Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Railroad Meeting in Brushland

150 years ago, the February 24, 1869 Delaware Gazette had this report under the title "Railroad Meeting."

A meeting was at Brushland, Thursday of last week, which was very well attended, not only by citizens of Bovina, but other towns interested in the connection of the Midland and the Roundout and Oswego Road. James Elliott, Esq., of Brushland, was called to the Chair, and N. Bowne and T.F. McIntosh, Esqurs., appointed Secretaries.

Henry Dowie, Esq., of Andes, opened the meeting with some forcible and appropriate remarks in regard to the importance and practicability of the project.

After some further remarks by S. Yoeman and Dr. Calhoun, a committee, consisting of B. Fitch, Rev. J.B. Lee, H. Dowie, W.W. Grant, and D. Blake was appointed to draft resolutions for the consideration of the meeting....

Several resolutions were adopted at this meeting:

Resolved, that we are in favor of using all honorable means in our power to promote the construction of a Railroad connecting the Rondout and Oswego, and the New York and Oswego Midland roads at Delhi.

Resolved, That a committee of three inhabitants of Bovina be appointed to consider the propriety of securing the appointment of suitable persons as Commissioners, to bond the said town for the above object; and if it shall be deemed expedient so to do, that this said committee take the necessary steps of procure the appointment of such Commissioners, and that said committee consist of James Elliott, David Black and William Archibald.

Resolved, that we recommend to the people of the town of Andes to take the necessary steps for procuring the requisite consents to bond that town.

Resolved, that we recommend to the inhabitants of the town of Delhi that they petition the Board of Directors of the Midland Company to appropriate a part of the amount for which that town is bonded, towards the construction of this connecting road.

Resolved. That we recommend to the Directors of the Rondout and Oswego Railroad Company that they send on a corps of engineers as soon as make the necessary surveys.

The meeting seems to have had much confidence in the project of uniting the two roads and the advantages appear to be appreciated by the people in the towns interested. 

It would be almost thirty years before there was any serious movement on connecting Delhi to Andes and both places to Bovina by railroad. The Delaware Railroad Company was created in 1898 and construction actually started. The project ultimately and quite rapidly failed. For more on that project, see the series of blog entries from March 2011 in this blog.

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