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February 1919 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

The Andes Recorder in February 1919 reported on a wedding anniversary, a broken shoulder and the start of survey work for what would become St. James Church at Lake Delaware.

February 7, 1919

·         The Dry Milk Company is putting in ice at the Center creamery.
·         There was a dance at the town hall last Friday evening with 44 numbers.
·         Nelson Reynolds is in town, making the doors and finishing Hilson Bros. garage.
·         Estate of James D. Calhoun, late of Bovina, who was killed in France.  Letters of administration issued to Anna B. Calhoun. Estimate, $500 real and $3,000 personal.
·         Mrs. Mary Swart, who has been in poor health for some time, suffered a shock about 5 o’clock Tuesday morning, at the home of her niece, Mrs. William Crosier, and lies in precarious condition.

Declared 3 Per Cent Dividend

At a meeting Tuesday evening, the directors of the Bovina Water company declared a dividend of 3 percent to the stockholders.

Bovina Couple Married 30 years

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Blair made them a surprise visit on Thursday evening, January 30, the occasion being the 30th anniversary of their marriage.

Surveying for Church

Surveyors are at work surveying for the new Episcopal church, rectory and hall, which are to be erected by the Gerry’s at Lake Delaware. The buildings will stand at the junction of the state road and the road leading to the Gerry Estate.

February 14, 1919

·         Mrs. John A. Irvine has been spending a few days with her son, Dr. Lester Irvine, at Delhi.
·         Homer Burgin, who had a 30 day furlough, returned to his duties with the marines last Friday.
·         Robert G. Thomson, manager at the Dry Milk plant, went to New York on Wednesday on a business trip.
·         John Myers, who has been discharged from the aviation section of the navy, has returned to his old job at Endicott.
·         David Little, who recently moved back to Delhi from Massachusetts, has taken a position on the estate of Robert L. Gerry in southern Bovina.

February 21, 1919
·         William J. Crosier is confined to his bed.
·         William Irvine, of Seattle, is visiting his mother, Mrs. John A. Irvine.
·         The Dry Milk plant in the Center is now receiving about 23,000 pounds of milk daily.
·         An old fashioned social is to be held in the town hall on Friday evening of this week for the benefit of the C.U. society.
·         Rev. Thos E. Graham, teacher in the academic department of the village school, is still confined to his home.  Mrs. Wm. J. Storie has taken his place in school until he is able to attend to his duties.

Creamery Patrons May Lose

Patrons of Bovina U-Town Creamery Hauling Milk to Bovina Center
            Two or three years ago the up-town co-operative Creamery leased their plant to some Greeks, who manufactured cheese and paid big prices.  Last fall there was [a] little trouble over paying for the milk, but that was settled.  Recently there had been little demand for cheese and payments ran behind until about 14,000 was due the patrons.  Last week the patrons withheld their milk and it is now being hauled to the Dry Milk Company at Bovina Center.  It is stated that if the cheese can be disposed of at a good price the loss to the farmers will be light.

February 28, 1919

·         The dog licenses are being issued for another year.
·         Ernest Starley, who has been in France, was in town Tuesday.
·         Homer Burgin, who is in the marines, is home on another furlough.
·         Millard Blair, who [had] been in the service overseas, arrived home last week.
·         Bovina is to have a first class garage.  It will be conducted by Claude Terry, of Delhi.
·         Hale G. Elliott met with an accident Tuesday at the Center creamery.  He fell from a ladder and his hand and wrist were painfully injured.

Bovina Man’s Shoulder Broken
            William Strangeway, who lives with his sister, Mrs. Charles A. McPherson, at Bramley Mountain, in this town, had the misfortune to fall and break his shoulder in two or three places last Thursday afternoon.  Dr. Whitcomb had to administer an anesthetic before he could get the shoulder mended.

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