Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Fifty Joyous Years of Team Life"

In February 1921, two couples in Bovina celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries one day apart. On February 15, 1871, Alexander Burns was married to Nancy Miller. They would have three children, daughters Ella and Aggie and son John (they also had a son who only lived two days). At the time of their anniversary, Alex and Nancy had two grandsons, Ben and Clarence LaFever, and two granddaughters, Mary and Agnes Burns. The next day, on February 16, 1871,William Boggs was married to Alice Russell. They would have two sons, Harry and J. Russell. They had three grandchildren at the time of their anniversary, Don, Bob and Norrie.

William and Alice Boggs; Alex and Nancy Burns
The article I believe came from a Presbyterian Church magazine (click on the image of the article to blow it up).

Thank you to my cousin Barbara Boggs Ide for sharing the article. And thanks to Jack Burns for sharing the photo. Alex and Nancy Burns are Jack's great grandparents (and my great great grandparents). W.J. and Alice Boggs are Barbara's great grandparents.

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