bovina’s young men.  The inventory was taken last week. Mr. H. reserves the right to sell feed." This is now Russell's Store.


Seventy-nine years ago today, the October 14, 1943 Delaware Republican Express carried this Bovina column. 


Rev. Joshua Kennedy died 131 years ago today on October 15, 1891.  He had been pastor of the Bovina Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bovina from 1865 to 1885.  Kennedy passed away in Green Castle, Pennsylvania, the town to where he had retired after leaving Bovina.  See the Bovina NY History blog entry for March 18 ( and for March 24 ( for more information about Rev. Kennedy and his ‘dust-up’ with Rev. James B. Lee.


Sixty-nine years ago today, October 16, 1953, as later reported in the Catskill Mountain News by the paper's Bovina correspondent, "Several Farm Bureau committeemen and their wives from the Bovina area attended the chicken barbecue and membership drive meeting at the Grange hall in South Kortright Friday." One of the couples attending, according to my grandmother’s diary, were Ben and Annabell LaFever.


158 years ago today, on October 17, 1864, Gilbert D. Miller from Company E, 144th NY Volunteers, signed this document authorizing his father, William Miller, to cast a vote in his stead in the upcoming Presidential election. 


132 years ago today, the "Bovina Centre" column of the Delaware Republican for October 18, 1890 reported that "The band have postponed their concert till about Christmas. By the way, our neighboring towns are commencing to realize the fact that we have a band and you can spell it with a big B. every time."


Eighty-three years ago today, the 'Bovina Centre' column of the October 19, 1939 Delaware Republican reported on the return of a couple of travelers. It noted that Alex and Lil Hilson had returned from "their honeymoon at Washington, D.C., and other places of interest." Alex's cousin Jane D. Hilson and her friend Margaret Hotchkin (sister of Jane's future sister-in-law Barbara Hilson) "have returned after spending last week at New York City and the World's Fair."


104 years ago today on October 20, 1918, the first death in Bovina from the “prevailing influenza epidemic” occurred when Mrs. Loron Maxim, passed away at her home on the Hewitt farm up-town.  As later reported in the Andes Recorder, “The remains were taken to Hardenburgh, Ulster County, their former home, for interment.”  The Hewitt farm is now the home of Tom Groves on Mountain Brook Road.


116 years ago today, October 21, 1906, Berry Shaw Miller died. Born in 1837, he was the son of William Miller and Isabella Dickson. He served in the 144th NY Volunteers in the Civil War and suffered after-effects of his service throughout his life. He married Kate Oliver and was widowed in 1892. Berry was active in the Civil War veterans' group, the Grand Army of the Republic, attending numerous reunions. 


Sixty-eight years ago today, on October 22, 1954, the Bovina Fish and Game Club held a dance at the community hall. Here's the ad that appeared in the Catskill Mountain News.  C:\Users\rayla\Documents\Bovina History\Bovina Historian\Blog/


126 years ago today, the Bovina column of the October 23, 1896 Andes Recorder reported that W.L. White has returned from the West where he has been with cows.


111 years ago today, on October 24, 1911, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Andes Recorder, "Thos. C. Strangeway was at Andes on Tuesday and purchased two cows of Will Doig."


127 years ago today, the Bovina column of the October 25, 1895 Andes Recorder noted that "Quite a number of our farmers have sold their butter for 18 and 20 cents a pound.  Not a very high price, but better than many received last year."


Eighty-three years ago today, the Bovina column in the October 26, 1939 Delaware Republican reported that "Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Gladstone and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall of Oneonta attended the World's Fair at New York City last week." The same column also reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Monroe and family were at New York City attending the World's Fair."


79 years ago today, October 27, 1943, as later reported in the Catskill Mountain News, “William M. Armstrong, 73, of Bovina Center, died … at Delhi hospital where he had been a patient for one week. Death was caused by arterio sclerosis and acute arthritis." Born in 1870, he was the son of Francis Coulter Armstrong and Jennette Burns. He married Mary Kaufman in 1890. She predeceased him in 1929. They were the parents of three children.


