Saturday, January 29, 2011

Indian Rocks Redux

While on my snowshoes again today, I took an unplanned wander up to see if I could find Indian Rocks again and I did - and I saw it for the first time. Confused?

Matt Pelletier, when he saw my pictures from my hike on Wednesday (see my January 26 blog posting), wondered if I had seen the whole complex of rocks. He noted that there is a segment that faces Bramley Mountain and one that faces the hamlet. Well today, I finally saw the segment that faces the hamlet - and it's also what shows up in the 1888 painting of Bovina. Here's a panoramic picture I pieced together from three photographs (click on the image to see a larger version). The Bramley Mountain piece isn't as tall (though it sits a bit higher) and has some overhangs. This section facing the hamlet is a tall wall of rocks. Very impressive.

And on April 16, I'm planning a 'Historian's Picnic at Indian Rocks.' We'll meet at Russell's Store at 11 am and hike up to Indian Rocks. Bring along any food or drink that suits you and be prepared for brambles and brush. And let me know if you're thinking of coming.

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