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This Day in Bovina for July

115 years ago today, on July 1, 1899, Ettie Haynes Archibald, the wife of James W. Archibald, died at the age of 28 years, 2 months and 25 days.

Ninety six years ago today, on July 2, 1918, the Bovina Town Board resolved "to lease a Ford one ton truck of the value of $775 from the dealer … and pay for it at the rate not to exceed $10 a day for every day that it is used…"

Eighty five years ago today, the July 3, 1929 issue of the Delaware Republican in its Bovina column reported that "work at the saw mill will close down for haying." The haying was challenging, however. The same column reported that "A few of the farmers have begun haying but, on account of rain, do not gain much."

141 years ago today, on July 4, 1873, Bovina Celebrated the Fourth with an oration, "an excellent dinner", and an ice-cream and strawberry festival to benefit the Methodist Church. Here's the news clipping from the July 1, 1873 Stamford Mirror announcing the celebration. Thanks to Samantha Misa for discovering this and sending it on to me.

103 years ago today, on July 5, 1911, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Daniel Calhoun, in southern Bovina, had three cows killed by lightning…."

100 years ago, July 6, 1914, as recorded in the town board minutes:  "The Supt of Highways was authorized to build and maintain a watering-trough at the spring on Mrs. Jane E. Miller’s lot and pay her two dollars a year for the use of the water. She having agreed to this arrangement." Jane Elliott Miller was the widow of Thomas Miller (1826-1911). She died in 1918. Her house likely is now the home of Wayne Morris and Victoria Scott (42.26°N 74.7762°W)

131 years ago today on July 7, 1883, as later reported in the Stamford Mirror, George Cable won the Bovina glass ball shooting match. "This badge is a gold one of beautiful design, and is contended for at each meeting by members of the club." Glass ball shooting originated in the mid 1860s.

135 years ago today, on July 8, 1879, Jesse Palmer, the son of Charles Palmer and Mary Ann Gladstone, was born. He would be fated to have a short life, dying of diphtheria on August 2, 1884 when he was five years old.

Eighty-seven years ago today, on July 9, 1927, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "The Ford car of Ralph Hafele and the Overland of Wilford Barnhart collided … at the Dennis corner in Bovina Center." This corner is where Bramley Mountain Road comes out onto County Route 6. The newspaper went on toe reported that "the corner is a dangerous one." Hafele, traveling with his wife and child, were driving down the main street while Barnhart and his family were coming down the steep pitch at the end of Bramley Mountain Road. The paper noted that while both cars were badly damaged, with "the Ford getting the worst of it." There were no injuries other than "slight bruises."

Eighty-nine years ago today, July 10, 1925, as later reported in the Stamford Mirror, "The Whitcomb Circle gave an entertainment entitled "Breezy Point" in the Hillis Hall on Friday night. $44 was taken in." Hillis Hall was known for years as Strangeway's Hall and later was known as Thomas's Garage.

One hundred and fifty six years ago today, on July 11, 1858, Isabella Aitkin Archibald was born, the daughter of George and Jane (Anderson) Archibald. She married Alexander A. Hilson on February 9, 1887 and was the mother of six children, including John Hamilton Hilson, the ancestor of the Hilson family in Bovina. Isabella was widowed in 1923 and died in 1934.

133 years ago, on July 12, 1881, the Delaware County Clerk sent a letter to Bovina's Town Supervisor, David Black, concerning a mistake made in establishing a trial jury list for the town. 1881-07-12 from co clerk

Ninety three years ago today, on the morning of July 13, 1921, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Charles A. McPherson was coming to the creamery" when "the hold back strap broke on the Myers pitch and let the wagon onto the horse." He was able to stop the horse near Hilson's store. The paper noted that he did this "without colliding with any of the numerous teams and no damage was done."

The Andes Recorder Bovina correspondent reported 103 years ago today, July 14, 1911, that "the general complaint is that the hay crop is less than last year."

Ninety-six years ago today, July 15, 1918, as later reported in the Andes Recorder, "Herbert White, of Delhi, was here … making repairs to a machine at the Dry Milk plant."

Catherine McNaught McCune died 140 years ago today on July 16, 1874. Born in Scotland in 1796, she married John McCune, who died in 1850. She had ten children, including Sarah Ann (Sally) McCune, who was my great great grandmother. Catherine is buried in the Bovina cemetery (her husband's grave is in South Kortright).

Ninety-nine years ago, on July 17, 1915, Herbert Olmstead, a Bovina farmer, was injured when he was cut by a mower machine. The accident was later reported by the Otsego Farmer (Cooperstown) newspapers: "Herbert Olmstead, a Bovina farmer, was taken to the hospital at Delhi Saturday night by Drs. Scott and Whitcomb of Bovina Center suffering from severe cuts on both lower legs. While mowing with a machine late in the afternoon Mr. Olmstead backed his team to turn a corner, when one of the horses caught a reign under its tail and without thinking of the danger Mr. Olmstead stepped in front of the cutbar to loosen the rein. At that instant the horses started and the sharp knives caught him near the ankles, cutting into the bones of the left foot and making a bad gash in the right foot."

