Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Newly Discovered Postcard of Bovina

People often will pass along to me a Bovina photo of some sort and more often than not, it turns out to be one that I've seen. But I always encourage people to continue to do this because you never know. Sure enough, Steve Pelletier alerted me to a postcard on eBay that turned out to be a historic Bovina image I've never seen before. I bought the card and share it with you. 

The card shows the stone arch bridge by what was then A.T. Strangeway's store around 1910 (Strangeway's now is Tom Hetterich's). The stone arch bridge was replaced with a concrete one in the summer of 1922. A news item from the Andes Recorder in February 1922 reporting on plans for the new bridge noted that the old stone bridge had been built around 1858 for about $100. At the time, the highway commissioner was criticized for his extravagance. Other buildings you can see in this image include the Reformed Presbyterian Church (where the fire hall is now), Harlo and Donna Bray's and a little bit of Russell's store.
Postcard image, c 1910
June 15, 2016 view

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