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This Day in Bovina for June

Eighty-nine years ago today, on June 1, 1929, the "old horse of T.C. Strangeway fell down on Saturday in the plowed land when at work and could not be gotten up." The Delaware Republican, in reporting the incident, did not elaborate further, but it likely was the poor horse's end.

Ninety-six years ago, on June 2, 1922, the home talent play "Old Fashioned Mother" was held and, as later noted in the Andes Recorder, "well attended." The library made $78. The play was repeated the next evening, but the attendance was small.

120 years ago today, the June 3, 1898 issue of the Andes Recorder reported that in Bovina, "While the usual Memorial Day exercises were not observed here this year, the graves of the fallen heroes were marked with the flag they loved so well and strewed with the sweet flowers of nature."

Ninety-five years ago today, on June 4, 1923, Alice Jane Boggs died. The daughter of John Russell (1822-1902) and Jane Chisholm (1815-1886), she married William F. Boggs in February 1871 and had two sons, Harry and J. Russell. She was the grandmother of Don, Bob and Norrie Boggs.

Eighty-nine years ago today, the Bovina Center correspondent reported for the June 5, 1929 Delaware Republican that "Colin McNaught is shipping three of his full-blooded sheep to Peru. They will start on their long trip this week, each one having its own crate." The report noted that the "shipment includes one yearling ewe, a three-year-old ewe and a two-year-old ram, all registered Shropshires."

118 years ago today, on June 6, 1900, the Andes Recorder Bovina correspondent reported that "…Bert McNair completed a successful year of school in the Butt End district." The paper went on to report McNair and the district had "one of the most successful schools in town the past year…" The paper noted that "The attendance was thirteen and of this number Elmer Russell and Orlena Russell passed spelling, geography, grammar, arithmetic, reading and writing and physiology at the Regents examinations at Andes High School in January, earning their preliminary certificate and physiology besides in the one examination.  In the January and March examinations Libbie Hastings and Charles Hastings also earned their preliminary certificate and physiology in addition.  Maggie Liddle passed spelling and geography, and Willie Hastings and Herman Russell passed spelling and physiology.  Where is the school that can beat it."

This is the first in what I hope will be about weekly entries sharing some of the Bob Wyer license photographs taken from the 1940s into the 1970s. This chauffeur license photo of Raymond Jardine was taken June 28, 1943. Raymond was born in 1905, the son of Alexander and Elizabeth Slavin Jardine. He married Mary Hyzer in 1934. They had three children, Marian, Martha and Richard. Raymond was a farmer and operated a trucking business. He died suddenly at his home in Bovina in 1962. Photograph courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 

Ninety years ago today, the June 8, 1908 issue of the Andes Recorder reported in its Bovina column that "Miss Eleanor Campbell has completed a business course and taken a position in the Sheffield Farms office at Hobart." Eleanor was the daughter of John Campbell and Nancy Smith. She married Leroy Worden in 1930 and they settled in Bovina. They were my next door neighbors when I was a kid. Eleanor died in 1979, Leroy in 1982.

117 years ago today, on June 9, 1901, Robert Gerry "had a narrow escape from injury." Gerry was driving his dog cart out of his Lake Delaware property onto the highway when the hub of the cart "was struck by an automobile running at high rate of speed…" The cart overturned and threw Mr. Gerry out. He injured his shoulder and the footman with him had a badly bruised leg.

126 years ago today, in its June 10, 1892 issue, the Andes Recorder published the following from the Bovina Center correspondent to the Walton Standard: "It is our object to report what has happened, but we do wish that we could report that our mail route had been changed so that Robert Forman would go to Bloomville instead of Lake Delaware. We would get our New York mail one day earlier, and our letters going west would go somewhere the same day. If our three ministers would move in the matter they could have it changed and would not have to send or go to 'The Valley' after their mail every night. It would be better other ways. Mr. Forman would get more passengers, and during the summer would have a large amount of fruit and other express matter to carry.  Let us move in the matter, for we are afraid it will be some time before we have that 'electric railroad.'"

Ninety-eight years ago today, the June 11, 1920 Bovina column in the Andes Recorder reported that "A Buick touring car from South Kortright collided with the iron bridge at Lake Delaware, and was saved from falling into the stream by one wheel being caught in the bridge."

122 years ago, the Bovina correspondent reported in the June 12, 1896 Andes Recorder that "The bills announcing the re-union of the Delaware and Otsego veterans have been posted.  A number of the old veterans will attend, and again meet old comrades and clasp their hands once more.  These Reunions will soon be a thing of the past and all should go and enjoy them while they can."

122 years ago today, on the afternoon of Saturday, June 13, 1896, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "John Irvine’s eldest boy was drawing the lawn mower around wrong side up and the youngest boy, who is about three years old, stuck his hand into it and it took off the two middle fingers at the first joint.  The pieces were found among the grass, and Dr. Phinney stuck them on, but they had been off to long for there to be much chance of their ever growing on."  The eldest Irvine son was William (1887-1929), the youngest was Lloyd Irvine (1897-1980), who was Isabelle Russell's twin brother.

These passport photos of Frieda Menke were taken in April 1960 by Bob Wyer. Frieda was born in Yugoslavia in 1921 and emigrated to the U.S. after the Second World War. She married Henry Menke in 1952 and for many years operated with her husband their farm on Cape Horn Road. She had two children and was widowed in 2000. Frieda died in 2012 at the age of 90. Photograph courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association.

