Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bovina UP Church Bicentennial and 1946 Aerial Photos Now on Flickr

I've uploaded two sets of images onto the Bovina (NY) History Flickr page. It's been a challenge to do so - I'm having some problems moving images around - a problem with Flickr, I think.

The first set is 71 photographs taken during the Bovina UP Church Bicentennial celebration in October. You can access these at Thanks very much to Sonya Farrell for taking so many pictures during the celebrations and for letting me share them with you on Flickr.

The second set was just uploaded tonight but dates from 1946. It is comprised of 50 aerial photographs taken by Bob Wyer, noted Delhi photographer and photojournalist, in 1946. His plan was to then sell the photographs of individual farms to the property owners. The Delaware County Historical Association holds the negatives from Bob Wyer's collection, including the negatives for these aerials. Director Tim Duerden and Archivist Helen Casey very graciously allowed me to scan the Bovina related ones in 2006 and 2007. Fourteen of these were used on the 2008 Bovina History calendar. Go to to see this set of images.

I hope to continue uploading more images, but I need to sort out some of the issues with Flickr first. Stay tuned.

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