Saturday, October 20, 2018

School Fair at Bovina Center

At the auction at the old McPherson farm in August, I was able to get for the Bovina Historical Society this cup, thanks to the financial support of Larry and Lori Karam. 

The cup was a gift from J.L. Smith, the jeweler in Delhi, to be used at the annual school fairs held in the town of Bovina. The cup was donated in 1925 and used for over a decade. The Stamford Mirror-Recorder in its September 30, 1925 issue reported on the school fair and the cup. 
The fairs were a competition among the one room schools operating in Bovina. They involved both school students and 4-H club members. The cup is covered with inscriptions. By 1934, it had almost run out of room. The last three award years - 1934, 35 and 36, the award information was inscribed on the handles and just noted the teacher's name and school district number. In this case, Marion McPherson, who was a primer mover in the 4-H for many years. 

The fairs continued after the cup ran out of room, however. In 1937, it was reported in the Binghamton Press that 125 students and 4-H club members attended the fair in Bovina. 

Here's the complete text of the information on the cup:

Presented by
Smith’s Jewelry Store
For the
[4-H emblem]
Bovina Township Fair
Won By
Upper Grades
District No 4
G. Banker – Teacher

Primary Grades – 1926
District No 4
Edith Van Duesen


1927 Dist. 3
Beatrice Hoy Teacher
Upper Grades
Dist. No. 4
Grace Bromley Teacher
Marjorie Ormiston
Dist. No. 4
Primary Grade
Dist. No. 4
Grace Coulter Teacher
Upper Grades – Dist. 4
Beatrice Darlin

Dist. 3 Marion McPherson 1936
Dist. 3 1934 Marion McPherson 1935

Thank you very much to Larry and Lori for their generosity. I'm happy this cup will stay in Bovina and be on display for everyone to see. 

Here are a few other photographs of the cup.

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