Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Detour from 100 Years Ago and the Consequences

With the recent detour of Route 10 through Bovina, this item from almost 100 years ago seems apt.  It concerns the consequences of re-routing traffic through Bovina.  This article, actually a report from the Delaware Republican, is from the August 22, 1913 issue of the Catskill Mountain News.

A Bad Collision - Truck Struck Car of Two Walton Men on Their Way Home.

The inconvenience of building the State road between here and Andes makes it necessary for hauling heavy products, feed, etc., over Bramley mountain and passenger traffic for Bovina Center and vicinity also has to go that way.  Last week Thursday John Bryce and George May, of Walton, were coming from Bovina Center over the mountain and were near the top of the rise when the large Gerry truck, heavily loaded began the descent toward them.  The brake on the truck failed to work, the chauffeur had the alternative of sure wreck and possible loss of life to contend with or running into the bank on the left, directly across the course of the Bryce-May car.  It was a case of quick judgment and the Gerry car was headed for the high bank, where it stopped, but as it stopped it tipped over towards and on the Walton car, damaging it to such an extent that it could not be used without extensive repairs.  Beside the heavy load of feed, etc., on the Gerry car there were two women passengers and they received quite a scare.  Messrs.  Bryce and May managed to get out of their car with slight personal injury.  The men were able to right the truck and it went on its way, but the Walton car had to be left and hauled to Delhi next day.  Undoubtedly all damages will be settled without resort to law.  It was a fortunate and unavoidable mishap in that human life was not sacrificed.  - Delhi Republican.

The Catskill Mountain News went on to report that "the gentlemen mentioned above had been to New Kingston and traded cars with William Winter and the car that was smashed was the one that Mr. Winter formerly owned."

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