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April 1915 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
An eclectic smattering of items concerning Bovina in April 1915 appeared in the paper, including a couple of deaths, a forest fire, a new postmaster and a needle discovered in an unusual place.

April 2, 1915
•Rev. Thomas Graham, pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian church, has purchased a Metz roadster.
•William Bramley and wife were up from Delhi on Saturday to attend the funeral of his aunt, Mrs. Michael Miller.
•Irving Decker of Union Grove has moved into Ellsworth Tuttle’s tenant house in Tuttle hollow and has hired to work for Mr. Tuttle.
•Howard Christian has moved to the Jennie Miller house below the Center. Mr. Hanson, who has occupied the place for two years has moved to the King house on the Gerry estate.
•James C. Mabon, jr, had a horse slip recently on the concrete floor in the hotel barn at Bloomville, and fell breaking its leg near the shoulder.  The animal had to be killed.
•The funeral of Mrs. Michael Miller was held at the United Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon. Rev. J.A. Mahaffey officiated, taking as his text Rev. 21:4. The aged husband was unable to leave the home to attend the funeral. Interment was made in the Center cemetery.

Bovina Real Estate Market
Farm Property and Two Village Residences Sold This Week
Bovina real estate market has been active this week.
Tuesday the writings were drawn for the sale of the farm of the late Herman Coulter, on the Butt End road, to J. Russell Boggs, a brother-in-law.  The sale includes the personal property and the consideration is reported at about $4,000.
The same day J. Russell Boggs sold his house and lot in Bovina Center to Mrs. William T. Forrest, of Lake Delaware.  The consideration was $1,300.
Howard McPherson has purchased what is known as the Campbell house and lot in the lower part of Bovina Center.  The sale includes the barn across the street. Consideration $900

April 9, 1915
Bovina Woman Dead
Mrs. George Currie Passed Away on Easter Morn
Mrs. Margaret Currie, widow of the late George Currie, died at the home of her dauter, Mrs. Arthur Hoy, early Sabbath morning, April 4, aged 79 years.  Her maiden name was Laidlaw and she was born in Scotland and came to this country with her parents when but a child.  The family settled in Bovina and she had since lived in the town.  For many years after her marriage they lived at the Butt End. The husband died some 12 years ago. She leaves to mourn her departure one son, David Currie, and the dauter, Mrs. Arthur Hoy, with whom she had lived for several years; also one sister, Mrs. William Cooke.
The funeral was held Wednesday in the U.P. church and interment made in the Center cemetery.

Left Estate to Nieces and Nephews
The will of the late Orrin Reynolds, who had spent most of his life in Bovina, divides his estate as follows: To Robert and Wilson McFarland equally two-fifths; to Nelson Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Phebe May Tweedie, Chas Hobbie and Sarah Archibald one half of residue; to Sarah Archibald in trust for the use of Mary Hobbie one-tenth and at the death of said Mary Hobbie the one-tenth bequeathed in trust is to be divided equally among the nieces and nephews then living.

April 16, 1915
•Best sap weather of the season.
•Anthony Gabriel has moved from the Thomas Mabon farm to the second farm up Glenburnie, which he recently purchased.
•Mrs. Julia Coulter, widow of Herman Coulter, has moved to her former home at Stamford.  At her sale last Thursday cows averaged about $55 a head.
•J. Russell Boggs moved this week from the village to the Coulter farm which he purchased. Charles Mullinex has leased the house vacated by Boggs from Mrs. Wm. T. Forrest.
•Thomas A. Archibald, in upper Bovina, has the foundation nearly in for his new barn.  Avery Ryer, of Dunraven, and Harvey Reynolds, of Andes, are the carpenters on the barn.
•Dr. G.T. Scott has purchased the old building which stands on the site upon which the firemen’s hall will be erected. He has torn it down and will re-erect it on his lot and use it for a barn.

New Postmaster at Bovina Center
Wednesday the Bovina Center post office was moved from Hilson’s Store to the Dr. Dickson drug store building and Lauren Dickson became the new postmaster.  Alex Hilson, the retiring postmaster, had held the office continuously since 1897 – 18 years.  He also held it 4 years under Harrison, making a total of 22 years.

April 23, 1915
•James W. Thomson is having his residence painted.
•Walter Coulter is re-shingling his building used as a barn and storehouse.
•Thomas Gordon is assisting Postmaster Dickson and instructing him in the duties of the office.
•Howard McPherson is making improvements about the Campbell place which he recently purchased – shingling, etc.
•Mrs. Clark Hogaboom, who spent the winter with her sister in Ulster county, has returned to her home at Lake Delaware.
•Mrs. Thomas Miller has been ill the past week with pneumonia. Her nieces the Misses Elliott from Otsego county, have been here caring for her.
•On the probate of the will of Thos R. McFarland, late of Bovina, an order was issued directing surrogate of Chautauqua county to take deposition of witness.

April 30, 1915
•Attorney Barna Johnson, of Andes, was here on Tuesday.
•Robert Hunt is putting up a garage on the lands of William R. Miller, which he leases for a nominal sum.
•William Franks, of Margaretville, has rented and is moving onto the Lake Mahikan (Mabon) farm on the old Turnpike.
•Thomas Gordon has been appointed census enumerator for Bovina and was at Delhi on Wednesday on business connected with it. [This would be the New York State Census, taken in June 1915.]
•The trustees of the Bovina Center school have hired Jane Hilson as principal and Kathryn Reynolds as primary teacher for next year.
•Mrs. G.J. Dickson has put a new porch on the upper side of her building, for the second story.  She will also put in steps into the door on the side near the front corner, in order that patrons of the post office may enter that way if they wish instead of climbing the long steps at the front. [This is now the Brushland Eating House.]

Found Needle in her Foot
Mrs. William Armstrong, who had been laid up with some trouble with her foot, since January, which caused her severe pain, went to Kingston last week and Friday the surgeons operated on the foot and took out part of a needle.  How or when it got there is not known. [This probably is Mary Kaufman Armstrong. She survived the needle but died in 1929 when she was only 58.]

Match Started Forest Fire
Fifty Acres Burned Over in Bovina Last Thursday
Last Thursday afternoon about fifty acres was burned over on the lands of Will Smith, John Campbell and Will Ward in Bovina, by fire before it was checked.
Leon VanDusen, who works for Mr. Smith, was on the hill and had thrown down a match after lighting a cigarette and then returned to the barn. When discovered a little later the fire was spreading rapidly.  The alarm was given and soon twenty-eight fire-fighters were on hand.  In the open the fire was checked by running a few furrows and the men succeeded in stopping it in the woods when it reached the crest of the hill.  The most of the damage was on Smith. [These farms were up on Pink Street in the area of Jim Lane Road.]

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