Tuesday, March 10, 2020

March 1920 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

March 5, 1920

·         The records show that during 1919, in Bovina the following fur bearing animals and game was taken:  Gray squirrels 31; rabbits 13; skinks 104; muskrats 212; raccoon 15; red box 5; gray fox 4; mink 4; partridge 8, and ducks 19

March 12, 1920

·         The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hilson, who has been ill, is better.
·         The little three year old son of Prof. and Mrs. Leon Taggart is ill at Pottsdam, with spinal meningitis.  The child is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. C. Strangeway of this place.
·         Since the Greeks went out of business at the uptown co-operative creamery the milk has been going to the Dry Milk plant in the Center.  There will be a meeting of the stockholders on March 20 to elect four directors and vote on a proposition to increase the capital stock to $6,000.

March 19, 1920

·         No mail reached Bovina last Friday or Saturday [March 12 or 13]
·         It is stated that there are 270 “dip or plunge” holes in the road between the Center and Delhi.
·         Mrs. John M. Miller is seriously ill with ulcers of the stomach at Walton, where she went last Friday to spend a few days.
·         Eugene Chase, who recently purchased the Edwin Scott farm in upper Bovina, had a Pine Tree Milking Machine installed this week.

March 26, 1920

·         The Dry Milk Company is shipping large quantities of cream at present.
·         The cheese vats which the Greeks used at the Up-Town Creamery were taken to Hamden.
·         Wednesday the roads was cleaned out to Delhi and trucks made their first trip since early in the winter.
·         Saturday at a meeting of the stockholders of the Bovina Co-Operative Creamery company James Monroe was elected to the director vacancy.  A.T. Archibald is secretary and treasurer, Chauncey McFarlane, Manager.  The Dry Milk Company at Bovina Center will not take the up-town milk after April 1st.

Picked Apples March 24

            Wednesday William T. Russell, who lives on the Dysart farm in Bovina, went out into his orchard and picked up a dozen Roxbury Russett Apples in as sound and perfect a condition as they were last fall.  Pretty good for March 24.

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