167 years ago today, on July 18, 1847, Robert Scott died at the age of 3. There is a memorial stone to him in the Old Associate Presbyterian Church cemetery that states that he 'Died at Sea.' Little else is known about him. His parents were Robert and J. Ellen Scott, but determining which Robert was his father is proving almost impossible. His death at sea indicates that the family was likely emigrating in 1847.

Sixty three years ago today, on July 19, 1951, as later reported in the Catskill Mountain News, Bovina firemen were hosts to the Tri-County firemans association annual meeting…." The meeting took place at the Fish and Game club on Coulter Brook Road.

The Andes Recorder reported on "Suicide in Brushland" that took place 136 years ago today, July 20, 1878: "A sad case of suicide occurred at Brushland at an early hour on Saturday morning last, the facts as near as we can learn them are as follows:  Mrs. Alex. Kinmouth, a lady aged about seventy years, had been in feeble health for some time, having for a year or so past been a cripple, as the result of a fall by which her hip was broken, also a subsequent fall by which her wrists was broken.  During this period she has been subject to fits of depression of mind, and had given expression to thoughts of a morbid nature.  On the morning mentioned she arose very early, and after ministering to her husband who was also unwell, she left the house.  Being missed soon after search was made and her body was found in the stream near by in water about ten inches deep.  Life was extinct. An inquest was held the same day, and the funeral took place on the Sabbath." Mrs. Kinmouth was Janet Reed, who was born in 1803. Her tombstone gives a death date of July 3, conflicting with the newspaper report. Her husband survived her by 4 years, dying in 1882.

Forty seven years ago today, July 21, 1967, a cloud burst caused considerable damage to the roads on Bramley Mountain. As later reported in the Walton Reporter, "Clark Lay, Bovina highway superintendent and his men, had a big job of replacing water courses along the road and restoring driveways, but early this week he was pretty much on top of the job with a big assist from county highway workers who turned out to help him Monday."

134 years ago today, on July 22, 1880, the Stamford Mirror reported the following in its Bovina column: "A young man, known among his intimate friends by the name of 'Beecher,' proposed to go to 'Bragg Hollow' a few evenings ago, but was seriously annoyed by some wicked fellows who hid his sulky, and also threw a pail of water upon him, wetting his good clothes." Bragg Hollow is now known as Crescent Valley Road. A sulky two wheeled cart.

Seventy five years ago today, on July 23, 1939, as later reported bya the Delaware Republican, "Craig Banuat and sister, Miss Mary and Mrs. W.J. Storie and daughter, Rae, left….on a motor trip to California. They expected to spend Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hoy in Oil City, PA.

100 years ago today, on July 24, 1914, Jane Maynard died. Born in 1849, she was the daughter of Hector and Esther Cowan. She married Archibald Maynard in 1875. She would have four children, but only one, her son William H. Maynard, would survive to adulthood. Jane was widowed in 1900.

Seventy three years ago today, July 25, 1941, Mrs. Martha Russell died. Here is her obituary, as published in the August 5, 1941 issue of the Delaware Republican.  1943-08-05 Del Rep Martha Russell obit

Eighty five years ago today, the Delaware Express for July 26, 1929 reported that "Andrew Franklin of Delhi has been in charge of the Bovina Center creamery while Frank Miller has been doing his haying."

120 years ago today, the July 27, 1894 Andes Recorder noted in its Bovina column that "If the pathmaster of the road from the village to the turnpike would cause the stones to be thrown out, he would receive the thanks of the public."

103 years ago today, July 28, 1911, the Bovina correspondent of the Andes Recorder, reported that "G.D. Miller is exhibiting a ripe tomato, picked in his garden, that weights 1 1/2 pounds."

127 years ago today, on July 29, 1887, Charles Loughran Dickson, better known as Loughran Dickson, was born, the son of Dr. Gilbert Dickson and Jane Loughran Dickson. He was 25 when his father died in 1912. Loughran was appointed the postmaster for Bovina Center in 1915. He continued to be the postmaster even after he left Bovina to go to Yale Law School. He was living in Binghamton working as an attorney when he died suddenly in October 1927. His mother was appointed as acting postmaster the day after his death. Loughran is buried in the Bovina Cemetery.

Sixty years ago, on July 30, 1954, as later reported in the Catskill Mountain News, "The Ladies Auxiliary of the Bovina Fire department, who marched for the first time wearing their new uniforms at the Old Home day in Unadilla July 30, were honored by receiving first prize in appearance."

Wilson B. Russell was born 158 years ago today, July 31, 1857, the son of James Gilmore Russell and Eleanor Hamilton.  He would only live about two and a half years, dying in April 1859.  He is buried in the Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery in the Mountain Brook area.

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