124 years ago today, the October 28, 1898 Bovina column of the Andes Recorder reported that "The village school is prospering finely under the directorship of James Gow, assisted by Miss Nellie Butts.  Some of the boys say that if a boy feels like having some fun in school and jumps over the seat, he very soon learns that he is not the boss."


105 years ago today, on October 29, 1917, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, “The rain on Monday night caused the Pink Street brook to rise so much that the foot bridge on Main street was swept down against the arch bridge and about totally wrecked.  Harry Robinson’s family were taken out of their house at 4 o’clock in the morning in a lumber wagon.  Wood was carried away and several hens were washed out of Gideon Miller’s hen house.”  This postcard view of the stone bridge shows the metal arch railing of the pedestrian bridge on the left. The building beyond is Strangeway's Store, which later became Clayt Thomas's and later still Wayne Gallant's garage and is now owned by Tom Hetterich.


113 years ago in the early morning, on October 30, 1909, Chas McPherson and his wife were instrumental in saving A.T. Doig’s store, later Russell’s, from going up in flames.  As reported in the Andes Recorder, the couple discovered the fire while coming home from a party.  “The fire was on the stoop at the lower side of store and fortunately was discovered before it had gained much headway and was put out before only slight damage was done.  It is supposed that the fire started from a spittoon that had been set out on the stoop the night before and there had probably been fire in it.”


190 years ago today, on October 31, 1832, as later reported in the Delaware Gazette, "the Rev. John Graham was ordained to the office of the holy ministry, and the pastoral inspection of the Association Presbyterian Congregation of Bovina." The paper reported that ministers from Johnstown, Florida (NY), and Albany conducted the services. The paper went on to note that "it being the only ordination which had ever taken place in Bovina, the anxiety to see and to hear brought numbers from different quarters at an early hour, so that the Meeting-house was crowded to excess the whole day…." Graham would stay until the 1850s. More about John Graham can be seen on the Bovina NY History blog at



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Bovina Bicentennial Celebration Thank-yous


