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Bovina in the Civil War - Soldier Biographies X

Adolphus E. Murray was born in 1842 in Delaware County, the son of Ira Murray and Maria Hoffman.  At the time of his enlistment in the 143rd NY Volunteers in October 1862 he was living in Neversink in Sullivan County.  Just over a year later, in November 1863, he was discharged at a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky due to fever and ague.  Murray would be plagued with these and with rheumatism the rest of his life.  He filed for a pension as an invalid in 1883. Sometime after his war service, he appears to have moved to Iowa, but by 1890 he was living in Bovina.  He died around 1916, but exactly when and where has not been determined.

Henry S. Murray was born in Delaware County in 1836.  He enlisted in the 8th New York Battery as a private in September 1862.  In 1863, he re-enlisted as a Sergeant and was discharged in June 1865.  Murray married Elizabeth Coulter in Bovina in 1868 and settled in Andes where he was a tinsmith.  He died in 1905 and is buried in Bovina.

John Murray, Jr. was one of the eleven Bovina men to die in the Civil War.  Born in 1839 in Bovina, he was the son of John and Jennet Murray.  He enlisted on September 2, 1862 in Bovina for a term of three years.  A little over a year later, he was dead, dying of typhoid fever on October 19, 1863 at Folly Island, SC.  He was buried in the Beaufort Cemetery in South Carolina.  There is a memorial stone for John in the Bovina Cemetery.

David Nicholl was born in 1841 in Andes but was living in Bovina in the 1860 census.  When the Civil War broke out, he was at Jefferson College in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.  After his sophomore year, on September 8, 1862, he enlisted in the Union Army at Pittsburgh in Battery E Light Artillery Regiment of Pennsylvania.  David was wounded in the right shoulder in 1863 which resulted in a permanent disability to his arm and shoulder.  He was unfit for active service but after several surgeries was transferred into the newly-formed 147th Company of the Veteran Reserve Corps until after the end of the war.  David went on to finish college and enter the seminary in Monmouth, Illinois and then Newburgh, NY.  He was licensed to preach at West Delhi in June 1868 by the Delaware Presbytery. David moved to Iowa when he received a permanent call as pastor in DeWitt, Iowa.  He donated part of his farmland for a church and also acted as a representative from his county to the Iowa State Legislature.  He had married Isabella Brown from Delaware County in 1870 and they had four children.  Isabella died sometime after 1900.  David remarried in 1909 and died in October 1929.  He is buried in Red Oak, Iowa.

James S. Oliver was the son of James F. Oliver and Isabella Miller, born in 1842.  He was living in Delhi in 1860.  In January 1864 he enlisted in the 8th Independent Battery, but he never got out of New York.  James died at McDougall General Hospital in New York Harbor of disease on March 20, 1864.  He has a memorial stone in the Bovina Cemetery.

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