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September 1919 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

A couple of Bovina residents move away, one to Pittsburgh, PA and the other to Egypt, much to the regret of many.
September 5, 1919
·         United States Senator Peter G. Gerry and Miss Angelica L. Garry are spending a few days at the Gerry summer home at Lake Delaware.
·         Rev. and Mrs. Thomas E. Graham left town Wednesday for their new home near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  Their departure is much regretted.
·         The John Nichols farm in upper Bovina has been sold to A.W. Baker of Walton, who has rented his junk business to Wallace Brothers.
·         Charles J. Russell has sold his farm up-town with all personal property to I.C. Mitchell, of Attica, Indiana.  The price is reported to have been about $15,000.
·         Bovina young people who entered high school at Delhi this week are:  Misses Helen Galloway, Wilma Archibald, James Monroe, William Gordon, Herman Joslyn and sister.

September 12, 1919
·         Rev. Smith preached at the R.P. church last Sabbath.
·         The improvements to the basement of the U.P. church are completed.
·         The weeds and brush is being cut in the old cemetery above the Center.
·         Mr. Tweedie, of Walton, is expected here in a short time to make concrete blocks for the public library.
·         James Ackerly, of Union Grove, who has been building a new house for George Decker near Lake Delaware will move to Bovina Center and occupy rooms in Mrs. Fitch McPherson’s house.
·         John M. Miller, who recently sold his farm up Pink street, has purchased what is known as the old Stott cooper shop building and lot.  The price is $500.  It is stated that Mr. Miller expects to erect a new house on the lot. [Miller's farm later became Suits-Us Farm.]

September 19, 1919
·         Ferris Fuller, of Starlight, Pennsylvania, was a recent visitor among old acquaintances in town.
·         George H. Russell is making some improvements to his house (Chisholm place) before moving into it.
·         Alfred Russell, Wilbur Doig, Millard Russell, Marshall McNaught, Tay Thomson and George Storie attended the State fair at Syracuse last week.
·         Harry Martin has moved into the house on the Bloomville corner which he recently purchased, and John R. Aitken has moved to the Kennedy house.
·         Rupert Brothers, of Canada, who recently purchased the farm of John M. Miller up Pink street, arrived last Friday to take possession.  Their goods arrived this week. 
·         A new can washer has been installed at the Dry Milk plant.  Tuesday seven cans got stuck in the washer and some difficulty was experienced in getting them out.
·         A farewell reception was held in the parlors of the United Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening for Dr. and Mrs. N.B. Whitcomb, who are to go as Missionaries to Egypt. [Whitcomb would make several visits back home but remained in Egypt until his unexpected death in Assuit, Egypt in 1935.]

September 26, 1919
·         Jacob Gerkins has moved from uptown to the Alex Bryden farm back of the “Hook”.
·         Frank J. Kinch, who lives on the Soper farm, has purchased a house in Delhi village.
·         The Entertainment course will open October 4, with an entertainment by Mr. and Mrs. Parmenter.
·         William A. Hoy will install an electric motor with which to run a separator and churn and will make butter.
·         John M. Miller has moved into part of Thomas Gordon’s house until he can build a new house on the Stott cooper shop lot.
·         The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lamb which was born September 12, died September 19.  Burial was made Saturday in the Bovina Center cemetery.
·         Marjorie Dickson has been notified that owing to the non-acceptance of a state scholarship by one ahead of her on the list, that the scholarship comes to her.

Gone to South America

Waldren Coulter, son of Henry Coulter of Bovina, who recently returned from overseas has gone to South America with an expedition headed by Perry Tiffany of the famous New York diamond firm, for the purpose of developing some gold mines in which Tiffanys are interested.

It is said the party took along a million dollars worth of equipment, including a submarine purchased from the government. 

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