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October 1917 - 100 Years Ago "In That Thriving Town"

Further reports appeared in the Andes Recorder in October on the deteriorating condition of Nelle Thomson. She had been taken to New York City for further treatment.

October 5, 1917
·       The masons are finishing the vault in the Bovina Center cemetery.
·       John W. McCune has completed the grading of the lawn about John Hilson’s new residence [This is now the home of Tom and Betty Hilson].
·       It is stated that the Greeks who have secured several dairies up-tow, will manufacture a brand of cheese which sells at $1 a pound.
·       Andrew T. Doig is having a concrete walk and stone steps put in front of his residence. John Tweedie, of Walton, is doing the work.
·       Mrs. M.M. Boggs left Tuesday morning for South Kortright, where she will be housekeeper at the James McLean mansion thru the winter.

October 12, 1917
·       A party was held at Joshua Hafele’s last Friday evening.
·       W.S. Whitcomb, of Walton, is visiting his son, Dr. Whitcomb.
·       Robert G. Thomson was home from New York over Sabbath, returning on Monday, to change Mrs. Thomson to the Memorial hospital.
·       While Charles Maner, on the Maynard farm, was backing out of the barn he backed off the bridgeway but escaped without injury to himself or to the horses.
·       Charles Maner, who has occupied Wm. H. Maynard’s farm in upper Bovina, has purchased the farm of Mrs. Philip Lasher at East Delhi.  The price including the personal property is $17,000.

October 19, 1917
·       John Blair has re-laid the stone walk in front of his residence.
·       The V.I.S. will give a Hallowe’en social in the town hall on the evening of October 26.
·       Mrs. Estella Oliver, who is housekeeper for Frank Gowanlock, fell on the stones at the rear of the house and bruised her knee quite severely.
·       Mrs Robert G. Thomson underwent an operation in New York on Monday for obstruction of the kidney.  She also had an operation last spring.  Her condition is serious.

October 26, 1917
·       Mrs. N.B. Whitcomb went to Walton on Tuesday to spend a week.
·       The Town Board of Education is building an addition to the school house in the Ed Coulter district. [This is the school district on Russell Hill Road.]
·       Two auto loads of Liberty Loan promoters were thru Bovina on Tuesday and it is supposed that they were very successful.
·       The pupils of the E.L. Coulter district, Bovina will hold a social at the home of William T. Russell on Friday evening, November 2. Everybody invited.

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