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August 1918 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

August 2, 1918
·       Congressman Peter G. Gerry has been at his summer home at Lake Delaware.
·       The work of re-surfacing the State road from Bovina Center to Thos C. Strangeway’s will be begun soon.  The tar is being delivered.
·       George Forman, who lives on the Brandow farm at the head of Hobbie mountain, set out 10,000 cauliflower plants this spring and made his first shipment last week. 

August 9, 1918
·       James Monroe went to New York last week to enlist in the United States service.
·       Mrs. James L. Coulter, of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, is visiting at Mrs. John A. Irvine.

August 16, 1918
·       A town picnic is being planned for August 30, in Miller’s orchard.
·       Dr. Norris B. Whitcomb was at Delhi on Wednesday and signed up for war work.
·       Dennis Hughes moved part of his belongings to Andes on Tuesday.  He has bought a house there.
·       Someone recently broke into the Dennis house in the Center, but nothing was apparently taken.  The place has been vacant for several months.
·       Dr. Lester Irvine, son of Mrs. John A. Irvine, has successfully passed the examination for veterinary surgeon and is now entitled to practice in this state. [Irvine would practice in Delhi for many years, passing away in 1961.]

August 23, 1918
·       George Cable cut his foot a week ago and is now using crutches.
·       Mrs. Lancelot Thomson has been laid up with a sprained ankle, but is now able to move about a little.
·       H.J. Hewitt, president of board of education, and the new principal of the Delhi school were looking up students here on Monday.
·       Mr. Craddock came from New York City by auto, bringing home Miss Jane Hilson from the summer school at Columbia University.  Mrs. Craddock and the family will return home with him this week.

August 30, 1918
·       Peter Robson is the last man in town to buy a Ford.
·       Wallace Smith was at Delhi with a load of cauliflower Tuesday [Aug 27].
·       The Thomson families held a reunion picnic Wednesday [Aug 28] at the “Stone House.”  There was a large attendance.
·       William C. Russell is having his farm buildings painted.  The job is being done by S.D. Oliver and W.B. Satterly, of Andes.
·       Mr. and Mrs. William Archibald and family motored to Halcott Center on Tuesday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gow.
·       H.A. Ayres, formerly buttermaker at the Co-Operative Creamery here, expects to go to Washington, D.C. on Friday, where he has a position.
·       Dr. N.B. Whitcomb and Adam Laidlaw each had a horse killed by lightning Saturday afternoon.  Both horses were running in the same pasture.
·       Milton Doig is having lumber drawn to make improvements to his farm residence up Coulter Brook.  He will raise the house making it two stories and build on an addition.

Will Lease Creamery
            The Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery company is about to lease their plant to the Dry Milk Company for a year.  The lease is not signed but the prospect is good for the bargain to be closed.

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