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July 1921 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

Bovina in the first full month of summer in 1921 saw a broken hip, a runaway horse, and a dispute between two farmers on Pink Street that led to an assault charge. 

July 1, 1921

James Monroe and wife motored to Andes on Wednesday.

The first installment of boys will arrive Friday at the Gerry camp in southern Bovina.

Mrs. Adam G. King, of Walton, who was visiting at Fred Thomson’s fell and broke her hip.  She had just returned from an auto ride and lost her balance and fell off the edge of the front steps as she was entering the house.  As her age is about 70 the accident is a serious one. [Actually, she was 81 when she had this accident and amazingly, given that a broken hip usually was a death sentence, she survived until 1928.]

July 8, 1921

Margaret Gordon visited at Walton last week.

Master John Gordon, of New York, is at Mrs. Thomas Gordon’s. [John Gordon was the step grandson of Mrs. Gordon.]

Bovina Boy Married

Everett Orr Russell, formerly of Bovina, and Ethel Harris, daughter of the late Dr. Harris, formerly of Andes and Walton, were married June 22, at Los Angeles, California. [Everett and Ethel lived in California the rest of their lives. He died in 1966, predeceased by his wife.]

July 15, 1921

Frank Miller is the first to finish haying.

Wednesday morning as Charles A. McPherson was coming to the creamery the hold back strap broke on the Myers pitch and let the wagon onto the horse.  Mr. McPherson succeeded in stopping the horse near Hilson’s store without colliding with any of the numerous teams and no damage was done.

July 22, 1921

C.S. Terry has been on the sick list the past week.

It is reported that the Ed Coulter farm has been sold to an Italian.

Master Frank McPherson, son of Chas A. McPherson, fell out of a tree last week and broke his arm just above the elbow.

Rev. and Mrs. Robb, who are missionaries to India, are enroute to Bovina to spend some time with relatives.  Mrs. Robb before her marriage was Jen Campbell. [Jen was the daughter of Duncan Campbell and Nancy Campbell. The Robbs settled in California. Jen died in 1948, Rev. Andrew Robb in 1953.]

A Bovina Scrap

Trouble Between Neighbors Results in an Assault Charge

Mr. Hadley, on the Marshall Thomson farm, swore out a warrant against Ed Leftgren [Lifgren] charging him with assault in second degree.  The trouble is said to be over a spring.  G. Leftgren lives just across the road on the Lyle Thomson place and has the deed to a spring on Hadley’s side of the road.  Friday afternoon when Hadley was in his barn milking Leftgren and his two sons went to the barn and it is alleged charged Hadley with cooling his milk in their spring, and Hadley claimed he only dammed the waste water.  In the trouble Hadley alleges that young Leftgren knocked him down and that he was pounded.  In support of his charge Hadley shows bruises and cuts and a broken finger.  The trial is set for Wednesday.

July 29, 1921

Bovina had heavy thunder storms Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Barnes will move onto the Fine Hunt farm up Coulter Brook.

Mrs. Estella Oliver has gone to Walton to help care for Mrs. A.G. King, who broke her hip a few weeks ago while visiting in Bovina.

An addition is being built onto the Bovina Center Co-Op Creamery building and preparations are being made to manufacture the skim milk into cheese.

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