Monday, August 12, 2013

100 Years Ago Today - House of J.D. Burns Destroyed by Fire

One hundred years ago today, on August 12, 1913, the home of J. Douglas Burns was completely destroyed by fire.  Here's how it was reported in the Andes Recorder's August 15, 1913 issue:

Bovina Farm House Burned

Residence of J. Douglas Burns Entirely Destroyed Tuesday

The farm house of J. Douglas Burns a mile and a half from Bovina Center, on the Lake Delaware-Bloomville road, was entirely destroyed about 6 o’clock Tuesday evening, August 12, by a fire of uncertain origin.  Nearly all of the contents were also lost.

Mr. and Mrs. Burns were visiting at Milton McFarland’s, near Delhi, and Will Burns was at home alone.  Just before going to the barn to milk he started a fire in the kitchen and had been out some time, when A.P. Lee, a neighbor living half a mile away, who discovered the fire, arrived and told him the house was burning.  This was the first intimation that young Burns had that there was anything wrong.  The flames by that time had gained such headway that nothing could be done to check them.  A little of the furniture was saved from the parlor and from a bedroom, which were on the opposite end of the house from where the fire started, but everything else burned.

The fire probably either started from a spark or from the stove pipe or chimney becoming over-heated.  While the house was an old one, having probably been built from 60 to 70 years, it was in good repair and within a year had been painted and otherwise improved.  There was an insurance in the town company of $700 on the building ad $300 on the contents. 

This farm was located where the Rhea Silber farm is located on Bramley Mountain Road near Miller Avenue. 

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