Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 1920 - 100 Years Ago "in that Thriving Town"

In May 1920, as reported in the Andes Recorder, Bovina saw some people moving, the tester in the dry milk plant resigned, and a former Bovina resident and Civil War widow passed away. Here's how it was reported in the Andes Recorder:

May 7, 1920

John Blair is preparing to build an addition to his barn.
Gideon Miller has moved to the house recently purchased, adjoining his blacksmith shop. It is reported that he has purchased a house in the village of Hamden with a small farm adjoining and next fall will give up blacksmithing and take up farming.

Resigned as Tester in Bovina

James A. Gow has resigned as the tester at the Dry Milk plant in Bovina Center and will take charge of a plant at Charlotteville, in which he is interested with George Polloy and others.  Harvey Burgin is doing the testing here.

May 14, 1920

Herman Johnson has purchased a new Ford.
James A. Gow has gone to Charlottville, to take charge of the creamery there.
Andrew T. Doig has purchased of Gideon Miller his blacksmith shop and the house adjoining.  We understand that the shop will turned into a garage.  Mr. Doig has sold the house to William Armstrong, retaining the shop and the greater part of the land.

May 21, 1920

Samuel Russell and family, of California, are visiting relatives in town.  He is a son of Dick Russell.  
Mrs. Charles A. Lee, of Lake Delaware, suffered a shock last week which affected her speech.  She is reported to be improving.
Lois Ormiston will teach next year in the Maynard district, and Ruth Ormiston the primary department in the Center school.
The porch on the Kennedy house now owned by John Aitkins is being repaired by Dixon Thomson.
Gideon Miller and family are moving to Hamden, where he has purchased a house in the village and a small farm adjoining.  This leaves Bovina without a horseshoer.

May 28, 1920

Miss Angelica Gerry, of New York, spent over Sabbath at the Gerry summer home at Lake Delaware.
John Blair has the frame for the addition to his barn nearly complete.  He will also tear out the old stables and put in a new concrete stables.
Walter Wilson underwent an operation Tuesday at his home at the Butt End for rupture of the stomach.  The operation was performed by Dr. Silliman assisted by Dr. Ormiston and Dr. Goodrich and patient is doing well.
Mrs. J. DeWitt Warren, a former resident of Bovina, died last week in Delhi, from heart trouble, aged 77 years.  She was a Scotch parentage, and until two decades ago had lived in Bovina.  Her husband was a veteran.

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