Thursday, January 14, 2021

Status of Bovina's Bicentennial Celebration

When I started thinking about Bovina’s Bicentennial celebration several years ago, I pictured a big parade, lots of music, good food and people coming from all over to celebrate this milestone in our community’s history. As 2020 rolled out, it was obvious that COVID-19 had other ideas and we postponed our celebration to 2021. Unfortunately, that does not seem realistic at this time. 

After discussions with the Bicentennial committee and town officials, we’ve decided to reschedule Bovina’s Bicentennial celebration to 2022. By moving the celebration into next year, our chances of having a celebration with few or no encumbrances caused by COVID-19 will be increased substantially. I know this is disappointing news to many (and I’m not exactly dancing a jig about it myself), but this option seems better than going through all the work for a celebration in 2021 only to have it cancelled or curtailed again. Rescheduling to 2022 makes it more likely that we can have the big grand celebration that Bovina richly deserves. 

We are planning the rescheduled celebration for July 30/July 31, 2022, using the same venue and scheduling the same or similar events, including a parade. 

I thank you all for your patience. In the meantime, please stay safe so we can all get together again for the big party in 2022. 

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