Sunday, July 4, 2010

Latest updates to Bovina Families on Flickr - Miller and Burns

I've added two more sets of photographs to the Bovina families sets on Flickr. These sets include people related to me. Some come out of my photos and some come from others. Particular thanks to Jack Burns and David F. Hoy for providing me scans of their photographs.

The first set is the Miller Family, portraits of descendants of Thomas Miller and Nancy Laidlaw from Roberton, Scotland. The Millers saw four of their children emigrate to the United States. David Miller came first in 1815. His brothers William and Berry Shaw and his sister Christina came over in 1831. Only one brother remained in Scotland. See pictures of some of these descendants at More pictures will be added to this set.

The other set now on Flickr are pictures from the Burns family, with whom I am also related. My grandfather LaFever's mother was a Burns. Most of the pictures are descendants of John Burns (1808-1896) and his wife Nancy Ormiston (1813-1877). This set is at

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