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February 1918 - 100 Years Ago "In That Thriving Town"

February 1, 1918
G.D. Miller shipped two tons of hides last week.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Burns last week. [This was Agnes Burns, born January 21.]
Town Clerk Gordon has issued 16 hunting licenses so far this year.
Thomas A. Archibald, an up-town farmer, is installing a milking machine.
Samuel Heller is recovering from the measles.  Three other members of the family now have the disease.
Miss Louise Dennis expects to leave Saturday for Virginia to live with her brother, John P. Dennis. She will pack up her household goods, with a view of remaining permanently in the south.

W.H. Maynard Will Run Big Dairy

William H. Maynard has stocked his farm in the upper part of the town of Bovina, with 90 cows.  They arrived Saturday night.

Bovina Center Co-Op Creamery – Annual meeting held Tuesday and Directors elected

“During the year there were received 5,485,226 pounds of Milk and 64,542 pounds Cream and this milk and cream produced 268,537 pounds of butter fat.  The total receipts were $167,160.38.”

February 8, 1918
William H. Maynard will install a milking machine at his farm up-town.
The estate of the late John A. Irvine is estimated at $15,000 personal and $15,000 real.
Thomas Ormiston was injured last Tuesday while he was returning from Delhi with a load of feed. Near Wm. C. Russell’s the load upset and Mr. Ormiston landed on his head on a frozen mass.  He was so painfully hurt that it was necessary to take him to his home in Mr. Russell’s cutter.

February 15, 1918
Henry Hennings has moved his family to the Thos Hoy farm, which he recently purchased.
On account of the illness of Miss Kathryn Reynolds the primary department of the village school is closed for two weeks.
James Hoy, son of Wm. A. Hoy, was taken to Oneonta to consult Dr. Sweet for supposed injury to the spine. The doctor could not help him, but recommended that he be taken to Binghamton to consult a specialist. [James would suffer from spinal issues the rest of his life. He died in 1956 at the age of 47.]

February 22, 1918
Benjamin Mead has purchased Harry Robson’s Metz car and also a new phonograph.
The Red Cross will give an entertainment in the town hall on Friday evening, February 22.
W.B. Gladstone and son, Walter, of Andes, were here Monday and purchased a number of yearling heifers from F.W. Hyatt.
For the month of January patrons of the Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery company received 69 cents a pound for butter fat.
The receipts of a social held in the town hall Friday evening amounted to $10. After the expenses were paid the balance was divided between six of the schools to be used in purchasing pencil pointers.

Bovina Man Cut his Leg

Monday while Howard McPherson was cutting wood for Wm. J. Archibald he cut his right leg just at the knee joint. Two stitches had to be taken to close the wound.

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