Friday, May 24, 2013

Bovina Postcards

Work continues on the 2014 Bovina History Calendar for the Bovina Historical Society, the theme of which will be postcards.  Today (May 24), Chuck McIntosh shared a number of cards from his collection with me.  He had a few postcards which are generic ones with 'Greetings from Bovina, N.Y.' or 'Greetings from Bovina Center, N.Y.' stamped on them.  The two color ones below are both from "'NYCE' Quality Colored Landscapes Local."

This card has a postmark from 1929.  It was sent to a Myrtle Gibson in Andes from someone named Lillie. 

This postcard, though likely not from Bovina, made me do a double take.

Compare it with the one below that is from Bovina:

The color card is not a watercolor version of the black and white card, but I had to really look. 

Chuck also had a number of postcards with authentic images of Bovina that had been 'colorized.'  Here's one of the Bovina Center school (now the Bovina Public Library) that has a postmark of 1910:

From everything I can tell, the building was never painted red, so someone took some artistic license.  This postcard, like many of that time period, was printed in Germany. 

The plan is to try and have the 2014 Bovina History Calendar ready for Bovina Day in July.  Stay tuned.  

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