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This Day in Bovina for April 2020

Here are the April 2020 daily postings from the Town of Bovina Historian Facebook page:

Fifty years ago today, April 1, 1970, Clayton Thomas retired from his business.  This was reported on the front page of the April 15, 1970 Delaware County Mirror (Stamford). 

131 years ago today, on April 2, 1889, a notice appeared the Delaware Republican addressed "To Builders." The notice went on to say "Sealed proposals will be received at Bovina Centre until 2 o'clock P.M., on the 16th day of April 1889, for the labor and materials required in the repairs of the Bovina U.P. Church, including mason and carpenter work. Plans and specifications may be seen at the house of James L. Coulter." The contract was awarded later in April to Henry M. Coulter for $2,950. The work took place that summer and fall and the renovated church was dedicated in November 1889.

200 years ago today, on April 3, 1820, Thomas Landon, Jr, John Humes and John Hastings were appointed justices in Bovina.

Eighty years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 4, 1940 Delaware Republican reported that "Mrs. Elizabeth Irvine is able to be out on the porch a little of late. She is recovering nicely from her long illness." Mrs. Irvine, who was the mother of Isabell Russell, would die three months later in July 1940.

110 years ago today, on April 5, 1910, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Andes Recorder, "Mr. and Mrs. George McMullen, of the Little Delaware, were here Tuesday in an automobile."

140 years ago today, the Brushland column of the Stamford Mirror for April 6, 1880 reported "The 'Study-Talk' society, which meets once a week at the M[ethodist] E[piscopal] Parsonage, is quite an interesting and profitable affair. They have essays, dialogues, debates etc., and a monthly paper which is generally very entertaining, edited by a different member each month. They also study the Bible lesson each week for the ensuing Sabbath. Mr. Quick is an able, as well as earnest pastor, and is very much interested in the wellfare(sic) of his flock. They held Easter Services in their church on Sunday evening last." The Methodist Church stood across from where the community hall now stands.

A. Ralph Thomson, a native of Bovina, died ninety-eight years ago today on April 7, 1924, his 33rd birthday. His obituary in the Catskill Mountain News noted that he was "president of the A. R. Thomson Automotive Sales Co. of Watertown, N. Y., and for several years an employee of the American Agricultural Chemist Co." Thomson was born in Bovina, "the son of the late William S. and Jennie Archibald Thomson." When he was 20, he moved to the Watertown area. In 1918 he started his auto business. He was survived by his wife and one son, Paul, aged seven.

192 years ago today, on April 8, 1828, John Thomson posted the following notice for the Delaware Gazette: "ELOPEMENT. Whereas my wife Catharine, has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation. This is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date." I have not been able to determine which John Thomson this might be.

Seventy-six years ago today, Easter Sunday, April 9, 1944, as later reported in the Delaware Republican-Express, the following babies were baptized: Marianne Hilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hilson; Mary Coulter Parsons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Parsons; Donald Alan Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Burns; Robert Laidlaw Wilson, son of Mrs. Robert Wilson; Lee Gary Archibald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Archibald; Martha Rae Jardine and Richard Alan Jardine, children of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jardine.

137 years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 10, 1883 Stamford Mirror reported "A horse belonging to G.L. Butts was taken sick, one day this week, and a few hours afterwards died." The paper went on to report that "some of Mr. Butts' friends started out with subscription papers and today presented him with a $90 horse."

Eighty years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 11, 1940 Delaware Republican reported that "W.J. Storie is going in for raising chickens; he recently purchased four hundred." The same column also reported that "A part of Marshall McNaught's barn roof gave way under the weight of a recent snow. Fred Thomson is repairing it."

101 years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 12, 1919 Delaware Republican reported that "Dr. and Mrs. Whitcomb and daughter visited Walton friends Thursday and Friday." A few months later, Whitcomb and his family would leave Bovina and move to Egypt, where he died in 1935.

140 years ago today, the Brushland column of the April 13, 1880 Stamford Mirror reported that "Mr. Samuel Campbell has returned home from the West, bringing the measles with him. Quite a number have been exposed."

103 years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 14, 1917 Delaware Republican reported that "Patrons of the Bovina Center creamery are required to deliver milk every day in the week now."

