Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Annual Picnic Hike to Indian Rocks

I took a group of 14 intrepid people to visit Indian Rocks in what I hope will become an annual trek to this site.  We managed to beat the rain by about 45 minutes.  Last year's hike, held on April 16, also saw a rain threat that came just as we finished, but it was chillier and a lot less vegetation was out.  Below are some pictures from the hike to enjoy.  Hiking this year:  Amy Burns, Jillienne Craver, Colleen Heavey and her daughters Ally and Karlye, Helena Hilson, Peter and Jay Pockriss and their kids Cole and Robin (our youngest participant this year), Bonnie McIntosh Rockefeller and her kids Chase and Alexis, Rev. Garrett Schindler, and yours truly (our oldest participant on his 57th birthday).

Helen, Karlye and Ally breaking away from the group to return the back way.

The Pockriss family, Ray, Amy, Jill, Bonnie with Chase, Garrett, Alexis, Colleen

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