Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bovina Reformed Presbyterian Church

It has been 200 years since the second church was created in Bovina, the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Created in September 1814, the church's first location was near Mountain Brook, where Bovina Road and County Highway 6 meet - the church's cemetery still exists). In 1861, the congregation built a new church in the Bovina Center hamlet, where the Bovina Fire Department building stands today. In April 1914, the church observed its centennial with a day long celebration that included the installation of a new pastor, Thomas Graham. This celebration, in many ways, was also the congregation's swan song. Within a few years, the congregation was inactive and by 1942, the church building and parsonage were sold. The church was demolished in 1944.  [More of the church's history can be seen on this blog in the entry for October 7, 2010:]

Below is a photo I scanned several years ago of a picnic gathering of the Bovina RP Church. A date was not provided, but it appears to be from around 1900, based on the ages of some of the children in the front. The names are id'ed on the back, with numbers written faintly on the people. Not all the numbers are legible, but I created a copy with numbers more clearly marked for the ones I could id.

Here are the names and numbers from the back of the photograph:

1. Arch. Thomson
2. Mozelle Hafele
3. David Russell
4. Hazel Russell
5. Everett Russell
6. Ralph Thomson
7. Anna Scott
8. Rev. A.I. Robb
9. Rev. J.K. Robb
10. Calvin Russell
11. Mrs. A.I. Robb
12. Mrs. Hamilton Russell
13. Addie Thomson
14. Rev. T.M. Slater
15. Clarence Russell
16. James A. Russell
17. Mrs. Will S. Thomson
18. Mrs. Andrew Gilchrist
19. Mr. Andrew Gilchrist
20. Libby Taylor
21. Mae Tweedie
22. Rosenna Faulkner
23. Orlena Robb
24 Thom. Russell
25. Geo. Russell
26. Rose Rusell
27. Herman Russell
28. Mrs. Stephen Russell
29. Stephen Russell
30. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Thomson
31. Mrs. James B. Thomson
32. Mrs. Fred Johnson
33. Will S. Thomson
34. Mrs. John A. Russell
35. Mr. John A. Russell
36. Dixon Thomson
37. Andrew Gilchrist
38. Mrs. Andrew Gilchrist
39. Charles Thomson
40. James Russell
41. Margaret McKee
42. Ella Gilchrist
43. Emma Laidlaw
44. Fannie Bell McDivitt
45. Nancy Campbell
46. Mary Campbell
47. Will. T. Russell
48. Fred Johnson
49. Elmer Russell
50. Will Adee
51. James B. Thomson
52. Hamilton Russell
53. Martha THomson
54. Irene Russell
55. Mrs. James Russell

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