Saturday, April 25, 2020

Bovina Bicentennial Celebration, Update 16

We are a little over three months away from Bovina's official Bicentennial celebration, but the COVID-19 pandemic still is playing out across the world. To be frank, the August celebration may not happen. We will decide by the end of May whether or not to proceed with the celebration as scheduled. If we decide that it cannot happen this year, our Plan B likely will be to have it in 2021 (possibly July 31/August 1, but nothing is set yet). 

Regardless whether we celebrate in 2020 or 2021, I'm suggesting we do a form of a digital celebration now. Please share with me a picture of you and/or your family holding a copy of our Bicentennial logo above. You should be able to save the logo and print it out on your printer, but if this doesn't work, contact me at and I'll send you an electronic file of it. Whether you live in Bovina now, used to live here, have family who lived here or just love Bovina, please share. And let me know who is in the picture. Be creative, but please follow current social distancing rules. These will be shared through my blog and on the Town of Bovina Historian Facebook page.

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