I’ve received all kinds of kudos about the Bovina Bicentennial celebration, but there were many hands and minds involved in the success of the day. It's taken me a while to pull it all together - I'm hoping I didn't miss anyone. If I have, let me know.
Brooke Alderson’s major activity was the Bovina Bicentennial Art project. Ten Bovina artists were given old images of Bovina buildings no longer in existence or altered and invited to do their own interpretation of them. These ten paintings were displayed in the hamlet during the celebration at the site where the original structure stood (or still stands). Thank you, Brooke coordinating this project and to Scott Hill, who worked out how best to display these. (The paintings will go on show in the Bovina Public Library with an opening on November 12 from 5-7.) And a big thank you to the artists:
·         Antonio Mora - Strangeway’s Store and later Clayt Thomas’s garage, now home of Tom Hetterich
·         Mike Casey - Hilson’s Store, built in 1867, now Dry Town Tavern
·         Sandra Finkenberg - Kennedy Hotel, demolished in 1960, lot now vacant, across from Brushland Eating House
·         Lizbeth Firmin - Old Jock Hilson Home, burned in 1915
·         Lori Glavin - Creamery in 1943, building was refurbished on the outside a year or so later to its present look
·         Scott Hill - Creamery, original, constructed in 1902
·         Gary Mayer - Scott’s Bridge, built in 1870s, demolished in 1955
·         Rick Mills - Bovina Methodist Church, built in 1849, demolished in 1926, now residence across from Community Hall
·         Cornell Verlaan - J.R. Douglass home, later Alexander Hilson residence, replaced in 1920s with home of Mike and Christine Batey
·         Tim Cunningham - Kinmouth Store, later home of Clark and Gladys Lay, and Tim Cunningham, now home of Betty Powell
Christine Batey made a wonderful homemade sign with the Bicentennial logo that she allowed us to use for a sign on Route 28.
When the Bicentennial celebration had to be put off from its original August 1, 2020 date, one event did take place - a vintage baseball game with the Bovina Dairymen. Thank you to the Dairymen for their continued support and for the games they held during the 2022 celebration.
Molly Brannen’s major contribution was letting us use a field that she hays for the celebration, but she also contributed much to the committee and helping us layout out the parade and the celebration on the flat. And she kept telling me that it was going to be great – and she was right.
Kevin Brown was responsible for the strong showing from the area fire departments and for organizing the traffic patrols and the appearance of the county sheriff on horseback, along with Steve Williamson, the 90-year-old constable from Roxbury. Thanks for his work on this and for providing a meeting place for the committee. And the pump from the 1948 Bovina Fire Truck was a huge hit with the kids!
Donna Dickson-Noonan coordinated the parade organizing on the big day, with help from her husband, Mike Noonan, and her sister and brother-in-law M.J. and Gary Robson. She launched the parade right on time!
Marni Greenberg took on a variety of tasks related to the celebration on the flat, while nudging me to move on certain activities. She really helped to keep me on track. Marni coordinated the vendor set-up and roped her husband, Mel, in laying out the parking near the site. She also created the frame for the sign at Route 28/County Route 6 that Christine Batey made. Marni’s help was invaluable to the success of the celebration.
Thanks to Todd Keister and Lionel Ing for helping with the parking
Lake Jillienne was the perfect site for staging the parade – thank you to Susan LaFever for allowing us to use the site.
Thank you to the Livestock Foundation for allowing us to use the parking space behind and next to the creamery. And we appreciated having Livestock Executive Director Andrea McGinty on the committee.
Roger McIntosh not only gave us permission to use the McIntosh flat, but along with his brother Chuck, helped move stuff to get the site set up. And a big thank you to Chuck for the biggest fundraising event for the Bicentennial, the very successful pie and cake auction held in July 2019.
Samantha Misa used her talents to create and run our children's games at the celebration. Thanks from me and the children. (And remember, Samantha was the creator of the Bovina Bicentennial logo.)
Mary Pelletier and Pam Benson ably organized the music program. A big thank you to them and to all the performers:
·         Emcee Ira McIntosh
·         Dan Finn
·         Timothy Harlo Bray
·         Catskill Music Consort
·         Flutes: Wynne Shilling, Susan Moravek, Jacqueline Yuzzi
·         Oboe: Mel Greenberg
·         Clarinets: Donna Ward, Patricia Reynolds
·         Horn: Albert Vazquez
·         Violins: Marie Tucker, Elizabeth Zimmerman
·         Violins: Katharine Griswold, Penelope Cypress, Elizabeth Collins
·         Violas: Amy Pratt, Jeff Wilson
·         Cellos: Gretchen Becker, Victoria Von Arx
·         Piano: Gina Lefferts
·         Conductor: Nicholas Scarim
·         True
·         Kate Burrascano
·         Mark Pelletier
·         John “Chico” Finn
·         Dan “Johnny Parr” Pelletier
·         Etienne Lytle
·         The College Farm
Sangeeta Pratap helped with the festival on the flat, finding and contacting vendors and helping with the set-up. Sangeeta jumped in whenever we needed and heavily promoted the Bovina Bicentennial Afghan project.
Shannon and Shirley Shoemaker built and set up the I [Heart] Bovina sign. It was a huge hit with attendees, as was the cow with the Bicentennial logo. And thanks to Shannon for putting up the no parking signs on the parade route.
Starting in 2019, a group of knitters/crocheters, coordinated by Susan Yelavich, worked on the Bovina Bicentennial Afghan. Lovingly knitted by Christine Batey, Jan Bray, Linda Dunne, Lori Glavin, Peg Hilson, Sangeeta Pratap and Susan Yelavich, it was raffled off at the festival, proceeds to benefit the Bovina Public Library. The winner was Betty Powell.
Thanks to the Bicentennial committee members
·         Parade Committee: Molly Brannen, Kevin Brown, Donna Dickson-Noonan
·         Bicentennial Festival Committee: Brooke Alderson, Marni Greenburg, Sangeta Pratap
·         Music Festival Committee: Pamela Benson, Mary Pelletier
·         Parking Committee: Todd Keister
·         The Bicentennial committee also included Nick Frandsen, Andrea McGinty, John Salak and Shannon Shoemaker. Thank you to all who stepped in and helped with the success of the celebration.
Thank you to the Delhi Telephone Company for providing the free Wi-Fi access and to Town Clerk Cathie Hewitt, who worked DTC’s Josh VanDuesen (grandson of Clark and Gladys Lay) to allow us to do the Wi-Fi through the town’s router.
Thank you to our Donors, including:
·         Livestock Foundation
·         Jim and Tom Hoy
·         Marian Jardine
·         Richard Davidson
·         Chuck McIntosh, McIntosh Auction Service, for the highly successful pie auction in July 2019
Funding also was provided through two Tourism Promotion and Development Grants from the Delaware County Local Development Corporation.
And thank you to the Bovina Town Board for their continuing support and encouragement.

