Friday, November 23, 2012

Bovina History Calendar for 2013

After an absence of several years, I'm thrilled to announce that there is a Bovina History Calendar for 2013.  The calendar is a joint project of the Bovina Historical Society and the Bovina Town Historian.  The calendar will sell for $10, proceeds to benefit the historical society.  It'll be available at Russell's Store and other venues to be announced.  If you wish to order one by mail, the postage will be $5 for up to two calendars.  You can send an e-mail to me at, but you will need to mail a check made out to the Bovina Historical Society to Jan Bray, PO Box 42, Bovina Center, NY  13740.  The mail orders will be processed around December 14.

I put this calendar together a couple of years ago, but a number of factors prevented me from getting it ready in time for distribution. I'm grateful that the BHS was able to work out an arrangement to get it printed and sold this year.  2013's calendar is an eclectic mix of people and scenery, including a striking photo by Jane Hilson of the old Scotts bridge in the winter, the Bovina Cornet Band from the 1890s, Russell's Store in the 1970s, and the Bovina Fire Department in 1963.  One month features the Bovina Center Ladies softball team from the 1920s and the Bovina Dairymen from the 2010s.  August features Clayt Thomas pointing out flood damage in his garage from August 1953. And the month of November will feature a couple of photographs from the 1970 celebration of Bovina's Sesquicentennial.  Here's a sneak preview:
Mary Pelletier and her mother Jan in the August 1970 Bovina Sesquicentennial parade.  Photo by Charlie Winter.  Thanks to the Pelletier family for sharing this great shot.
So don't miss out on this chance to add to your Bovina History Calendar collection!

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