Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Just a short blog entry to thank everyone for their continued support and interest in Bovina history.  Specific thank yous to:

  • the Bovina town board for their support, financial and otherwise.
  • Chuck McIntosh and Hope Schumejda for allowing me to lead hikes up to Indian Rocks.
  • the Bovina Public Library, for providing me a venue for displays and talks.
  • Ed and Dick Davidson for their continued hard work documenting Bovina cemeteries.
  • Lynne Resch, Jane Mills and Andrew Ebenstein for taking me to two old farm foundations.
  • Chris Ingvordsen and Steve Burnett for sending me on an incredible research odyssey concerning the 1945 crash of a World War II fighter on Bramley Mountain. 
  • Tom Groves for providing me a scanner that will do large sized negatives (I'm sharing it with the Delaware County Historical Association).
  • Jim and Tom Hoy for pictures that their father took around Bovina in the 30s and 40s.
  • And if I've missed anyone, smack me on the side of the head so I can rectify the error.
As Bovina enters its 193rd year as a town, I'll be reporting on that feisty couple, Horace and Clara Warren (she was charged with assaulting a constable when she was in her 70s - and it wasn't her first time!), as well as a slander case between two men of the cloth in Bovina in the 1870s.   I'll be sharing monthly mini-biographies of Bovina's Civil War Soldiers and telling more stories from Bovina cemeteries.  And I'm sure other stories about Bovina will surface as the year progresses. 

And I close with a picture taken forty years ago New Year's Day - it's a shot out of my bedroom window on January 1, 1972.

A Happy New Year to you all!

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