Friday, October 23, 2015

Quick Reminder - Bovina Cemetery Tour

Twilight Tour of the Bovina Cemetery will be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 4 pm, conducted by Bovina Town Historian Ray LaFever. Admission for this tour is $5 for adults, children under 12 free (children must be accompanied by an adult).  All proceeds to benefit the Bovina Historical Society and its efforts to preserve Russell’s Store. The cemetery is on Coulter Brook Road and is the main cemetery in Bovina. The tour will run about an hour and a half. Wear comfortable shoes for walking. 

Bovina’s cemeteries are full of interesting stories. Like the story of Frederick McFarland. His gravestone says that he “died on or about” February 21, 1889. Ray will explain the story behind that “on or about.” Five members of the Cathels family died in 10 days in 1865. There certainly is some drama behind that tragedy, including a fact not discernable from just looking at the graves. Then there’s the story of Mrs. Christopher S. Gladstone and Mrs. Fred Thomson, who had their tonsils removed on the same day in the home of the latter. That’s not all they had in common - Ray will explain.  The tour will include these graves and others, including some of Bovina’s Civil War and World War One soldiers and the owners of what is now Russell’s Store, including the graves of Cecil, Isabell and Marjorie Russell. 

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