Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seventy Five Years Ago - the 20th Coulter Family Reunion

The descendants of Francis Coulter (1771-1846) and Nancy Glendenning (1766-1843) held their 20th reunion on August 17, 1938, seventy-five years ago.  It was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gladstone, with 107 people attended.  In the minutes of the reunion, the treasurer reported a balance of $12.16.  An additional $11.95 was collected.  Officers for the following year were elected: President, Marshal Adee; Vice President: W.G. Coulter; Secretary, Helen McDivitt; Treasurer, Mrs. Thomas McGowan.  Mrs. John Hilson was made the dinner committee chair.  The Wilbur family of Arena offered their home for the 1939 reunion.  Talks were given by Re. Peter McKenzie, Rev. Donald Brush and Rev. David Murray.  The formal meeting ended with the taking of a family picture, which is below.  With the exception of the years during World War II, the Coulter reunions continued until 1967, when they were discontinued.

The people who attended in 1938:
Mrs. Marshall Adee, George Adee, William Armstrong, Frank Brown, Mrs. Nancy Brown, Mrs. Everett Brown, Edwin Burgin, Mrs. Edwin Burgin, Clifford Burgin, Mrs. John Bostwick, Russell Boggs, Mrs. Russell Boggs, William Boggs, Norris Boggs, Agnes Boggs, Margaret Boggs, May Boggs, Grace Coulter Roberts, Walter Coulter, Elmer Coulter, Mrs. Elmer Coulter, William Coulter, Mrs. William Coulter, Leroy Coulter, Mrs. Leroy Coulter, Jean Coulter, Mrs. James R. Coulter, Alvin Coulter, Mrs. Addie Cowan, Francis Decker, Virigina Decker, Frank Dickson, Belle Dickson, Howard Dickson, Mrs. H. Dickson, Robert Boggs Dickson, James Dickson, David Draffen, Mrs. D. (Aggie) Draffen, Christopher Gladstone, Mrs. Christopher Gladstone, Mrs. Helena Hilson, Jane Hilson, Lourhannah Jocelyn, Mrs. Mary Kelly, Malcolm Kelly, Mrs. Martena Kellam, Duane Kellam, Benson LaFever, Mrs. Benson (Anna Bell) LaFever, Howard LaFever, Charles LaFever, George LaFever, Mary D. McNaught, Mrs. Ruth McGowan, Robert McGowan, Elizabeth McGowan, Grant Maxwell, Mrs. G. Maxwell, Arthur Maxwell, Janet Maxwell, Henry Monroe, Mrs. Ruth Monroe, Frances Monroe, Isabel Monroe, Elinor Monroe, Lauren Monroe, James W. Monroe, Evelyn Monroe, Lawrence Monroe, Philip Monroe, Mrs. W. McDivitt, Helen McDivitt, Elizabeth Mabon, Valerie E. Mabon, Margaret A. Mabon, David Murray, Mrs. D. Marray, Alfed Neale, Mrs. Emma Neale, Ruth Parsons, Herbert Parsons, Jean Parsons, David Roberts, Anna Saxsour, Harold Schrier, Mrs. Mildred Schrier, Bruce H. Schrier, Henry Schrier, Carolyn Schrier, James Wilbur, Mrs. J. Wilbur.

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