Ninety-seven years ago today, on April 15, 1923, Margaret Coulter Boggs recorded the following in her diary: "Been a nice day. All went to church. First time Grandma has been to church this year. We saw a flying machine go over today. First one this way."

124 years ago today, on April 16, 1896, as later reported in the Bovina column of the Andes Recorder, "John Burns, who lived with his son, Alexander, in the upper part of the town, died last week at the advanced age of eighty-eight years.  He had been in feeble health for some time, and the end was not unexpected.  He was the oldest man in town.  The funeral was held on Saturday.  James Coulter is now the oldest surviving citizen in town, the old settlers have all departed." Coulter was also 88 and died at the age of 90 in 1898.
Old John Burns with (left to right) Aggie, John Jr, Nancy Miller Burns and sitting next to him, his son Alex.
137 years ago, the Bovina column of the April 17, 1883 Stamford Mirror reported that "There have been three funerals in town this week: on Monday, David Black's on Tuesday, Mrs. Robert J. Forrest's, who died with measles, and on Wednesday, William Archibald." David Black was 59. Mrs. Forrest was born Elizabeth Biggar and was 64 at her death. William Archibald was 60. Black died on April 7. Mrs. Forrest and Mr. Archibald both died on April 8.

Fifty-four years ago today, on April 18, 1965, as later reported in the Delaware Republican Express Bovina column, "The following out of town families of Mrs. Sophia Reinertsen attended church services…and were Easter guest of their mother: Mr. and Mrs. Linden Kelly and family of Norwich, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reinertsen of New York, [and] Mr. and Mrs. Edwin LaFever and daughter Christine, of Unadilla."

130 years ago today, the April 19, 1890 issue of the Delaware Republican reported in its Bovina Center column: "The sugar crop has been harvested. A small yield. Syrup selling $1 per gallon."

Seventy-eight years ago today, on April 20, 1942, as later reported in Catskill Mountain News, "William Burns…suffered a brain concussion when he slipped and fell from the top of a milk tank truck … at Bovina Center creamery, where he is employed."

Fifty-one years ago today, the April 21, 1969 Oneonta Daily Star carried this advertisement for hired help.

Sixty-five years ago today, the April 22, 1955 Catskill Mountain News carried this item about three bridge projects in Bovina, including the replacement of the Scott Bridge at the lower end of Bovina Center.

Fifty-nine years ago today, on April 23, 1961, Bovina native Fannie Thompson Snyder passed away at the age of 101 years. She died at the home of her daughter in Masonville. Born in Bovina in 1860, she was the daughter of John and Betsy Thompson and was married twice, first to Ambrose Young and later to Eugene Snyder. She had lived in Masonville since 1942. She was survived by two daughters, three sons, 20 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

119 years ago today, on April 24, 1901, Wilford White Barnhart was born, the youngest child of Jeremy Barnhart and Kate Miller. He would take over the family farm on Pink Street. Married to Viola Russell, they would have six children. Wilford died in March 1979.
Wilford Barnhart
112 years ago today, the April 25, 1908 Hobart Independent carried this advertisement for Dairy Butter, being sold by Dixon Thompson of Bovina.

130 years ago today, the Bovina column of the April 26, 1890 Delaware Republican reported that "J.D. Mitchell started for New York…to attend a sale of thoroughbred Alderneys."

Forty-seven years ago today, on April 27, 1973, the Bovina Happy Hearts 4-H club held a roller-skating party at the community hall from 7 to 9 pm. Here's what I wrote in my journal about that party.

Forty-two years ago today, on April 28, 1978, Gladys Doig died. Born in 1909, the daughter of Adam Biggar and Sarah Johnson. She was married to Ed Doig, who survived her. She was buried in Bovina. This photo by Bob Wyer, courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association, shows Gladys in January 1943 with her husband and two of her children, Marilyn and Raymond.  

138 years ago today, the April 29, 1882 Bovina column in the Delaware Republican reported that "The telegraph line from the Valley to Brushland has been staked out and part of the poles delivered. The office will be in Rev. J.B. Lee's house and Duncan C. Lee operator."

Forty-five years ago today, the April 30, 1975 Stamford Mirror Recorder reported on the formation of the Bovina Rescue Squad. 

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