Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bovina in the Civil War - Soldier Biographies XV

Alexander White was born in Scotland in May 1843 and emigrated to the United States a decade later.  Enlisting in September 1862 , he was paid a bounty of $150 for doing so.  He was a drummer in the 144th New York Volunteers.  Alexander had a 30 day furlough from May 28, 1865 and was discharged in July 1865.  After the war, he settled in Arena where he died in 1914.

Jonathan White was born in Delaware County in 1836 and was living with his brother in law, William Rutherford during the war.  Enlisting in August 1862 in the 144th New York Volunteers as a private, he mustered out with his company in June 1865.  He was living in Hobart in 1890 and was in Kortright by 1900.  Jonathan died in Kortright in 1915.

Robert White was born in Scotland in 1837.  At the time of his enlistment in October 1861 in Bovina, Robert's profession was blacksmithing.   Joining the 8th New York Battery, he was discharged within a year due to illness.  He left Delaware County, settling first in Iroquois County, Illinois, then later in Phillips County, Colorado, where he died in 1913. His widow Julia died in 1926.  They are buried in the Holyoke Cemetery, Colorado.

James Wright is another Bovina connected soldier for whom we have little information beyond his service.  He was born in Walton in 1842 and was a boarder with William Gladstone in 1865.  He enlisted in the the 144th in September 1864 and then transferred only a couple of weeks later to the 1st New York Engineers.  He was discharged on July 3, 1865 at Hilton Head, SC. Wright was 5 feet 8 inches tall with dark eyes, hair and complexion.  No  information about Wright after the war could be found.

Charles Wycof was born in 1846 in Delaware County.  He was paid $140 bounty money from the town of Bovina to enlist.  Charles enlisted in December 1861 in the 72nd New York Excelsior Regiment as a private.  He was discharged within three months due to a disability.  One source states he re-enlisted the next year in the 144th New York Volunteers, but no evidence of such service has been located.

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