Monday, October 10, 2022

October 1922 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

Folks were moving around 100 years ago this month in Bovina, and a couple of babies were born.

October 6, 1922

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Barnhart on October 2, a son [this was Herbert W. Barnhart, who died in 1992].

Henry Monroe is now running the condenser at the Center creamery.

Alex Hilson is seriously ill at his home in Bovina Center.  Two nurses are in attendance. [Alexander would survive until July 1923.]

Gailie Hafele has purchased the William S. Thomson farm up Coulter Brook and moved thereto this week.

James Ackerley is moving from the Dickson big house to W.A. Hoy’s tenant house vacated by Gaylie Hafele.

Everett DeSilva was called to Arena last week by the death of his mother, Mrs. A.N. Wilber, who died September 26.  Her age was 65 years.

Miss Nellie Armstrong, of Salinas, California, who has been on a trip abroad, has been with relatives in town the past week.  She was a daughter of John G. Armstrong, a native of Bovina.

Bovina Farm Sold

The Thomas Mabon farm on the old turnpike in Bovina, with the lake built thereon a few years ago by a club of Margaretville men, has been sold to J. Edelstein, of Fleischmanns.  It is planned to build a camp there for the accommodation of boys.

Will Build Stables

Robert L. Gerry is preparing to erect a horse ban on what is known as the Amos farm in southern Bovina.  The structure will be large enough to hold 30 racing horses.  A stone road will also be built to it.  It is also rumored that a racing track may be built.

October 13, 1922

Mrs. Margaret Russell has gone to Cabin Hill to nurse.

Walter Wilson will make cheese for month at the Center creamery.

Fletcher Davidson, who has conducted a garage here, will discontinue the business.

Mrs. Kate Barnhart is having a cellar put under her residence in the upper part of Bovina Center.

James Ackerly moved Wednesday from the Dickson big house to W.A. Hoy’s small house.  Ralph Barnhart has rented rooms in Hoy’s large tenant house.

October 20, 1922

George Cable is again up from Delhi to work on the town roads.

A social was held at John Burns’ in upper Bovina on Tuesday evening.

Alex Hilson is improved and is now able to set up a portion of the time.

Walter Ware, of Syracuse, is head cheese maker at the Bovina Center creamery.

Hilson Brothers have purchased a new 2 ½ ton truck.  M.T. Hastings has a Brockway speed wagon.

Reports from Thos H. Johnson who is in the hospital with a broken leg, state that the leg is now doing nicely.

There is a movement on foot for the Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery company to purchase the Dry Milk plant.  

George Foreman, whose house was burned last week, has moved into room sin Mr. Arnold’s house on the S.G. Bramley farm.

Leslie Andrews and wife, of Delhi, were in town on Sabbath.  In turning his car around it broke and he had to get a conveyance to take them home.

Harold Aitkens broke his leg last Thursday while picking apples at Wm. A. Hoy’s.  He was shaking a tree when the limb on which he was standing broke and let him fall.  Mr. Hoy caught him, but the limb struck him on the leg and broke it.

October 27, 1922

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Barnhart, October 22, a daughter [This was Eleanor, who later married Jack Damgaard. She died in 2005].

The singing school under Mr. Stanley will continue for four weeks longer.

A son was born October 20, to Mr. Redmond and wife on the Maynard farm uptown.

Mrs. Elizabeth McMullin slipped on the street Monday afternoon and fell injuring her hip. She is able to continue her duties as principal of the Center school.

Mr. Filkins moved his household goods to Syracuse on Wednesday.  Ralph Barnhart has moved from part of G.D. Miller’s house to the rooms vacated by Mr. Filkins in W.A. Hoy’s house.