Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bramley Mountain Plane Crash - Quick update

This is a quick note, mostly of excitement, as I continue to research the 1945 plane crash near Bramley Mountain that took the life of a West Point cadet (see my April 29 and May 30 blog postings).  I've established contact with someone in Cadet Clark's hometown of Holdrege, Nebraska and tonight spoke with his sister-in-law - the first person I've had any contact with who actually knew him.  She recalled him being a very nice young man who did well in spite of coming from what was then known as a broken home.  When he came home on leave from West Point, it amused her that he was not very neat during his leave - his clothes were all over the furniture in his room.  It probably was a nice change from what he had to do when at the Academy.  I'm now working to establish contact with some of his high school and West Point classmates. 

So from a simple question in Russell's Store about a plane crash this has grown into quite the enterprise.  More to come. 

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