Friday, September 26, 2014

Families of Bovina - Four Generations follow-up

After I posted the photo in my September 22 blog entry showing Margaret Boggs Ormiston with her daughter Ruth Monroe, granddaughter Francis Burns and great-grand son Alan Burns, one of her descendants sent along three other four generation photographs, two of which involve Margaret. This photo, provided by Ed Davidson, shows Margaret's daughter Lois Davidson, her grandson Ed Davidson and her great grandson Jon Davidson.

As noted in the September 22 blog entry, the Ormistons are noted for living long. Margaret was just shy of 100 at her death in 1966. Lois was just shy of 80 at her death 10 years later and Ed is still going strong at 91, just like his cousin Frances, who is about 11 days older than Ed. Ed lives in the San Diego area and his son Jon lives in Yakima, Washington.

Here is one from 1922 sent by Dick Davidson that shows Margaret Ormiston with her mother, Jane Archibald Boggs, daughter Lois Ormiston Davidson and granddaughter, Jane Davidson.
Lois Ormiston Davidson (1896-1976), Margaret Boggs Ormiston (1866-1966), Jane Archibald Boggs (1845-1930) and Jane Davidson (1922-1955).

I also asked Ed for a more recent one involving him with his descendants. Here's Ed with his wife Maria, son Tom, granddaughter Anna Davidson Jones and her husband Zach Jones and their two children (and Ed and Maria's great grandchildren) Eloise and Otto Jones. Anna, Zach and their two children live in Portland, Oregon.

Many thanks to Ed and Dick for sharing these. I hope it will give you all ideas to share family pictures too!

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