161 years ago today, on June 15, 1857, a liquor license was issued for Dorcas Hamilton's tavern in Bovina Center. This is where Jardine’s house now stands. To see the 1857 license, go to this link on the Bovina NY History Flickr page. Http://

Eighty years ago today, June 16, 1938, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Herbert Parsons, little son of Mrs. And Mrs. William Parsons broke his arm….by falling from an old truck."

Ninety-seven years ago, the June 17, 1921 Andes Recorder reported that "Nelson Reynolds is making alterations in the interior of the United Presbyterian church." The paper went on to note that "the first row of seats has been removed and the pulpit extended forward in order to give more room for the choir behind the pulpit."

Eighty-one years ago, the June 18, 1937 Bovina column in the Andes Recorder reported that "The state road from its junction with the Andes-Delhi state road through Bovina Center, has been resurfaced this week."

124 years ago, on June 19, 1894, the Oregon Medicine company closed their show in Bovina. The company had been in Bovina for ten days.  The Andes Recorder reported that "[t]hey gave good entertainments and had good success in selling their medicines.  We understand that they went to Davenport."  This company likely was the Oregon Indian Medicine Company.  It was founded by Thomas Augustus Edwards, who was born in Saugerties in 1832.  Edwards used several approaches to sell his remedies, including Indians to hawk his wares on the streets and medicine shows to promote his products. Founded in 1876, Edwards was actively involved until his retirement in 1901.

120 years ago on June 20, 1898, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "John Blair bought over forty hogs…"

119 years ago today, the June 21, 1899 Andes Recorder reported in the Bovina column that "Alex. Burns returned home last Wednesday from Potsdam St. Lawrence county, where he purchased a thorough bred Jersey bull calf, from the herd of George W. Cisson, Jr."

These two chauffeur license photos of George Trimbell were taken by Bob Wyer. The first image dates from May 1943, the second from April 1946.  George was born in 1913 in Minnesota, the son of Ernest and Talley Trimbell.  He grew up in Minnesota and came to Bovina with his family in 1932. George married Anna Schonewolf Kriesel in Bloomville in 1947. They were the parents of four sons, Robert Kriesel, and Byron, Linnell, and Derwood Trimbell. George owned and operated Crescent Valley Farms in Bovina and operated a summer resort there for many years. George passed away in November 1975. Photograph courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 

Forty-five years ago today, June 23, 1973, Bovina residents John Behrer, Loretta Dorsett Fink, Roger Hadley, Jim Haran, John Hewitt, Diane LaFever, Ray LaFever, Marie Stromann (aka Agnes Menke), Ethel Mellott Hammond, Bob Monroe, Donna Parsons Weber, Steve Pelletier, and Connie Stewart Finkle graduated from Delaware Academy.

120 years ago, the June 24, 1898 Andes Recorder Bovina column had the following item: " Who of your readers has ever tasted oranges grown in Delaware county?  From her orange tree Mrs. G.D. Miller has plucked ripe fruit.  Your correspondent tasted one and they are of good flavor." Mrs. G.D. Miller was the wife of Gilbert D. Miller. She was Mary Jane Banker and married 'Gib' in 1869. Mary died in 1924.

Eighty-five years ago today, on June 25, 1933, Margaret Russell, the mother of long time Bovina merchant Cecil Russell, passed away. Born in 1862, she was the daughter of Patrick Doig and Sarah Hodge. She married Robert Hamilton Russell in 1884, who had been widowed in 1881. Margaret was widowed in 1921.

124 years ago today, on June 26, 1894, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "a private hop was held in James Hastings new barn…" This barn stood for over 100 years before it was demolished a few years ago. This was later the Damgaard farm and is now owned by Mark Foster and Carver Farrell. [IMAGE]

This chauffeur license photo of Lester Hoy was taken by Bob Wyer in May 1943. Lester was born in Bovina in 1899, the son of William and Robena Gow Hoy. He was married to Jean Hume in 1920. He farmed for many years in Bovina, living in the house now owned by Tim and Tamara McIntosh. He and Jean had two sons, Robert and William. He died in July 1978. Photograph courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 

Ninety-six years ago today, on June 28, 1922, Bovina was hit with a "severe electrical storm." As later reported in the Andes Recorder, "lightning struck the residence of Mrs. Ida Burgin on the Andes-Delhi [road] and did some damage but did not fire the building." The neighboring farm of Charles A. McPherson was not so lucky. Six cows were killed in the storm.

118 years ago, the Andes Recorder of June 29, 1900 reported that "The census enumerator has nearly completed his work and it is thought the number of people will fall short of the number of census ten years previous." This, in fact, turned out not to be the case, though it did not go up much either. The 1890 census had 926 people. Ten years later, it was 932.

107 years ago today, on June 30, 1911, Margaret Laidlaw was born in Bovina, the daughter of Adam Laidlaw and Emma Campbell. She married James Hoy in 1935 and had three children, James, Janet and Thomas. Widowed in 1956, Margaret was the Bovina Town Clerk for many years. She passed away in 1981.
Margaret as a young girl (courtesy of her sons Jim and Tom Hoy)

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