Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photos on Flickr

Finally, a bit late, but as I promised, I've started uploading images from my historian files onto Flickr in a group called Bovina (NY) History. The link is at I've started with images of Bovina's one-room schools and some of their classes. Bear with me as I get used to all of this. You should have no problem seeing the pictures and I'm hoping you can add any comments. Let me know at my e-mail if you are having problems getting to the pictures or adding comments: rlafever[@]

Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Ray, this is just so great to have as a current resident of Bovina. We always knew you were a gem to Bovina, but I just found this well-hidden blog! Love it, and just looked at all the school house photos-so neat!

    We live in the butt end and were surprised to learn that there was a "second" school on Cape Horn - we knew about the Butt End and of course the Maynard. And the church up here as well!

    Do you have any "markers" you could give us as to where the Butt End and Cape Horn school houses were and the church up here? We would love to photograph the sites to preserve the moment in time - at the very least for the future history buffs.

    Any knowledge is appreciated, and if you wish we certainly will share the photos. Thank you so much for kkeping our history alive, and well documented for the future.

    Sue and Craig - The Butt, Bovina, NY

  2. I assume you know where the Butt End School was and is (it's a private home now). For the one on Cape Horn, you likely will not find anything. The old foundation, from what I can tell, has pretty much been obliterated. Go to to see an old Map of Bovina. Look at District 9. At least you'll get an idea of where the school was.

    The church was located where the cemetery next to the Butt End school house is located. The cemetery board (of which I am a member) is going to be putting a historic marker at the site. Go to to see a picture of the cemetery from about 5 years ago (it's the bottom of the four pictures).

    Thanks for your comments on the blog. I'm trying to get the word out about it as much as I can. I don't want it to be so well hidden....

  3. Ray,

    Thanks so much! I think I got it. The Cape Horn School was/is to the right of Nichols Cemetery (standing on Sawmill looking towards the Cemetery). I hope that lot never sells (and the buried remains dug up) if that is the case.

    The Butt End School and Church is at the Old RP Cemetery on the corner of 6 and Bovina Road. Is the school the house to the right of the Cemetery (across from the Comforts)? If so, extra glad the house is slowly being re-built.

    Again, many thanks for the knowledge. Amazing that three schools were so close (relative I suppose especially in the bad weather back then)

    Perhaps put a link to this blog on the Town website in your section! This history can not be lost, we are all so lucky to have you to keep it alive and teach all of us that are interested in keeping and passing down the rich history of Bovina. I look forward to more and more in this blog.

  4. Yes and yes to your comments on the schools. Basically, the schools were about 2 miles apart, probably because kids walked to school. Bovina once had 13 one room schools.

  5. We went down to the Cape Horn school yesterday - and now the opening in the wall with the log across it makes so much more sense! Next sunny day I will snap some pics giving some perspective of the site and I will email them to you for the collection! We can't loose any of this and every piece of the puzzle fits better and better. Thanks to you, I did know about the 13 - and I saw the school role #9 and now understand that all the children could not fit at Maynard, so their own school they had.

    thanks so very much for the guidence and for helping us treasure our neighborhood even more than we already did.