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September 1917 - 100 Years Ago "In That Thriving Town"

September 1917 in Bovina saw a heavy frost that did several thousand dollars in damage to vegetation.

September 7, 1917
·       The most of the schools of the town opened Tuesday.
·       Mrs. Stella Oliver is now housekeeper for Frank Gowanlock.
·        Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Thomson went to New York on Tuesday by auto accompanied by Mrs. J.L. Govern and Dr. Whitcomb.
·       Two little daughters of Chas Heller, who have been at home during the summer vacation, returned to school at Cooperstown Wednesday.

September 14, 1917
·       William J. Archibald is building a silo a few feet from his barn.
·       Mrs. David F. Hoy and lady friend, of Ithaca, have been visiting at Douglas Davidson’s.
·       The South Kortright Band gave a concert with a dance afterwards at the town hall Monday evening.
·       The village school had a vacation on Thursday in order that teachers and pupils might attend the County Fair.
·       Robert G. Thomson and Mrs. J.L. Govern returned from New York City on Sabbath, leaving Mrs. Thomson for treatment.
·       Heavy frosts Monday and Tuesday evenings destroyed all vegetation and by some the damage in the town is placed at from $20,000 to $25,000.
·       Alva Shultis moved this week to the top of Dickson mountain, where he has erected a shanty for his family, and a stable for his horses.  He has the job to cut and haul the logs to the skid way of the saw mill located there.

September 21, 1917
·       Everett Russell is here on a vacation.
·       The Fire department was out for practice Saturday evening.
·       Walter G. Coulter has purchased a new twelve horse power engine.
·       Mrs. Margaret Palmer, of Andes, is visiting her brother, George Gladstone. [Mrs. Palmer was the widow of Roman Palmer, who was killed in the Civil War in 1864.]
·       Dr. Scott has commenced the work of putting in stone steps and walk at his residence.
·       Herbert B. Olmstead has moved to Mexico, N.Y. where he has employment in a dry milk plant.
·       Oscar Felton and Thos C. Strangeway cut a bee tree on the farm of the former last Friday night and secured 75 pounds of honey.
·       Ed Seacord left a five gallon can of gasoline on the sidewalk in front of the hotel and when he returned a little later the can had disappeared.  When he came around to go home he found his can but the gasoline had been taken out and the can re-filled with water.

September 28, 1917
·       There was a dance at the William Ward place last Tuesday evening.
·       Samuel Storie of Bainbridge spent the past week with his son, Eugene Storie.
·       The Republican caucus promises to be a hot one.  There are at least four willing to be collector.
·       Andrew T. Doig and wife went to Utica last Wednesday and returned with a new Cadillac automobile.
·       Alex Myers went to Endicott on Monday where he has employment during the winter at his trade-a painter.
·       Miss Angelica L. Gerry, who has spent the summer on the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware, has gone to Newport, Rhode Island.
·       H.S. Graham and Sons, of Delhi, have been repairing the furnace at the Center school and putting it in readiness for winter.
·       A party of Greeks are trying to start a creamery in the upper part of the town and it is stated have   seven or eight dairies pledged. It is usually best to let well enough alone.

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