Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the pages of the Andes Recorder 100 years ago this month. The cold weather was helping to fill ice houses.

February 4, 1921

Leon VanDusen has purchased a Reo army truck.

Mrs. Marshall Scott is suffering from erysipelas in the face.

Mrs. John McCune and Ed Doig are the latest victims of the measles.

The schoolteachers of the town were at Bloomville attending a conference Wednesday, adding more useless expense on the districts.

John Aitkens, collector for the town of Bovina, settled with the county treasurer Tuesday and was the first to make settlement.  He had only $66 uncollected taxes.

Daniel Franklin is having ice hauled this week from Lake Mahiken to fill the ice house of the Up-Town Creamery. He is also putting up a large building at Lake Mahiken and will fill that with ice.

…Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery Co….Dan Franklin has the creamery for a year.

February 11, 1921

Ice nearly two feet thick is being harvested from the Johnson pond uptown.

Drs. Goodrich and Ormiston operated upon Floyd and John Aitkens Sunday afternoon, for the removal of their tonsils.

Robert G. Thomson who was manager of the Dry Milk Co plant here until it closed has gone to Michigan to work for the same company.

Sloan Archibald has sold his house (the old McDonald place) on the outskirts of the village, and the small farm adjoining to David L. Liddle who takes possession March 1.  Mr. Archibald has purchased the Jennie Miller house. [The ‘old McDonald’ place is now my house. While Sloan was the home’s owner, he added the second story to it.]

February 18, 1921

Mrs. John Hilson gave a Valentine party to 16 friends Monday evening.

The Winslow company gave an excellent entertainment here Tuesday evening.

A milking machine expert from the State College of Agriculture will be at a diarymen’s meeting in Bovina Center next Monday.

February 25, 1921

Dr. Wakeman of Andes, was here Wednesday and purchased Sloan Archibald’s horse.

John Lunn and wife, of Ithaca, are at Lake Delaware to spend the remainder of the winter with his aged mother. 

Gustave Leftgren, whose house was burned a few weeks ago, had the misfortune to have his leg broken while getting out logs for lumber for a new house.

Abram Brandow Forman, who last fall enlisted in the U.S. navy, is spending a twenty-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Forman on Hobbie mountain.  He is just out of the hospital at Norfolk, Virginia, where he was ill for 36 days with measles, tonsillitis and pneumonia in succession. 

An Old Violin

Mrs. Ann Bouton, of Lake Delaware, has in her possession a violin of interest to many.  Her father, Sandy Gillie (for many years court crier) bought the violin from Alva Belcher, the well remembered fiddler of his day, for his son, William Gillie, who died while serving his country in the civil war.

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