Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Am I?

When I walked into Russell's this past Friday, Bea saw me and said 'Ray LaFever, just the guy I want to see.' Oh dear, what question would she hit me with this time?! She then presented me with this picture of a baseball player from Bovina and wanted to know who it was. She got it from a gentleman in Harpersfield. Unfortunately, I was not able to answer her question. Maybe he is one of the players in the turn of the century games I reported on in my August 16, 2010 blog entry. Because we don't know anything else about where the picture was found or why it ended up where it did, I cannot even fathom a guess. Of course, nothing was written on the back and we don't even know what studio did the photograph. And I don't recognize the face. So if anyone has any thoughts, please pass them along to me. And yes, I have already passed this image on to Tim Harlo Bray, who got the Bovina Dairymen vintage baseball team going last year. Help us get this gentleman identified so he doesn't join the legions of those unidentified persons staring out at us from old photographs.

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  1. this picture is classic....I'm a mostly sport photo archivist and I know what its like to not be able to identify photos...I hope someone can come through :]


    glenn levy