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May 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

A century ago in Bovina, the Andes Recorder reported on farms being sold (at least once incorrectly) and common school district election for trustees.

May 6, 1921

Lancelot Thomson has resigned the office of town assessor.

David G. Currie has been appointed town clerk for Bovina to succeed the late Thomas Gordon.

William S. Thomson has sold his farm on Coulter Brook and the new owner is already in possession.

The name of the party to whom Wm. M. Johnston sold his farm, located in the upper part of Bovina, is R.E. Parsons, and he says “we are good old Connecticut Yankees.”

Bovina School Officials

Elected at Annual Meetings Held on Tuesday Evening

Below is the result of school meetings held Tuesday evening in the town of Bovina, so far as heard from:

Bovina Center – John Hilson, trustee; John McCune, clerk; David Currie collector.

Coulter Brook – Fine Hunt, trustee, Milton Doig, clerk, Robert E. Thomson, collector.

Butt End – Thos Archibald, trustee; Charles McPherson, clerk; Walter Wilson, collector.

Maynard district – John Burns, trustee; Rema Hobbie, clerk; Alex Thomson, collector.

Dist No 9 – Harry McCumber, trustee; Alex Kelsey, clerk

Armstrong district – George Forman, trustee; Ted Fuller, collector

Pink Street – John Storie, trustee; John Thomson, clerk; Wm. T. Miller, collector.

E.L. Coulter district – C.B. Hoolihan, trustee

May 13, 1921

Mrs. Lucy Coulter has had her lawn graded.

James Ackerly is moving to Harry Robson’s house.

Mrs. Thomas Gordon was a County Seat visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. Ida Burgin is ill with rheumatism and under doctor’s care.

Harry Robson took the Dry Milk truck to Bainbridge this week.

John McCune is at Delhi in charge of the grading of the new high school grounds.

Mrs. A.H. Russell is in Oneonta hospital taking treatment for an abscess back of her eye.

Fred Thomson has moved from part of G.D. Miller’s house to the Hilson house adjoining the store.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Joslin have moved into the Lake cottage and will board the Gerry farm help.

Roscoe Brown is the newly elected trustee at the “Hook”.  Earl Fisk is clerk and John Quinn, collector.

Elmer Thomson, who is cashier of a bank on Long Island, spent a few days the past week with his father, John G. Thomson.

Miss Louise Dennis was taken ill Tuesday with intestinal indigestion and altho a  little improved is under the doctor’s care.

Frank Rupert, who last week bid in John M. Miller farm, has moved back to it from Delhi.  John Miller, who failed to make a go of it, has moved to the tenant house on the former Albert McPherson farm, and will work for Ted Fuller.

Bovina Blacksmith to Leave

B.C. Morrison, who for the past year has rented the blacksmith shop of Elliott Thomson, has purchased the blacksmith business of Charles Gregory at Bloomville, and will move there next week.  He was an excellent workman and Bovina is sorry to lose him.

Select School for Bovina

It a movement is on foot in Bovina to start a select school for student who are advanced enough to take high school work.  About ten pupils can be secured.

May 20, 1921

Ripe strawberries have been found the past week.

It is now expected that Bovina may soon have a doctor.

This place was visited by a severe frost Tuesday morning.

Mr. Barnes has moved onto the Dickson place up Pink street.

The reported sale of William S. Thomson’s farm proves to be untrue.

Mrs. J. Kennedy Russell saw a deer last week just above their house near Lake Delaware.

Mrs. Herman Sanford, of New Kingston, who has been caring for Louise Dennis, was taken ill and was taken home Wednesday.  Mrs. Joseph Dennis, of Walton, is now caring for Miss Dennis.

In order to provide more room for the choir at the United Presbyterian church the pulpit will be extended further into the body of the church and the front and probably the second row of pews removed.

May 27, 1921

F.W. Hyatt has had a DeLaval Milking Machine installed.

Wiliam McDivitt and wife have moved into William A. Hoy’s tenant house.

Mrs. William T. Miller, Mrs. James Boggs and Mrs. James Calhoun were Oneonta visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Joseph Dennis returned to her home in Walton on Monday.  Mrs. George Cable is caring for Miss Louise Dennis.

David Liddle’s horse took fright at the creamery a few mornings since and ran to his home in the upper part of the village. [Note, Liddle's home was what is now my house.]

Laurie Terry, who has been employed by his brother the past year in the garage, has gone to work on the Gerry estate at the Lake.

Miss Nettie Doig has moved her household goods from a room at the old Doig farm at Tunis Lake and stored in the old Strangeway store.

Mr. Wilson, of Delhi, has commenced making concrete blocks for Thos C. Strangeway.  It is reported that Mr. Strangeway will build a new house.

Miss Edith Liddle, who for a number of years has taught up Coulter Brook, has hired to teach for next school year in the Ed Coulter district.

Sloan Archibald has had the Jennie Miller house, which he recently purchased, modernized by having a bath room fitted up and putting in stationary tubs and hot and cold water. [This is now the Dario and Briana Dario house.]

Bovina Man Takes a Wife

James Monroe, of upper Bovina, and Mrs. Julia Morrison, of Catskill, were married at Catskill, May 20.  The newlyweds arrived at his home Monday and the boys gave them an old fashioned skimmelton. 

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