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April 1920 - 100 Years Ago "in that Thriving Town"

100 years ago this month, the Andes Recorder reported on activities in Bovina, including reports on maple sugaring and some road and highway activities:

April 2, 1920

·         The town board met Wednesday to adjust some highway matters.
·         Mrs. Robert R. Gladstone was severely bruised and shaken up by a fall on the sidewalk a few days ago.
·         C.S. Gladstone purchased the team of E.W. Palmateer at the sale in Andes on Tuesday and now has the finest span of horses in town.
·         A few sugar camps have been tapped but no great amount of syrup has been made.  Most of the sugar men are waiting for the snow to go off.
·         [The marriage of Lester Hoy and Jean Hume on March 27 in Oneonta was announced]
·         On Saturday last the neighbors and friends of Miss Jennie E. Miller made her a birthday party, she having reached the fourscore milestone in her journey thru this world. [Jennie lived until 1925.]

April 9, 1920

·         The carpenters have commenced work on the library building. [This is now the Bovina museum.]
·         The spring primary did not seem to interest the voters in this town.  Only 32 out of 289 enrolled voted.  No women voted and only one Prohibition vote.
·         The Bovina Co-Operative Creamery opened for business April 1st, and are making butter. Mr. Hallock, who has been connected with the Agricultural school at Delhi, will be in charge.
·         Lewis Kennedy has gone to Cortland to occupy the farm he purchased there last fall.  Marshall Scott and family have moved onto his farm up Coulter Brook (the Irvine place) and will manage it during the summer.

April 16, 1920

·         The condition of Mrs. W.J. Crosier continues with little change.
·         Mrs. W.I. Gill was here Wednesday with a full line of millinery.
·         The State Road gang is slicking up the sides and ditches of the road through the village.
·         Mrs. T.C. Strangeway started Tuesday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Taggart at Potsdam.
·         Mrs. J.M. Miller, of this place who has been ill at Walton, is now able to be about the house in that place.
·         Albert Townsend has sold what is known as the Boyd farm on the Pisga slope to A. Mothor, an officer in the Belgian army during the recent war.
·         Mrs. G.J. Dickson and Gideon Miller were at Delhi on Monday on business connected with to sale to the latter of the house and lot adjoining his blacksmith shop.
·         The family of L.M. Kennedy have removed to Cortland, except a little girl who is still in charge of a nurse.  She having had pneumonia and not yet able to be moved.
·         A son of G. Lifgren, on the Lyle Thomson farm up Pink street, was quite seriously injured on Saturday by being thrown down by a colt that he was leading.  The doctor worked two hours dressing his wounds.

Last of Her Generation

            Miss Elizabeth Doig passed away at her home in Bovina Center, on Friday, April 9.  She was born in Bovina 81 years ago and her entire life had been spent in the town.  The funeral was held Monday from the U.P. church of which she had long been a member.  She was the last of the family of the late Andrew Doig.

To Contractors

            The Supervisor and Town Clerk, of Bovina, by authority of the Town Board ask for Bids to complete the grading of the new road known as the Bergaman road in said town.  No specifications can be furnished as the Contractor will have to inspect the road himself and complete it to the satisfaction of the County Superintendent of Highways.  Bids will be received by the Supervisor until May 1st the work to begin as soon as possible thereafter, and the right to reject any and all bids is reserved.  Dated April 3, 1920, Wallace B. Smith, Supervisor; Thomas Gordon, Town Clerk.

April 23, 1920

·         Miss Louise Dennis will have the village water put in her residence.
·         Town Superintendent McPherson has started the tractor out and is having the roads scraped.
·         New smoke stacks were put up this week at the Dry Milk Co. plant.  The stacks are sixty feet high and the work was in charge of Walter G. Coulter.
·         Hilson Bros have purchased a Delco Light plant for the purpose of lighting their store and other buildings and also the residences of Alex Hilson and John Hilson.
·         The sale of the Dickson house to Gideon Miller will cause two renters to move.  Mrs. Jas Boyd will store her household goods and Mr. Doonan will move to Bloomville, his former home.

April 30, 1920

·         The Bovina Public Library, located in the old D.L. Thomson hardware store and donated by the late James W. Coulter, is nearing completion.
·         William S. Thomson and Robert E. Thomson have each purchased new Buick autos.
·         A surprise party was given Tuesday evening to Helen Galloway by the Camp Fire girls.
·         Hydraulic power by means of the use of the village water was used this week to bore a hole thru under the state road for the water pipes leading to the Dennis house.

Bovina Without a Preacher

For the first time since the three churches were organized in Bovina the town is without a resident pastor.  In years gone by all three churches were filled and everybody attended church, but now, alas, all is changed.  The Methodist congregation numbers so few that it cannot support a pastor and the church has been closed for several years.  The Covenanters and United Presbyterians feel the effect of the times, and one church would suffice.

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