Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This Day in Bovina for May

174 years ago today, on May 1, 1843, a meeting of the Commissioners of Excise for Bovina was held, granting licenses to "retail strong and spirituous liquors" to Peter Jennings, a tavern keeper and Alexander Burns, a grocer. 

106 years ago today, on May 2, 1911, school trustees were elected in Bovina. Some of the trustees elected, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, were "Center district, Fred Bramley; Miller district, Christopher Gladstone; Lake Delaware, H.C. Hogaboom; Coulter district, Chas A. Tuttle; Biggar Hollow, Adam Biggar; Coulter Brook, John A. Irvine."

127 years ago today, the May 3, 1890 Delaware Republican reported in its Bovina Center column that "petty thieving has been commenced again. J.H. Dean had a bag of oats stolen last Saturday night and S.G. Bramley lost about 20 chickens and a quantity of grain."

Sixty-four years ago today, on May 4, 1953, the Bovina Library reported on a number of books given to its collection. This is the report as published in the Catskill Mountain News. 

Fifty-two years ago today, on May 5, 1965, as later reported in the Delaware Republican-Express, "Eleven members of the Bovina Home Demonstration Unit met Wednesday forenoon at the Bovina Center Community Hall for the second meeting on 'Meal Planning for Moderns' Mrs. Harold Lounsbury and Mrs. Robert Burns [sisters Mary and Agnes Burns] taught the project, they asked each member to bring a dish to pass, which would take only 20 minutes to prepare, from state to finish. It was interesting to see how many people depend on rice for a quick to prepare dish. A very good meal was enjoyed immensely by all. The leaders illustrated by flannel-graph, charts, etc., that food does make a difference, you are what you eat. The next meeting will be on program planning. Officers serving the Unit for the coming year will be Mrs. Harold Lounsbury as chairman, Mrs. Mildred Reinertsen as vice chairman, Mrs. Leonard Cairns as treasurer, and Mrs. Vincent Trimbell as secretary."

131 years ago today, the May 6, 1886 issue of the Andes Recorder in its Bovina column reported that "Thomas H. Johnson has added to his extensive machinery a new loom of an improved pattern, which is probably the best one in the county.  He and his sons are capable of doing a large amount of work with the machinery at their command. They not only make all kinds of woolen cloth, but grind feed, saw lumber, etc." This would have been for Johnson's Woolen Mill, which was located near the Mountain Brook area.

120 years ago today, on May 7, 1897, an auction of 65 cows was held in Hobart. The cows came from two Bovina farms, those of Thomas Hoy and A.F. Maynard. Here's the ad for the action that appeared in the Delaware Gazette.

Ninety-one years ago today, on May 8, 1926, the town clerk certified that a resolution was adopted authorizing the issuance of a Certificate of Indebtness to allow for the purchase of a stone raking machine. 

115 years ago today, the Bovina column in the May 9, 1902 Andes Recorder reported that "Three butcher carts now come round with meat – Perry Shaw, of Bloomville, William McDivitt, of Andes, and Ward Coulter, of this place."

122 years ago today, the Bovina column of the May 10, 1895 Andes Recorder reported that "Maple syrup is selling at seventy-five cents a can, and not very plenty at that." The same column also reported that "Bovina has secured no speaker for Decoration Day as yet.  Are our soldier dead to go unremembered this year?  Surely we can stop our toil long enough to remember the fallen heroes with the flowers of nature."

137 years ago today, the Stamford Mirror's Bovina column for May 11, 1880 reported that "Mrs. David Miller Sr., is seriously ill." This was the former Isabella Turnbull, the second wife of David Miller (1795-1883). She survived this illness, dying in May 1883.

Seventy-seven years ago today, on May 12, 1940, as later reported in the Delaware Republican's Bovina column reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan LaFever of Florida were here and attended Church." This likely was Sylvan's last visit to Bovina for a month later on June 10, he died in Patterson, New Jersey. Sylvan was my great grandfather.

