Friday, January 24, 2014

Faces of Bovina - Happy Birthday Agnes Burns

Agnes Burns celebrated her 96th birthday this week (January 21). Thought I'd share these three photos of her taken by Bob Wyer on November 28, 1942. Photos are courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association.

And here are a couple of pictures of Agnes as a girl.

Agnes is in front standing next to her grandfather Alex Burns (1848-1939). Behind her are her Grandmother Nancy Burns (1852-1931), her sister Mary Burns (1914-1971), her mother Lizzie Burns (1888-1952), my grandmother Anna Bell LaFever (1893-1980) holding baby Howard LaFever (1925-2005), my grandfather Benson LaFever (1900-1982) and his brother Clarence (1902-1979). Agnes's father John (1888-1955) is in the very back.

Agnes and her grandmother Nancy Burns (1852-1931)

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