Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Visit to Indian Rocks

I managed a quick hike up to Indian Rocks this afternoon (April 6, 2012) and managed to match-up an old picture with what things look like today.  The old picture dates from probably the late 1920s and was provided by John and Margaret Hilson.  We think it shows Louise Hilson (1917-1986) and her little sister Jane (1923-2008) and the photographer likely was their aunt Jane Hilson (1891-1967).  [Correction:  Christine Batey, Louise's niece, says that the little girl with Louise is her niece Marg Hilson Olsner and not her sister Jane.] I think these pictures are worth a thousand words, so enough said.


  1. Great pics Ray. It's funny, but the picture from the 1920s makes it look like the young ladies are extremely high off the ground, while the picture you took looks like a much smaller drop. About how big a drop is it?

  2. It's still a decent drop, probably 15 feet. The trees in the way are a bit deceptive, I think.