Fifty-two years ago today, the May 13, 1965 Delaware Republican-Express reported in its Bovina column that "Herbert Parsons is now working with David Hoy at the Concord Hotel near Liberty. They expected to be through there by Memorial Day."

128 years ago today, the May 14, 1889 Stamford Mirror reported in its Bovina column that "The family of John W. Bramley has been quarantined the past week, but Mr. B. thought this was 'free America,' and went to Delhi regardless of the Board of Health. There is some talk of enforcing the law."

141 years ago today, on May 15, 1876, Isaac Atkin died. His death was later reported in the Delaware Gazette under the title "Sudden Death in Bovina." The paper noted that "Atkins, after working on his farm…until near night, started to go for the cows, and was shortly after found by his son, dead in the road." Isaac was a life long resident of Bovina.

Sixty-eight years ago today, on May 16, 1949, Bob Wyer took this photograph of the Bovina Fire Department's new truck, sold by R.H. Lewis. The photo was taken at the Bovina Center Creamery. 

127 years ago today, the Bovina column of the May 17, 1890 Delaware Republican reported that "Our milliners have returned from the city with a large stock of head-gear, and now they are busy day and night rigging out the ladies with that mysterious ornament which adorns their top-knots. If a woman's bonnet is not a thing of beauty, it is a mysterious thing."

137 years ago today, the May 18, 1880 Stamford Mirror reported that " Charlie Carman, the artist from Andes, was in town yesterday, taking views of some of the public buildings and residences of Brushland and vicinity." Though I can't be sure, this likely was being done for the Munsell History of Delaware County. Here's one of the images likely done by Mr. Carman. 

112 years ago today, the Bovina column of the May 19, 1905 Andes Recorder reported that "William McDivitt whose illness we mentioned last week, continues very low and does not improve." He had a shock, which was a term for a stroke or heart attack. McDivitt did not recover and died on July 29, 1905 at the age of 73, survived by his wife, the former Elizabeth Kipp, and five children.

Ninety-six years ago today, the May 20, 1921 Andes Recorder reported in its Bovina column that "In order to provide more room for the choir at the United Presbyterian church the pulpit will be extended further into the body of the church and the front and probably the second row of pews removed."

157 years ago today, on May 21, 1860, Janet Rutherford died at the age of 80. Born in Scotland, Janet was the daughter of Walter and Isabella Thomson. She married James Rutherford in 1808 in Bovina. They would have eight children, six of whom would survive her. Janet was widowed in 1870. She is buried in Bovina.

121 years ago today, the Bovina column in the May 22, 1896 Andes Recorder reported that "Slight showers have brightened up vegetation this week, but much more rain is still needed."

108 years ago today, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Bovina was startled Sabbath morning, May 23, [1909] when the news spread that William A. Gladstone, who resided on the Robert R. Scott farm on Coulter Brook, had died suddenly that morning a few minutes after loading his milk." Mr. Elmer Close, who was with Mr. Gladstone, reported that he and Gladstone had loaded his milk and sat down on the milk platform to talk for a few minutes. Gladstone suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, put his hand to his head, fell over and died. The paper noted that "Just what caused his death is hard to tell but it seems probably that it was acute indigestion which caused heart failure.  For some time, it is stated, his stomach had not been perfect and the previous night after eating two bananas, remarked to his wife that he guessed he shouldn’t have eaten them.  He, however, slept well and Sabbath morning ate a hearty breakfast and was apparently in his usual health." Gladstone was only 31 years old at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife of three and a half years, Elizabeth Armstrong, and his parents, George and Helen (Strangeway) Gladstone.

Eighty-two years ago today, the May 24, 1935 Delaware Express reported that "Dr. Whitcomb Dies in Egypt." The articled noted that "Dr. Norris B. Whitcomb, 47, a beloved physician who was formerly located in Bovina Center and for the past sixteen years a medical missionary at Assuit, Egypt, died last week, death, according to report being due to blood poisoning." He was survived by his mother, sister, wife and two children.

Seventy-eight years ago today, the May 25, 1939 issue of the Delaware Republican published this photograph by R.R. DeGelleke of Jack Hilson in his High School shop class. 

