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February 1915 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
The Andes Recorder reported on the continuing effort to create a Bovina Center Fire District and on items related to the hamlet's new water system. Also reported were two operations, some weddings and a runaway team of horses down South Kortright Mountain.

February 5, 1915
William C. Burns spent Monday with Andes relatives.
Charles Hafele, Wallace Hyatt and Fine Hunt were at Andes on Wednesday.
Mrs. Robert McCandlish, of West Delhi, was a guest of her brother, Gideon Miller, the past week.
W.J. Howland has been surveying for a map of the reservoir of the Bovina Center Water Co., to file with the Conservation Commission.
John Kilham gave a lecture at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening on “My Life Among the Indians.”  This was the fourth number of the lecture course.
The Fire Commissioners of Bovina Center have organized by electing J. Russell Boggs, president and John W. McCune, secretary. William A. Hoy has declined to accept the office of treasurer to which he was elected last week.
Saturday afternoon there was a small fire in the Dickson Drug Store building, doing damage to the amount of about $10.  During the morning the chimney had burned out and several hours later the woodwork on the second floor was discovered on fire and alarm given.  The flames, however, were subdued by the use of several pails of water without turning on the village water. [This is now the Brushland Eating House.]

[The death of Russell McFarland was reported in this issue. Go to the November 7, 2013 blog entry for more about Mr. McFarland:]

February 12, 1915
William Tuttle, of Livingston Manor, visited his dauter, Mrs. Fred Whitehead, over Sabbath.
Mr. and Mrs. E. George Gladstone, who have spent the past five years in Colorado, are visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bryden has moved from Delhi village to the home of her son, Ellsworth Tuttle, where she will make her home in the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas W. Thomson have returned from visiting his son, Charles Thomson on Staten Island, and his dauter, Mrs. Dayton, at Peekskill.
About 75 friends of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Thomson, Coulter Brook, made them a surprise visit on the occasion of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last week.  The guests served dinner and presented the bride and groom with a purse of money. [William Thomson was the son of Andrew Thomson and Margaret Scott. He married Jennie Archibald, the daughter of Sloan Archibald and Elizabeth Esther, on January 29, 1890. Their marriage would not last much longer. Jennie died two years later in 1917 at the age of 46. William died in November 1921.]

February 19, 1915
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson spent Thursday at Andes.
Mrs. George Decker has gone to visit her daughter on Long Island.
James L. Coulter, of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, was a recent visitor here.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Davidson visited her brother David F. Hoy, at Ithaca last week.
William H. Maynard has purchased a Hinman milking machine and will have it installed on his farm uptown.
Miss Jennie Hastings was home for a few days the past week to see her father, Thomas E. Hastings, who is in feeble health.
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Thomson, were at Walton on Wednesday to attend the marriage of their son, Archibald Thomson to Wanda Mae Lathan of Walton. Sloan Archibald and Mr. and Mrs. William F. Boggs were also wedding guests.

February 26, 1915
Two Bovina Operations
William J. Archibald and Mrs. Robert Foreman Under Surgeon’s Knife
Tuesday morning Dr. Latcher, of Oneonta, assisted by Dr. Ormiston, of Delhi and Dr. Whitcomb, the family physician, operated upon William J. Archibald at his home at the Scott arch bridge below Bovina Center. Mr. Archibald had been ill about a week, his case puzzling the physicians, but it was finally diagnosed as appendicitis. [William Archibald was born in 1870 and would live until 1941.]
Friday, Mrs. Robert Foreman was operated upon at the Neal hospital at Delhi. [This likely is Dora Boggs Foreman. Born in 1874, she would die in 1962 at the age of 88.]

Stage Team Ran Away
Team of Will Thomson Had Lively Run Down Hobbie Mountain
Last Thursday the team of Will Thomson, proprietor of the Bovina-Bloomville stage route, took a lively run down Hobbie mountain. Thomson was enroute to Bloomville and when below George Foreman’s the team started to run and the one passenger, Miss Jennie Hastings, jumped and escaped injury, and the driver was thrown out a short distance further.  The horses went down the hill at break-neck speed, meeting two teams and passing a third before they reached the Craft place, but swerved to the right enough to avoid collision.  Reaching the foot of the mountain they turned up the river road and were caught near the Rose school house by Fred Dayton.  The wagon was badly wrecked, three of the wheels being smashed.  A mustang he was driving caused the trouble.  The next day the team tried the same caper at the same place, but Thomson was prepared for it and held them. [This likely, based on information provided by Ed Davidson, is Scutt Mountain Road. This is a correction of my earlier speculation that this was South Kortright Mountain. Ed has convinced me that my speculation is incorrect.]

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