Friday, May 27, 2011

Indian Rocks - a Blast from the Past

Last Sunday (May 22) five intrepid hikers joined me on a May trek to Indian Rocks.  Left to right:  your's truly, Bonnie Denison, Bill DeSilva, Clare Ferguson Lang, Adele Ferguson, Janet DeSilva.  Bill remembered going to Indian Rocks as a kid and had hoped to find where he carved his initials, but we were not successful.  But overall, a very nice hike.

And just this evening, Chuck McIntosh brought me a postcard to scan of what might be the earliest photograph of Indian Rocks.  The postcard dates from 1906, so the photograph is at least that old if not a bit older.  Here it is (click on the image to get the full view):

This picture shows what the right side of the 1906 image looks like today (click on the image to get the full view).  I need to get back up there to try and recreate the full image, but it'll probably have to be in the fall when the leaves are off the trees (this shot was in the spring).  And it may be impossible to recreate the shot because of all the trees. 

Enjoy this blast from the past.  And I'm always looking for other pictures of Indian Rocks. 

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