Fifty-two years ago today, on May 26, 1963, the family of Charlie LaFever paid a visit to his parents, Ben and Anna Bell LaFever near Massena, New York. This photo was taken of Charlie, Leona and their three kids with his mother Anna Bell. 

Seventy-nine years ago today, the Bovina column in the May 27, 1938 Andes Recorder reported that "A daily vacation school is being planned at Bovina Center during the summer."

102 years ago today, the May 28, 1915 Catskill Mountain News carried this item under the title "Bovina Center to Celebrate:" "There was a meeting of public spirited men in Bovina Center during the past week, in the interest of a ball team, a tennis club, and a Fourth of July celebration."

134 years ago today, the May 29, 1883 Stamford Mirror Bovina column reported that: "Miss McMurray has resigned her place as teacher in our village school, and Miss Mary Woodburn takes her place."

115 years ago today, on May 30, 1902, the Bovina column of the Andes Recorder reported that "Truant officer, B.S. Miller has been visiting the schools this week."

Eighty seven years ago today, the May 31, 1930 Delaware Express reported in its Bovina column that "Our teacher, Miss Gordon, is driving a new car."

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 1917 - 100 Years Ago "In That Thriving Town"

The Andes Recorder 100 years ago this month reported yet another runaway team of horses, while William Sloan and Mary Ackerly were facing health issues. Harold Smith and Joshua Hafele both purchased vehicles.

May 4, 1917
·         James E. Hastings has purchased a Globe silo.
·         Harold Smith has purchased an International truck.
·         William O. Sloan was operated upon Thursday at his home at Hamden for appendicitis.  He is a son of David Sloan, formerly of Bovina.

May 11, 1917
·         Estate of John Ruff, late of Bovina, estimated at $2,000 personal and $200 real.  Property goes to his daughter and at her death to her children.
·         The team of Frank Graham took fright Tuesday morning at the Bovina Center Creamery and ran away.  At Elliott Thomson’s blacksmith shop they collided with a buckboard wagon but continued on their way and ran in back of Alex Myer’s residence and then tried to climb the steep bank but could not make it and were caught.

May 18, 1917
·         Mrs. Eliza Barnhart is under the doctor’s care at the home of John Quinn, Lake Delaware.
·         William Rogers, who has spent the winter at his home in New York City, has returned to Lake Delaware.
·         Miss Jane Hilson has been re-elected principal and Miss Kathryn Reynolds primary teacher in the Center school.
·         Hale Elliott, of New Kingston, has rented rooms in Harvey C. Burgin’s house and will soon move thereto. He is a carpenter.
·         Mary, daughter of Mrs. Ackerly, who is employed at Fred Bramley’s, and who has been taking treatment for spinal trouble, has been taken to New York for further treatment and for a serious operation.

May 25, 1917
·         Joshua Hafele, on the Andrew G. Thomson farm, now drives a Ford car.
·         Mrs. Douglas Davdison and dauter, Mrs. William Storie, attended the pageant at Cornell the past week.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Reports on Bovina Celebrations, Past and Future

On April 22, I held my third annual Bovina Historian program at the Bovina Community Hall. The topic of my presentation was "Bovina Celebrates." The program was a review of past Bovina celebrations from the town's early days to the current century. I've written about Bovina celebrations in this blog. I did a two part series on town picnics, starting with 1918 and taking it to near the present. They are from May 31 and July 2, 2009:

I also related the earliest reported celebration in Bovina when the town observed the 50th anniversary of U.S. Independence:

In July 2016, I shared some pictures from the town's celebration of the Nation's Bicentennial in July 1976:

The following month, I shared more pictures, this time from Bovina's "Old Home Day" in 1956:

The last big birthday Bovina celebrated was its 175th in 1995. Here's the poster advertising this anniversary:

As to the future, Bovina is rapidly approaching its Bicentennial - 2020 to be exact. By the end of this year, I hope to have a committee established to start planning how best to celebrate this significant birthday. I'm open to ideas, so pass them along.